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What’s the cheapest online storage that you know of?
I'm looking for a diskspace of possibly 1TB online

What is the fundamental limit on game streaming?
Let me clarify: We have a certain amount of latency when streaming games from both local and internet servers. In either case, how do we improve that latency and what limits will we run in to as the technology progresses?

Did your basic education (i.e. pre-college/university) cover proper research skills and media literacy?
I'm sure this will vary for many people depending on their schools, where/when they were taught, and the like, so I'm interested to see what others' experiences have been with this. I'm also curious about what resources some have used to learn better research skills & media literacy (and found useful) if their school didn't adequately teach either (or they may have whiffed on it at the time).

In Libreoffice Calc, is it possible to dynamically freeze multiple rows?
For example, if I wanted to always see rows 5, 10 and 15, as far as I can tell, I would have to freeze every row from 1 to 15. But is it possible to only freeze the specified rows so that if I scrolled down, the first four rows could be 5, 10, 15 and 20.

You can have any B-tier superpower you like. What do you choose?
I'd be Cables Don't Tangle Man.

How to create a reddit account anonymously?
Ik, I probably should not be lurking on Reddit anyways, but we are missing a lot of communities here. The only communities I can reliably follow and get quality content is this one and c/linux, c/privacy and some FOSS subs But if I want something else, reddit is the only alternative. Now, I don't want to give any more of my data and the government of India isn't really known for it's tolerance of free speech they don't like, so, is there a way to create an account on reddit using tor which won't be blocked as soon as it's created. I feel like giving a email account would make it work (I have seen it remove many hurdles while using reddit without tor) so, is there a email service that reddit doesn't block which will make my reddit account created through tor as good as a normal reddit account. PS: If I comment is posted then it will be visible on your profile, but it won't be visible to anyone else on reddit. You can't upvote. You are essentially a ghost, this can be very useful saving stuff and all, but without the ability to post, it isn't that helpful. Reddit automatically blocks protonmail and tutanota mails :")

What if you are not the “highest” level of consciousness in your own body?
I see the human organism as a layering of different levels of consciousness. Each layer supports mostly automated processes that sustain the layers beneath it. For example, we have cells that only know what it’s like to be a cell and to perform their cellular processes without any awareness of the more complex layers above them. Organs are much more complex than cells and they perform their duties without any awareness of anything above them either. And the complexity keeps increasing with various systems like endocrine, cardiovascular, etc. Then we have our subconscious and finally our conscious. At our level, we do not consciously control any of the layers beneath us. Our primary task is to keep our bodies alive. This got me thinking… isn’t it a little too self aggrandizing to think that we have a near infinite layering of consciousness beneath us and then it just stops at our level of awareness? What if there is some other conscious process that exists above us within our own bodies? When people take psychedelic drugs they often describe achieving a higher level of awareness akin to ecstasy. Well what if this layer is always there actively ”living” within us but we are just the chumps that go to work, do our taxes, and exercise, while it doles out just enough feel good chemicals to keep us going (sometimes not even that)?

How can we boost Lemmy membership?
Since my favorite reddit app came to Lemmy I'm really keen on getting more people into the fediverse to pump up the volume of content around here. Are there any initiatives that we can assist to get folks onboard? I had my wife join, and she likes it, but laments the slow pace of new material in the communities.

Do cosmologists know for sure that the Big Bang is propelling all matter away?
Is it at all possible that instead of being _pushed_ away, we are instead getting _pulled_ toward something huuuuuge via gravity? As if we are falling into something way greater than ourselves? I thought this was a wild idea but after I Googled it I found out that there is such a thing as a “Great Attractor”. Something 150 million light-years away is literally pulling all nearby galaxies towards it but no one knows exactly what it is. So how do we know there aren’t any other Great Attractors, Greater Attractors, ad infinitum?

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anyone put faces on inanimate objects because cute

Are there any instances similar to the meetup subs (r4r) to meet people or set up gatherings?
Back in the old read it days, I would browse the local meetup subs to join events and small social outings locally - but since I'm not using that platform anymore I'm a bit lost on find about local social gatherings. I would attend r posting of bar hopping, cinema groups, and park picnics around my town; however, I can't find a Lemming4Lemming (L4L) instances like there for my town through simple search. Anything like that here?

What is a subreddit you wish had a presense on Lemmy?
As someone with CPTSD, OCD and Bipolar + psychosis, definetely mental health subs. Particularly suicidewatch.

Spotify vs Tidal - worth switching?
Which one do you prefer? I am seeing plenty of mixed opinions about both Spotify and Tidal. Some are saying Spotify is the best, others say it’s bloated, others think it’s annoying it’s also an app for podcasts. Some people really like Tidal, but I have mostly seen negative opinions about it - worse song recommendations, no difference in audio, too expensive. As someone who doesn’t care very much for song recommendations I can’t decide which one is ideal for me personally. Tidal seems to pay artists better, but the criticism it receives makes me unsure. What do y’all think?

Do you think lemmy would be as popular as reddit?
Hi, do you think lemmy would be as popular as Reddit ? I mean, many subreddits have much more posts compared to communities on lemmy… sometimes I scroll through Reddit sub top of month and see no end. At lemmy mostly I see 10 posts monthly… I do like concept of moving to lemmy, but it might make no sense if people’s are no active here and tbh I see the trend of disappearing activity

If Thrift Stores sold food, what would they sell?
The first thing that comes to mind is a big plastic bin filled with burnt burgers for 4 for a dollar. Edit: I guess I was thinking more prepared/restaurant food.

Will copying files from one external drive to another create write tasks for my machine internal drive? how does that work?
So, i use linux with kde and was copying some gigabytes of files from a smartphone to a usb device and while doing that the system monitor kept showing that it was writing some mb/s and i got curious, is said writing happening to my ssd or is it just talking about the usb drive?

How does healthcare work in your country?
Not on a theoretical level, but how would you practically have to pay costs, access specialist doctors?

What is a phobia? Phobias are persistent and intense fears of a particular: object person (like a doctor or clown) situation activity If you have a phobia, you may experience severe anxiety and panic attacks when you’re: exposed to the object or situation you’re fearful of thinking about the thing you’re afraid of anticipating an encounter with the item you’re scared of

What is the most stable food production method?
Crops can blight, animals can get diseases. I don't know much about hydroponics but I know that bacteria are a concern. What food source is the most reliable, the least likely to produce less food than expected?

Are attention spans actually shortening?
So a view I see a lot nowadays is that attention spans are getting shorter, especially when it comes to younger generations. And the growing success of short form content on Tiktok, Youtube and Twitter for example seems to support this claim. I have a friend in their early 20s who regularly checks their phone (sometimes scrolling Tiktok content) as we're watching a film. And an older colleague recently was pleased to see me reading a book, because he felt that anyone my age and younger was less likely to want to invest the time in reading. But is this actually true on the whole? Does social media like Tiktok really mould our interests and alter our attention? In some respects I can see how it could change our expectations. If we've come to expect a webpage to load in seconds, it can be frustrating when we have to wait minutes. But to someone that was raised with dial-up, perhaps that wouldn't be as much of an issue. In the same way, if a piece of media doesn't capture someone in the first few minutes they may be more inclined to lose focus because they're so used to quick dopamine hits from short form content. Alternatively, maybe this whole argument is just a 'kids these days' fallacy. Obviously there are plenty of young adults that buck this trend.

I share a name with a very famous professional athlete. I don't even think about it usually but as soon as I have to give my name to someone I can pretty much count on some remark about the athlete by the same name. I've dealt with this in many ways over the years but my most recent method is to pretend to have never heard of that famous person by the same name. That makes the conversation awkward and they usually move on. Also, if you meet someone who shares a name with a celebrity, keep these things in mind: - There is nothing you can say about it that is funny or clever. We have heard it all before. Just don't. - If you do have something to say about it that is truly original and absolutely hilarious, see the previous rule.

what phone(s) do you use and what’s the default web browser on them?
mine Samsung Galaxy a32 4g (will probably switch to a Google pixel 7a somewhat soon) and the default web browser is Firefox but i am in the process of switching to iceraven

How do you clean your glasses?
Lens manufacturers say that anything *other* than a microfiber cloth will damage the coatings on a lens. But microfiber cloths eventually pick up crap and they look like they're a pain to wash. How do you keep your lenses clean? Are you using cloth/kleenex or microfiber cloths? If you use microfiber cloths, how do you clean those?

what is the webp vulnerability?
i downloaded a webp image a few days ago is my pc compromised, very confused apologies

Career advice for someone trying to move away from web / software development.
It's been almost one year since I started working on my first job after graduating with a Batchelors Degree on Computer Science. My job requires me to work on E-commerce websites which use salesforce commerce cloud and I don't like using it , nor do I feel any desire to learn any sort of web development. Everyday I wrap up work feeling like I'm not cut out to be a developer.... it feels like I'm stagnating. Towards the end of my degree I was aware of the fact that my interest in fields like Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and software development were diminishing. I wanted something different, at that time Cybersecurity was the only field that really appealed to me, so I applied for a few jobs and none of them wanted freshers. Since money was tight, I had to find a job and I ended up becoming a web developer. Right now I'm learning on the side for certifications like CompTIA Security+ (not necessarily for the certificates) in the hopes of landing a job in cybersec. I also have some Linux knowledge, but I doubt it is anywhere near the level required for a professional. I understand that cybersecurity is a broad field, so I'm still figuring out what job roles I should be looking at. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing here, perhaps I should also consider jobs like devops too. Any advice is appreciated.

How can I respond to requests to support organizations I don’t trust?
My job is having a breast cancer walk coming soon and our office director asked me if I would like to walk in it. I said I’d think about it. But honestly, my gripe with it is that it’s for Susan G Komen and I cannot stand that organization. The overhead they spend is enough to show that they are not the charitable organization they claim to be. My aunt had breast cancer (and beat it) and my dad passed from prostate cancer, so I understand and fucking hate cancer, but I don’t want to support organizations that take advantage of it for their own profitable gain either. What’s the kindest way I can respond to such a request without coming off like a bitter dick?

Why can’t I place the caret on my iPhone?
If I try to edit text I have typed out, it is very difficult. It’s impossible to place the caret in the middle of a word and difficult to place it between. Very frustrating and I don’t understand why.

How can I help someone with a gambling problem?
My neighbour (40/m) ("N") confided that his recently retired father (70/m) ("G") has started going to the casino twice a day (all day but he comes home for dinner). G's losses affect the food they eat (multi generational household). N doesn't really know what to do. I'm not so concerned for N, moreso his mother/G's wife. It's not my business but, when I was a kid my boyscout leader committed suicide after gambling away his house so I'm pretty sensitive to this sort of thing. I'd like to help if I can. Any advice?

Star actually have colors
While camping, I noticed that if you look long enough at almost any star, you start seeing some tiny, subtle colors in that star. Even crazier, they sometimes flicker between more colors. In my case orange, blue and something like cyan. Besides constellations, what else could you observe regarding starts, with the naked eye?

Netflix Discs is going away, where will you rent/buy disc based media?
>"On September 29th, 2023, we will ship out our final red envelope. It has been an honor to share movie nights with you. ...We sincerely thank you for joining us on this amazing journey of 25 years." -The Netflix DVD Team **With Netflix discs closing its doors on the 29th, where will you get your DVD's, Blu Rays and UHDs?** This raises a few questions for discussion: * What services do you use? * Whats your experience with any of these services? * What do you do with your physical media? -- I know, I know, yes, its 2023 and people still get physical media. A physical disc can have many advantages over a streaming service, such as: * Control Over Content * Quality * Sound Profiles * Extras * Back Ups Here is a list of popular Rental and Buy services: Rent: * * * Buy (New): * * * * Buy (Used): * * *

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