In case anyone is wondering, it's rqd2. ![]( The definition of paraphilia is "a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.", which can inclde pedophilia. [It has recieved 4 censures from fediseer due to the content contained on that instance]( Not a good look for Lemmy to be promoting any instance like that. [You can see for yourself here]( > Update: [A pull request was sent to remove the sus instance. It should no longer show up soon](

Having Trouble with 2FA token login
Actually I have an account in another instance but i have trouble logging in, I think I may have enabled 2FA for login but i dont remember any token number for 2FA. Is there any possible way to disable the 2FA and Login into account. Note: I also used email id for the login but didn't receive any token number in mail.

[request/question] Block posts based on link/url
Let's say I'm interested in all kinds of Technology, but literally in nothing that is being published by Is there a way to block all posts with links to that site? Preferably on Firefox, as I don't use an app.

Reddit mirroring bot
Hi, I have a bot that I use to mirror posts from one of my favourite Reddit communities onto Lemmy (!, since there are not enough active users on lemmy for the community to be self-sufficient just yet. Still, it seems it was popular as the reposts were getting upvotes. My bot got banned from 3 days ago ![]( so I just wanted to ask why. Is there a rule against Reddit reposters (and where)? Is this a policy or a Lemmy-wide policy? Thanks

[SOLVED] Lemmy won’t show me my posts while being logged in
Go to [Settings]( > Scroll Down > Tick `Show Read Posts` > `SAVE` Solution: ![]( ----------------------- ![]( ![]( --------------------- Without being logged in: ![]( PS: I also have an account on and this shit just works over there.

[Solved through hack] Can’t login or change password because the current password has less than 10 characters.
EDIT: I was able to solve this by going into the "change password" screen, right-clicking the "old password" field, clicking "inspect", and changing `maxlength="60" minlength="10"` to `maxlength="60" minlength="1"`, thanks to the tip provided by [Dandroid]( in the comments. ____________ When I try to login, the following message appears: *"Please use at least 10 characters (you are currently using # characters)."* Ditto when I try to change my password. This issue affects me when trying to log in from Firefox and Chromium, in Linux. When trying to log in from Firefox in Android, I can't but no message is given. It does not affect Jerboa or Voyager, but I can't change my password from either. Any idea on how to solve this? When I created this account 2y ago I was just checking Lemmy out, so I didn't bother with a strong password back then, but this has become a ticking bomb. I'm currently able to access Lemmy from Firefox due to saved credentials, but I'm worried about them eventually expiring. Pictures showing the issue:\ ![](\ ![](\ (My actual password isn't 6 chars long, but the error message is the same.)

If one hosts a Lemmy instance, do they need to also host, and/or link to the source code even if they have made no changes to it?
cross-posted from: > Lemmy is licensed under the AGPLv3. I don't want to rely solely on my own legal interpretation of the license, so I'm wondering if anyone has any explicit knowledge on the matter. > > As an aside, am I correct in assuming that, if someone *does* make changes to the source code, they *must* host, and link to it? > > **EDIT (2023-09-27T22:22Z):** I am just now seeing that at the bottom of a Lemmy instance's site, there is a link that says "Code". It appears that this is handled automatically.

Help building Lemmy
I'm working on an idea to improve comment sorting and I need to be able to get Lemmy running from source so I can implement and test it. Right now I'm stuck on a fairly basic (I hope) problem. I'm mostly following I'm running it on Debian instead of Ubuntu but I don't think that's the problem. (specifically a t2.small with the AWS Debian image). I'm also using 0.18.4 instead of 0.18.2. I also haven't (yet) done the possibly optional step of editing postgres config to allow password authentication instead of peer authentication. Everything seems fine until I start Lemmy. After I run >systemctl enable lemmy; systemctl start lemmy I try >curl -I localhost:8536/api/0.18.4/site But I get: >HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found >content-length: 0 >vary: Origin, Access-Control-Request-Method, Access-Control-Request-Headers >date: Wed, 27 Sep 2023 17:51:51 GMT When I check >journalctl -u lemmy It does contain: >Starting http server at There are still a bunch of things I'll be trying but I wanted to check if this is a well known problem with a simple solution.

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Is there a way to link communities in the URL field?
When creating a post, is there an instance-agnostic way to do that, or is best practice just to put the `!comm@instance.dom` in the text field?

нужна реализация языка постов в лемми (и клиент-приложениях) need a language implementation at posts in lemmy (and client applications)

How to mention a user (undocumented)
When I type @user@node.tld, there is no hyperlink created. Does that mean I did not properly mention them? I also tried u/user@node.tld. The [docs]( do not cover this.

feature request: give users a cancel Cloudflare config option
Apart from Cloudflare being an access restricted walled garden that harms interoperability, I really do not want my content on CF & I do not want CF content reaching me. This bug is one of many issues likely caused by Cloudflare: I would like to flip a switch that has the effect of making my whole UX Cloudflare-free. Cloudflare is antithetical to decentralization and it has clearly broken the #Lemmy network.

How was my post suppressed from the timeline without a modlog action?
I posted this: It wasn’t deleted but it has been scrubbed off the timeline of -- yet the modlog is empty. What happened here?

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[HELP] What’s the best way to reach a given instance’s admins
I'm working on [lemmy-meter]( which is a simple observability solution for Lemmy end-users like me, to be able to check the health of a few endpoints of their favourite instance in a visually pleasing way. 👉 You can check out a [screenshot of the pre-release landing page]( --- 💡 *Currently, lemmy-meter sends 33 HTTP GET requests per minute to a given instance.* For a few reasons, I don't wish lemmy-meter to cause any unwanted extra load on Lemmy instances. As such I'd like it be an **opt-in** solution, ie a given instance's admin(s) should decide whether they want their instance to be included in lemmy-meter's reports. ❓ Now, assuming I've got a list of instances to begin w/, what's the best way to reach out to the admins wrt lemmy-meter? --- PS: The idea occurred to me after a [discussion RE momentary outages](

When will kbin/lemmy be compatible?
I'm unable to browse some interesting forums from lemmy 18.4. I see the github issues are open on the lemmy side, and on the kbin side it appears they think its a lemmy issue. When do we think kbin and lemmy will play nice? with the joined communities we would have more varied and open discussions.

Spinner runs infinitely when trying to post to a Cloudflared node
I tried to post in a community from a normal (non-Cloudflared) instance using Tor Browser. When I clicked the button to submit the post, it just became an endlessly spinning icon. Then I posted on a non-Cloudflare instance instead, which worked fine. Then I tried to cross-post it to Again, non-stop spinner. I suspect the problem is that even though I’m actually on node A, when I direct the content to post on node B there is perhaps a direct connection being made to node B. When node B is tor-hostile (e.g. Cloudflare) it’s blocking the packets. But the software is not smart about this.. just leaves the user hanging. Now I wonder if the other endless spinner I encountered when trying to create an account somewhere is a Cloudflare-induced issue as well:

Lemmy Instance with no IP address logging!
So I was interested in Lemmy, I checked Privacy policies of multiple instances; so far I cannot find any instance which doesn't collect IP address at all; many instances dont even provide any info about what data they are collection (however they are using cookies so I assume they will be logging IPs too). I found some instances that say they delete IP address logs after 12 months, these are : 1. 2. 3. If anyone knows any other instance with similar or better policy for the user, kindly comment because I took quite a time to read through the "Legal" section of the instances. Also, I find it odd that lemmy instances are storing 12 months, many firefish instances store IP addresses for 90 days

Why are there so many “This is an automated archive” posts in the feed?
Is it just me, or is this something everybody is seeing?

Can I turn on NSFW posts on lemmy?
I mean, I don't want to see graphic content or sexual content, I like lemmy without it. But, there is no NSFW 2 tag, i.e., no graphic images but posts which are not safe for work. I am ok with text nsfw posts but not with ones which includes images. So, are nsfw posts (say graphic images but not porn) allowed on lemmy? If I turn on nsfw posts would I get text posts along with graphic images and stuff? Just asking -------------- Also, do you like the fact that lemmy doesn't have the karma system that reddit does? What do you think about it?

and symbol gets replaced by “&” everywhere on Lemmy
Is this a known issue? If you type in ![]( somewhere it will be replaced by ![]( Don't get me started on how this messes up linux commands and scripts, Is this a me problem or a lemmy problem? I need to study, if this is a known problem, then fine, but if it isn't then it needs to be reported.

Trying to register on another instance. Spinner runs infinitely
Filled out the reg. form, filled out the CAPTCHA, and hit the “sign up” button which then turns into a spinner. The spinner never stops. Confirmation email never arrives. Lemmy devs: please give output rather than just spinners. We have no way to know what is going on or how long it takes to process a registration form. We should receive error messages rather than a forever loop.

what are the dimensions of profile avatar and banner?
What are the dimensions and size limits of profile avatar and banner? Are they different for different instances?

When sharing a post, or comment from lemmy, which link should you share?
Say you have a Community on Instance A, a User-B from Instance B posts to that community, a User-C on Instance C comments on that post, and User D on Instance D is viewing that post, and its comments from Instance D. How should user D go about sharing a comment from that post? Should User D share the comment from Instance D, Instance A, or Instance C?

[BADASS SUGGESTION] Allow us to add attributes to images so we can resize it while we post
I am not going to create a issue for this, but if there is a previous issue mentioning this I would like to ask for this feature. When we post, we get something like `![](` and it's not resizable. It is stuck at the size we copied it unless we open KolorPaint (or some other application) and resize it, we can't do anything else on lemmy. **Now, my suggestion is allow me to resize it on the go by allowing attributes into this** `![]( | size)` What y'all think? Please create a feature request for this, I don't know how to and I don't have a github acc (I am lying but yeah, pls)

Lemmy hot sort
Why is the lemmy hot sort seemingly so bad? After the first couple of posts it turns into new posts with no votes, sometimes the same new post multiple times back to back to different communities, and sometimes posts with negative points. I came across a series of posts today with 1 upvote (poster) and 6 downvotes. I don’t get how that can be considered “hot”

Lemmy Support for Private Communities?
HI -- I'm wondering: 1) If support for private communities with a restricted member list within a Lemmy instance that is otherwise public is on the drawing boards for future implementation? Timeframe? Or just a someday since we are mostly volunteers? 2) If not, where would be the best place for me to submit this feature request? Trying to weigh several factors as to whether or not to keep my Lemmy instance operational. My use case is I'm trying to attract an audience of users (mental health professionals) who seem to be just not interested in discussions on Lemmy if they are open to the public. If they want an anonymous account to discuss other topics (I allow these too), they can just open one anywhere. (Yes, I've done more marketing than most, but that's another topic.) Thanks, Michael

username cleared while entering password – whack-a-mole login process
I click LOGIN, enter my username, tab over to the password field and as I’m entering the password the username clears. So then i have to go back to the username field and re-enter it. It’s as if the page is still loading but as a final action in the loading process it clears the form. I’m not a javascript expert but it feels like excessive use of js for something that should simply be html. #LemmyBug

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GDPR and Deletion Requests from banned accounts
How does Lemmy deal with deletion requests for banned accounts? There does not appear to be any built in functionality to make this possible which makes compliance with the law more difficult.

Pictrs randomly returns 404 on old images
Hello all, I'm the instance admin over at I'm pretty new to lemmy and have been trying to manage the server over there and will eventually open things up when I'm confident of my abilities to maintain it. I was doing some general server maintenance, which included updating pictrs to 0.4.3. Whist it appeared to work OK, a load of images, but not all just started randomly returning 404 errors. All the images still appear to be there and going forward I plan on using object storage, but not quite there yet. Have I broken something? I did try and downgrade again but still get the same issues. I don't understand enough about pictrs to debug it. I did try to set the folder permissions again just incase something broke there.

My main account is on, but I am a mod for some communities on Issue #1: A few weeks ago I learned that user reports do not federate between instances ([Github issue #3781]( Therefore I cannot see reports from the .world communities. Issue #2: As a workaround for #1, I created an account on From my account I made my account a mod in my communities. Unfortunately, it is not taking effect. See the attached image for one example. My account does not know that it is now a moderator account. Is issue #2 simply a sync issue between the two instances? Or is something else happening? Is issue #1 expected to be resolved in the near future?

[Quick Suggestion] Allow me to mute my own posts!
I posted a good asklemmy thread and many people responded, trouble is I can't reply to all of them, there were some 400 comments, I am so irritated at receiving unnecessary notification I can't tell the difference between a reply to my comment that I ought to see or just a post comment which doesn't need me to reply. I saw the settings there are no options which will help me with this. ![]( ![]( Me after receiving 400+ comments on my post ![](

[Solved] Federation Issues
I run a Lemmy instance at It has been working for some time. 6 days ago it stopped getting updates from communities it was federated with. If I view all posts by active there is nothing newer than 6 days old. I checked disk space on the server, there is plenty. I don’t appear to be running out of any other resource. I redeployed the ansible playbook which didn’t do anything other then reload some services. I rebooted the server with no change in behavior. I am running 0.18.4 on Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS. I did notice that when I searched for ! it started to pull fresh posts, but only from this community. I tried manually searching for a few other communities and I got a one time update of fresh content from them. I’m not sure what has changed. Is there a log I can review for federation issues? I originally tried to post this from my instance but it didn't ever show up here. I've created an account on to post this.

Unable to See Downvotes
Hello, Still pretty new to Lemmy. Came from the Reddit blackout. The instance my account is with(?) seems to have a rule or setting that prevents us from seeing downvotes. Is there a way to change this for myself?

[SOLVED] Why do I get two different results on two different Lemmy instance?
[solved] Apparently, I had to type in ! instead of just piracy and it does work. Now, I guess, that's one disadvantage of lemmy? ![]( --------------- [ORIGINAL POST] ![]( ![]( just doesn't show [c/piracy](

Anyone else noticing engagement and post quality issues?
This is just my basic perspective as a daily user since June 9th. I was able to use just my subscribed communities feed up until a couple of weeks ago. I subscribed to a lot in the first 2 weeks of this thing exploding. Those initial communities are very engaging, but several have slowed down or are dead. I expected that. I've been using the "All" feed to try to engage with people and find new stuff. I've used it a lot, but there is a lack of engagement. I use the "new" sort priority to try to find active participants, but it seems lacking as viewed from .world. I have other instance made accounts, but I have not seen any differences. Anyone have suggestions about finding better engagement with positive people?

How to “purge community”
I've seen posted elsewhere that instance admins have the ability to remove communities from their instance with a "purge community" button. I can't find this, can someone post a screenshot/guide on where the option is? Also, if another instance has died and wont be coming back, is there a way to purge communities from the local instance database? Maybe the same way as above.

Can we serve an instance from subdomain while using main domain as handle?
For example my domain is **server.tld** and I'm serving my instance from **lemmy.server.tld**. Can I configure Lemmy to use my main domain (**server.tld**) as handle like **@user@server.tld** instead of **@user@lemmy.server.tld**? * Matrix supports this: * Mastodon supports this: But I couldn't find a document for Lemmy. Even if it's not happening now, is there a possibility that it could be done in the distant future? []( [](

Does Lemmy currently gives too much trust to other instances?
Published initially in the wrong community: > I noticed that my server import the bans from other instances. I think it's a great feature at the moment where there is no complains of anyone creating servers to abuse it, but I feel like it's bound to happen if there is no safety for it. > > If we want to keep it easy for creating servers, maybe they should have a trust level, that could be set either manually or with some heuristics. I like the idea of some heuristics with the option for the admins to take some manual action. > > (dunno if it's the right place to discuss that, is there some more appropriate community to ask things about lemmy itself, since this one is specific to

How to make a post with a GIF actually post the gif when viewing through lemmy-ui
Whenever I make a post with a link to a gif as the URL, the post on clients like Sync, Liftoff, and Photon all actually show the .gif file in the post so it will play correctly. Whenever I view the post on lemmy-ui (the basic UI) though, sometimes it has some .webm file that was created on the original instance, and to actually get the gif to play you have to click on that or click on the link to the original website. How do I get the behavior on other clients to be the same for lemmy-ui, so the gifs will actually play? it Example: [Photon Working]( [Lemmy UI Not Working]( [Lemmy UI Working]( Edit: I don't think it's size, since [this]( gif is smaller in size than [this one]( Also, here are my .env variables: PICTRS__MEDIA__VIDEO_CODEC=vp9 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_WIDTH=512 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_HEIGHT=512 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_AREA=262144 PICTRS__MEDIA__GIF__MAX_FRAME_COUNT=500 I increased the values from default to see if that would fix it but no luck

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