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What operating system and tools should a beginner use to learn programming

Chances are you’ll have to switch to whatever your job has eventually so just pick what you like. I really like VsCode personally because you can read the documentation of methods without leaving your program. The best system and tools is whatever gets you to start learning though.

I want start with python but I don’t know what operating system and tools to use

Python is great and easy to learn but I think it leads to misunderstandings about how programming languages work if that’s your only experience. If you can get a Programming Fund 1 class in C or C++, you can transfer over those skills to Python in a week. If you start with Python, then you’ll be mostly starting from scratch if you need to learn other languages. But it’s entirely your choice.

In terms of programming institutions (universities bootcamps, etc…), do each institutions have its own preference or does it let its student choose?

My university had Windows for the public computers but as long as you turned in your code it didn’t matter where it was written. I know lots of people who used a Linux VM that they carried on a USB stick. They completed their assignments just fine.

Nevermind, that’s a normal amount of cringe for your age.

You fool! Youve taken the bait. I am 3 moves ahead and your fate is sealed

Grown adult saying this btw. God, I was less cringe in high school.

If you can pay someone $1.50, then you can pay them $1. You can’t even pull a “I don’t have a smaller bill” or other shit.

If you try to pay $1.50 then you’re just being a trouble maker.

If you believe your vote doesn’t matter, you either believe: all votes are not equal (within a given election).

Yeah, like I explained in my original comment in great detail exactly how and why certain votes are not equal.

I struck a nerve with the redditor comment considering you responded to that 4 word sentence but not the paragraph explaining basic American Electoral structure.


Le epic redditer moment

Your vote matters just as much as everyone else’s.

Unless you live in non-swing state in which case your vote literally means nothing as you’re a minority voter for at least the next 30 years. Even then, the vote of someone in a state with a small population gives more of a share of electoral college votes than a populous state. Plus the whole 2 senators a state thing etc etc.

Your whole position is flawed. You’re reversing the responsibility of ensuring people get to vote. Politicians are well paid professionals whose entire job is to ensure that their political plans come to fruition. Blaming some doomer online for the failures of the party is completely missing the point.

It should have been in the 80’s. If those lesser evil folk bit the bullet and refused to vote for whatever shitty candidate they had at that point them maybe the Democratic party wouldn’t feel so comfortable shoveling Biden down our throats. It is 100% the fault of past Democratic party voters that we’re in this situation and it could have been avoided.

In a purely 4-year cycle, it is better to vote for a Dem because they’ll be slightly better. But since we repeated that 10x already, the Dem has gotten to be so horrific that it isn’t worth it anymore. It’s like trying to decide how much grain to use to feed a village and how much to plant for the next season. In the short term, it’s better to feed the people and reduce the amount planted next year. But we did that so much that now there’s no more food.

Boomers fucked Millennials and Gen Z with climate change. Gen X and Millennials fucked over Gen Z over with lesser evil voting.

DuckDuckGo is also so much better for search results since Google made theirs shit.

I can find websites pretty easy on DuckDuckGo which just don’t exist on Google.

This will do nothing to stop Google Chrome’s market share tbh.

Installing an ad blocker is like the easiest thing in the world to do. Literally takes less time than watching the ad yet even most young people don’t use it. It’s the reason why Edge has such a high market share despite not being all that great. It’s the default for many people so inertia will carry it forward. Google Chrome could literally record your screen at all times and sell it to the highest bidder and it would still dominate the market.

Physical but I have to use digital. An e-ink reader plus an external hard drive allows me to read entire libraries worth of books anywhere I go. You keep two hard drives with a RAID system and you can store those with almost zero risk of failure barring two mechanical faults occurring at once.

My elementary school had a “computer class” which taught typing the first year and then threw you into a room to play games for the next two years.

I got tired of it eventually and started learning how to program and build websites during my second year. Started doing breadboards and Raspberry PI stuff next year when they got a bit more funding. Knew I wanted to do programming ever since. Built web applications during high school and now I’m pursuing a worthless Comp Sci degree and loving every minute of it.

Hope my liver can outlive either Biden or Trump depending on who gets elected.

For personal preference, assuming I didn’t have to worry about getting a job, Lisp no question.

Otherwise, I’d have to go with C++.

This wave knocked me on my ass and it’s been the only wave to have done this despite being 5 times vaxxed including the bivalent for 2 months before getting sick.

Maybe it’s just bad luck but the people around me seem to be getting sicker and sicker from this wave.

They can be friendly if you treat them right and they’re mostly low commitment.

Dogs need cuddles and pets daily. Cats can take care of themselves on a day-to-day basis.

No age limit, you could literally be 80 at my door in a walker and you’d still get candy.

It’s not like Candy is a valuable resource, if they want to dress up to get some M&M’s then more power to them.

Talk for 2-3 hours until dark. Drink, smoke weed, and then spend the rest of the night listening to music and talking.

Disagreeing with me on the internet.

no batista is going to ruin your day.

Idk, Fulgencio Batista was pretty bad all things considered.

You believe you are the Main Character of the universe and that everything ceases to exist when you die

Man you really don’t understand when people are doing bits. You think people would just go on the internet and not mean literally everything they type?

Hexbear needs a villian, don’t you understand UlyssesT? You wouldn’t be having half of the enjoyment in this conversation if I just did a normal comment. But now I got to do a silly bit and you got to pretend you’re arguing with someone serious.

Discussion on the internet is inherently worthless because no one ever changes their opinions. It’s a black box in which no matter the inputs, the outputs remain the same. Is it really so wrong then to lay down ideas like “seriousness” if it doesn’t change anything? Your answer will be of course that I’m delusional and only doing this to cope or something because that’s what your opinion started as. No matter what you or I say, we cannot change.

Stop posting and touch grass if you want truth, nothing here matters.

No. You’re just being obnoxiously smug while expecting people to praise you as some sort of eccentric philosopher.

Literally describing myself as a homeless man and anti-intellectual. No one is taking it seriously but you man.

Oh look another “materialist” who relies on the pan-psychic influence of others to determine reality. How Jungian of you. Thatcher once said, “there is no society, only individuals.” Do you disagree? I imagine so. Even Marx called out Commodity Fetishism but you put the greatest fetish of all on society and reality as something inherent. If reality is just an interplay of individuals, the truth proven by both Rand and Marx, then an individual is free to form their own reality away from your own.

You'll never know the true truth because you're still enslaved the collective unconsciousness.

Also, did you really think someone was actually identifying as anti-intellectual. Come on, I know you couldn’t understand the the ironic Freud in your “I want dommy mommy to step on me” thread but this is ridiculous. Looks like you got owned on two fetishes, mommy and commodity.

Nah it’s a bit. No one actually unironically identifies as anti-intellectual.

I’m kinda of a Diogenes figure. Sometimes you get “behold a man” and sometimes you get a homeless man yelling at passerbys.

Ayn Rand once said “It is not I who will die, it is the world.” I will never stop being anti-intellectual personally so when I die it can’t change.

Sorry, the answer is no but if you trust the quote the world will only exist for another 30-40 years so I wouldn’t worry.

why is inclusion in an often patriarchal/misogynistic and conservative institution as marriage the end-all-be-all of queer rights?

Legal protections mostly. If you get married, you have a right to see your spouse in the hospital. Otherwise, they’re just another person even if you’ve been living together for 50 years. You also have a right to inheritance, the right to receive pensions and 401k, etc etc. An unmarried partner is essentially left with nothing unless explicitly stated in a will and even then they don’t have all the legal protections.

Imagine living with someone for 20 years and they get into a car wreck, you can’t see them before they die because you’re married. You get kicked out of your home because legally you’re just a roommate and have no right to stay in that house. Then, all the money your partner invested goes to their shithead parents who kicked them out as a child. None of that would happen if you were married.

Marriage is an outdated contract but the functions it provides are still important to society.

Edit: Obviously I support China but marriage isn’t just a “proof of love” or some other sentimental thing.

So much for smartest animal on Earth!

Take that Douglas Adams!

It just seems like you picked a font from photoshop, put a black border around it, and shipped the meme.

Use Impact font and add a drop shadow next time. It gives a slight depth and Impact is the traditional meme font.

2-4. One longer one in the morning for cleaning myself. A 2-3 minute one when I workout or get sweaty. And a final short one before climbing into bed.

Sometimes I just decide I need to destress and take another 10-15 minute long one. If I have an easily accessible sauna at a knobs turn then you bet I’ll be using it.

Mostly nostalgia and all the in-jokes were jokes I was there for. It’s the same reason you enjoy watching movies/tv you’ve already seen.

I wonder what happened to MLK and all the people who started the BLM protests in America which guarantees freedom of protest and speech. It really sucks that they all were either murdered or committed suicide and the police were never able to do anything about it.

Oh well, gotta let go and let god. Btw, did you hear that the evil Chinese Government sent someone who threw a firebomb to jail? Nasty stuff, glad I live somewhere civilized.

The word ‘social’ is referring to ‘socialism’ and so is the relation between ‘democracy’ and ‘democratic’.

I guess social security = socialism security in your world? Social welfare programs are not socialism and if your political education included anything beyond Elizabeth Warren’s policy page you’d know that.

What a terrible mistake to make! Perhaps you should have assumed it was the correct orientation of the two words that are spelled exactly the same.

Your beef is with the English Language not me. How is it my fault that you misidentified yourself? Funnily enough, you still don’t identify your actual political position. It’s clear that the only political position you’d take is what gives you an advantage in the argument. Fucking debatebros lol.

I have, but thanks for the suggestion.

Reading so much theory that you confuse two different political ideologies. Sometimes I read so much theory that that I claim to be a monarchist when I really mean to say I’m an anti-monarchist. Obviously the other person should have understood what I meant. Your literally on a communication medium that allows you to plan and edit your comments. You have no excuse for making this grade school mistake.

You said you supported Social Democracy not Democratic Socialism. Dem Socs are well-meaning but idealistic, not optimistic but the political philosophy of idealism. Soc Dems are supporters of a kinder capitalism for the Imperial core but keeping the child slaves mining cobalt in the Congo.

The fact that you think these are the same proves the original posters point that you should read theory. They were harsh but you were implying that keeping exploitation of the third world is preferable to socialism.

Dude you still don’t stop worker exploitation, don’t solve the contradiction of working and capitalist classes, don’t end imperialism or colonialism (social democracy outsources exploitation to the third world)

Ok let me know how your method works out

That’s it, I’m defederating for this slight.