I’m really not happy with Lemmy so far. Its a great community and a cool concept, but the amount of bugs I am experiencing is really starting to put me off.

The site constantly updates / glitches, when I try click on something it moves just before I click so I end up clicking on something else. If I open a post, as soon as I go back the entire home feed is different and my sorting preferences have been reset.

As someone coming from the refinement from Apollo this really is offputting and makes me want to use Lemmy even less.

The people here are great, the federation is cool and I like how decentralized it is, but I think I’m going to log off now and I don’t expect to be back anytime soon.

Ps. A functioning app I can download directly from the app store would be great. I’m not interested in progressive web apps or testflight betas, I want something that just works and is well refined.

Edit: I understand its early days, I’m not faulting devs for not being able to keep up, all I am doing here is expressing my opinion. I’m also sad about losing Apollo so that definitely adds to my disappointment quite a bit if I’m being honest.


It’s been three days since I’ve been unable to log in to a Lemmy.world account I also opened along with this Kbin one. I get the prompt, fill the username / password, click the button… and it spins and spins and keeps on spinning, nothing happens.
Did I get banned? Is it a bug? Some snafu on my end?

Kbin has been much more stable and usable so far.

I’m having the same issue. :/


Out of curiosity:

  1. What did you use to create an account?
  2. What did you use to try and log in?

In both cases with me, it’s Brave browser on iPad.

EDIT: Just noticed I can log in to Lemmy.world with the Mlem app, so it’s not a ban, it’s definitely a glitch.

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