Maybe some of you can speed it along so we can see what it is.

It's happening, AI is rising word against its creators most significant investor

but i use ddg btw

I'm at true neutral.

Original title: "Misunderstanding Your Job Description - Delivery" by Viva La Dirt League > Delivery man Byron learns some really important information about his job... that he probably should have learnt 6 years ago... For those who don't know the show: It's important to understand that Byron is a very, _very_ dedicated employee, who accepts _any_ challenge, and takes _great_ pride in his work. His colleagues sometimes don't remember him after working with him for years.

Context: An external contributor is taking it upon himself to [implement ActivityPub and possibly ForgeFed in Gitlab]( after Gitlab ignored the issue for [more than 7 years](

I do remember you, Outlook Express ✉️

Are you a Cyberpunk? Modo 2000 magazine published this amalgam. Now a days, all this is mostly on your cell phone!

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    $n^4 + 1/2$

    console.log("hello world")