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Math is more than just numbers and arithmetic. There’s even a Wikipedia page dedicated to the Mathematics of Sudoku.

Maybe I’m too European to understand your point, but my phone selling my call and message history would be just as outrageous.

Is the user aware that the data they synchronize to their car, a machine that they own, is sold by the car manufacturer to advertisers? Do they explicitly agree to the selling of their data, when selecting what connectivity they want?

Can you blame the user for making a choice, when they’re not told the consequences of that choice?

Interesting, I did not expect them to meet SIL4 standards, that’s not an easy achievement.

It should also be noted that the post will only appear on that kbin instance, and no other instances.

That’s not necessarily true. Generally the cartridges shipped with the printers aren’t filled entirely, or are otherwise smaller than separately bought ones.

I recently had GCC give me the error “returning to the gate for a mechanical issue”, fun stuff as well

I’m not sure I’d classify it as a bug. Instances can temporarily go down at any moment for numerous reasons, to account for this instances will keep retrying to connect with an exponential backoff. At what point should an instance assume that another instance is permanently gone?

Perhaps a good start would be adding a status indicator to every community with something like last sync: 1 minute ago.

You can see that an instance/community is gone by visiting the instance directly. In this case at https://lemmy.fmhy.ml/c/imaginarymechas (which obviously won’t work now, as it’s gone).

Whenever you submit a post to a community, first your own instance saves the post locally, then sends it to the instance hosting the community, this instance then sends it to any other instance with users subscribed to the community. When the hosting instance is down, then that step of course fails, resulting in the post being only visible to members of your own instance.

Honestly, it’s quite likely they really never lost a real life lightcycle race

To be fair, the stock image has the telltale signs of being AI generated. Details are warped in a fashion that a photo or human drawing wouldn’t have.

Either way, I don’t get the controversy. Some person broke the Shutterstock anti-AI ToU, and someone at Disney bought the image for their design, possibly not knowing it was AI generated.

Mattermost, it might not be the best feature-wise, but it’s open source, and a university can host it’s own server with SSO

You might disagree with me, but I prefer eating my ramen before blue fluff starts growing on it.

That Wikipedia page seems to suggest that the director was using it as an excuse to peek at their nipples himself.

Yeah, I don’t understand what the controversy is about. Free games still won’t have to pay anything. Asking 20 cents per install if the players pay at least $1 per install seems fair to me.

Does the People(Vec) even work if you don’t specify the type inside the Vec?

Sweet! Now I don’t have to recursively write comments to explain the meaning of each comment

It’s minecraft, you can upload just about anything to be your skin, including for example a Hitler skin. It’s not some microtransaction skin you paid for.

Can’t you just use the get_or_init method instead of get inside the push_log method? This would initialize the cell on first use. You’d still need a Mutex inside of it to acquire a mutable reference to the vector.

This page mentions a more realistic range of -40°C to 100°C. Maybe an intern read the ° as 0 and nobody doublechecked the packaging design.

As a trick to provide context when linking comments, that link actually links to the parent comment. Or it’s a bug that it links to the parent comment, I’m not entirely sure.

This does make me wonder, what is this graph actually about?

Are you checking your profile on a different instance? Comments in communities that aren’t (yet) replicated to that instance won’t show up

Lemmy does not have a built-in wiki feature. docs.beehaw.org is a separate website hosted using GitHub pages, with the source available here: https://github.com/beehaw-org/beehaw-org.github.io/

Is there a reason you don’t want it to be federated? This would require every user to make a separate account, just to access your community, instead of being able to join and post using accounts from other instances.

Additionally creating an instance for just a single subreddit/community seems overkill. Have you considered creating a community on an existing instance?

Copy the link from the federation-link-hexagon-thing button and paste it into the search bar on your instance. The post should get fetched, and should show up as a result.

Looks like they changed up some things in the lemmy-ansible repository, resulting in the docker guide being outdated.

Take a look at this nginx config file instead: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ansible/blob/main/templates/nginx_internal.conf It splits incoming requests and directs them to either the UI server or the backend server.

It honestly reminds me of the time 4chan stole Shia Labeouf’s flag, locating it from a livestream with only the flag and the sky visible.


Try updating your docker-compose version. Any top-level property starting with x- should be accepted as an extension, whether compose can understand it’s contents or not. In this case the x-logging section is used as a fragment to set up default logging settings for each service.

First of all, make sure the PostgreSQL username matches as well.

Does your password contain any special characters such as quotes, dollar signs or backslashes? They can have special meanings in yaml, resulting in the password being different from what you’d expect.

What’s weirder, is that I can’t find that community. Not even a removal of it listed in the modlog. I can only see two comments listed on your profile, but the link to the posts don’t work.

When initially fetching a post, existing comments won’t come along with it. New comments and new posts will only appear when at least one local user is subscribed to the corresponding community.

Not entirely in the Netherlands. There you have a yearly mandatory “eigen risico” of €385 (or more if you want a discount on health insurance). The first costs you make, you have to pay out of pocket. Only after you’ve exceeded the €385 in a year will the insurance start covering the costs.

The image is still hosted on that other site, but embedded in the comment. Possibly it gets cached by the instance, but the link to the original image remains intact.

But in the app they can fingerprint you better, allowing them to better identify the criminal scum using third party apps.

How are you so certain that they’re not on your instance? I see that your sign up form is open. There’ve been other reports that spambots have discovered Lemmy and are signing up on instances en masse.