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I realized I cant check other instances individually with my stat system so I just took the average from all instances

for all communities that are visible to the instance 61% are dead so our instance is doing better than average

Probably a larger amount considering other instances don’t have a limiter for community creation so get a bunch more

I can check

Community health check-in | November 2023
Starting up a new monthly post where I look at the communities in the instance to see how well all of them are doing From this we should be able to see what communities are struggling so that they can be focused on for adding activity across the instance My goal for december will be increasing the amount of communities that appear in the active and moderate sections and will compare to see the activity change then --- For community activity levels im breaking this into 5 categories (note these stats are based on the new users/month stats in the instance) - Lively- 5k users/month or above - Active - 201-4999 users/month - Moderate - 51-200 users/month - Quiet - 11-50 users/month - Dead - 0-10 --- ## Communities in each category - Lively communities: 2 (1%) - Active communities: 11 (6%) - Moderate communities: 27 (15%) - Quiet communities: 45 (25%) - Dead communities: 92 (52%) --- ## Most active communities - ! (7.4k users/month) - ! (5.12k) - ! (1.37k) - ! (1.3k) - ! (1.09k) - ! (1.02k) - ! (974) - ! (816) - ! (786) - ! (782) --- ## Least active communities (These are ones that will be prioritized for making active) (theres a lot in the dead category so these are random ones from that, not all of them) - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! --- One other community that should be interesting to see the growth is the advent of code community as that is about to start ! currently at 136 but I assume thats going to grow much larger

Instance and Community Stats Update
Hey everyone, I just pushed a change that changes how active users/month, etc. is calculated In Pangora I've swapped this to include both post and comment likes to more accurately reflect activity in addition to the default things it counts (By default it only counts people who have posted a post or a comment but thats not everyone who is active in the community) (Its not counting people who have looked at the community but not voted or posted but its closer than before to getting most activity). To line the instance up to pangora functionality and since I can do this without needing to touch the code I made it follow how pangora calculates it. users/day on some community gives a tally of all users that have done one of the following in the past 24 hours in that community: - posted a post - posted a comment - voted on a post - voted on a comment The community stats have already been updated and the instance-wide ones should update soon next time it recalculates the stats (note these stats only show in the instance since each instance calculates their own set of stats for all communities. If youre looking at a community in this instance from another instance the old stats will show. However this also means that communities in other instances when viewed in this instance show the new stats)

with that there would need some way for people to have things to initially review to get the community started. Could do something like after the first 3 posts the point system goes into effect

Just created a community request post for it

If anyone is interested upvote the request and if anyone wants to mod it let me know

Edit: community has been made at !

“No connection to the Voyager app, it’s a staging environment for Lemmy named re: Star Trek”. Theyre saying its a staging area for lemmy itself not voyager

its named after the tv series star trek voyager. theres also named after star trek enterprise

Update: made ! and hid it from the feeds for an in-instance testing area

that exists in instances such as

the issue with having that in the main communities is communication will be one way if you try to reply to that. Theres bots such as the l4s bot that is in the middle of the two that ocasionally cross-posts link posts that are popular though. Thats still controversial but can be easily blocked

The testing instances were all blocked so that test posts didnt start populating the feeds

the voyager instance also has no relation to the voyager app, its not a staging area for it

if theres demand for a testing area we can make a testing community here and hide it from the feeds by default

I am noticing where its posting and im adjusting it accordingly based on that

I just didnt see a spot that has more comments than daily users as you said from the spots its posted to,but it has been posting to locations in general

The suggestion there I have fixed. The C programming language isnt being suggested anymore and dotnet and C# dont suggest each other anymore. I usually delete or edit the bots messages to account for my tweaks but forgot to do so there due to it being one of the first so ill do that now, ill also go and do the same for the rest of the bots messages. I agree other people shouldnt need to clean it up which is why ive been doing so and will do the rest now

again 1 comment occasionally isnt spam. This is just the same things over and over though in this chain so will stop on this chain. Just note I will clean up future bot messages and tweak it if it posts incorrectly which it should be doing much less now that its been refined. Other people shouldnt be needing to clean it up (if you call opting out as maintenance work its just one dm to send me and I can then deal with it) and it shouldnt be overwhelming communities. If I deem its been doing fine I can swap it to auto crosspost in the future although this doubles as leading people to post their future posts in that community without needing the bot

Ive been paying attention which is why I dont see the communities youre talking about (especially after ive tweaked things). If youre quoting the instance rules with that theres the rule #5 exception which can make bots transition to be opt out instead of opt in. If you want it removed from c++ node and cloud I can do that (I assume you do considering what youve been saying so will remove the three communities from the bots sight)

which communities? And triggering is relevant since by reducing how its triggered it reduces the about the comments it posts or as you like to call them spam

Ive responded so many times at this point saying why its not spam and why they add value

Just for you ill add a rule that it cant trigger on any of your posts

for node.js it seems like it was triggering on the .js which I just went through and removed so it should get barely any triggers now unless you explicitly mention something

for that community message it sent you posted an article about graphql and about performance

I made it not crosspost by default so I can tweak things and so people are guided for future posts. (and to prevent false positives while im tweaking things). Im purposely tweaking it to fire less and less and like I said im aiming to get it to fire on 2% of the posts

again, block the bot if you dont want it

The article on c/programming was about postgresql and the article on c/postgresql was about performance. Both were articles that could be crossposted to those communities and both are communities that need some more activity so the bot just lets the author and people who enjoy that post know about a community they may not otherwise know about.

Based on firing without me tweaking it to remove that case its fired twice in the past two days, once today and once yesterday out of all of the posts posted to the instance which is barely anything and is nowhere close to spam. There was 46 posts in the instance total today and 85 in the past two days. Its also one comment that can easily be ignored and will be buried by other comments due to how lemmy’s default comment sort works with putting newer comments at the top

If you severely dislike the bot you can block it and you will no longer see those comments

I leave this comment ulrik gave you

Hey, admin of here

Heres a nice selection of communities from various of the topic instances including ours that might be nice for most people

  • ! - mander is the science and nature instance with this being one of their main communities
  • ! - main community for the instance which is the instance for programming
  • ! - main community for the instance which has most of the game communities so far in lemmy
  • ! - community that just got started up in where you can post any software malfunctions you come across
  • ! - main community in lemdro which is focused primarily around android

edit, heres some more:

A community for posting memes and humor relating to linux Yes this community already exists on but not all of our federated instances are federated with world (e.g. beehaw) so this provides an alternative community Links: - ! - [/c/linux_memes](/c/ - (kbin)

Community for posting any moments where software unpredictably malfunctions to do something it was not intended to do Links: - ! - [/c/software_gore](/c/

Fediseer tends to be what most people use to track and list this sort of thing (and its whats used for this instance)

A lot of blocks people have are of mastodon instances as well so if youre only interested in thread content that probably needs to be taken into account as well since mastodon instances tend to have more people than lemmy instances

It does add value, I just said what the value is. The bot isn’t just something that points out the opensource community, it’s for all communities and it just noticed here youre posting about open source which you are

But yeah open-source is one of the communities I’ve posted less to recently cause I tend to not get things I can post to it from what I normally browse but I can add some more activity there. Been mainly focusing on building up the language communities and communities that don’t even get posts in a week normally

I have two accounts, a mod account and a non mod account which I use to post called mac

I’ve been posting a ton of content on various communities (and am the most active poster) but this bot is just to help guide people from things like the programming community to the more specific topic communities to help get those active since c/programming tends to have content that would fit in those and its supposed to be a collector community to filter people towards other communities due to lemmy having bad community discovery out of the instance

I’ll be tweaking the triggers and making it fire less based on what I see happening over time

  • that also didn’t ping me btw, you need to include the at the end

sometime in the next couple weeks probably based on their last development update

Theres a new algorithm that should be coming in an update soon (I assume 0.19) called Scaled

This is basically the hot algorithm but takes into account the monthly active users of the community so communities with less monthly active users show up more and arent dominated by the meme communities

Would fix the issue you say there

users/day and users/week is from all instances. Only subscribers are from your own instance (so the other two comments are wrong)

The reason is cause that only counts users who have either posted or commented and not those who have upvoted only

The one issue I ran into is alternate UIs other than lemmy-ui dont seem to collapse crossposts in the post feed so the recommendation of cross-posting everything floods people not using lemmy-ui

Going through and making issues in all of their repositories

yeah although I havent pushed changes to a repo recently, ill do that and share in a sec

figured having it as a message also makes it a spot where readers can see communities for that topic as well

Hey everyone, I just finished up a new bot for the instance called Link This bot aims to give suggestions for other communities in the instance to post to to start populating the more specific topic communities. It currently is triggered just off of keywords it finds in post titles. This should help people find other communities after they post to ! and encourage cross-posting in the instance since thats recommended (and standard lemmy behaviour is to show crossposts as one post in the post feed) I added some of the communities in the instance and will go through and add in the rest of them shortly

Hey everyone! I added some new taglines to the instance to more than double the amount of them we have. You should see the new ones popping up at the top of the home feed New taglines were taken from the [!]( community and and were currently up to 96 of them

Note weve also got an advent of code community that got started up into this instance at !

yeah federation broke one way only when it was broken. Replies on broken posts from here wont propagate no matter when its done

Looks like that post was made when federation was broken (there was a small window 14 days ago when it went down again) so itll still have issues with federating comments. Recent posts and comments in the community seem to still be fine

Everything seems to be fine in the database so not sure why that wouldnt propagate. Ill do some testing

The one linked by snowe above and is the cause of this is on a feature request but its not a feature request made by snowe, its one made by dessalines.

All of snowes comments got collapsed due to getting marked as off topic which seems to be making people think hes dessalines when thats another lemmy dev

Snowe in the thread explaining it

The bug report is a different thing from this (although now snowe cant comment on that thread due to being banned and everything there and in some other spots such as a pull request I was making are also marked as off topic). Probably will get resolved by dessalines based on dessalines comment but weve got Pangora being built up as well

Currently theres mostly just community requesting to create communities and community adoption so people can adopt a community if the owners and mods are gone (which I think should just be the way to handle abandoned communities)

For the gamedev community the main gamedev community gets all the gamedev posts while the others are intended to get crossposted into for people who want the separation until we get flairs (but theres been basically no gamedev discussion content in either) (children are news, showcase, discussion, and game design) I can try to get it more active

yeah its our end and thats why. Federation should be fixed now (things posted when down wont be federated still but new things will. Were setting up a cron job now to get this updated every day so it shouldnt be a problem any more)

After 3 days of no response lemmy considers things dead but the issue is is its not checking for a response

yeah it broke again for a bit, getting that up rn. Seems to be that the instance isnt automatically marking things alive so after 3 days everything is marked as dead again

Also to show thats its working heres this post on

Outbound Federation Fixed
Hey everyone, update on We did some changes in the database and it seems like outbound federation is working again. If you run into any more problems with it let us know. Im pinning this post for around a day to let everyone know since we had the last post pinned for a bit Any posts or comments made while it was broken still wont be federated but new ones should be. The instance essentially marked all other instances as dead which meant it thought it didn't have to send things to them

Also adding onto this but there was an issue with the pictrs storage getting full that made the instance offline for a couple days while it affected it and so the instance could be moved to object storage. (communicated about over on the mastodon account since the site was down Thats a separate issue from this one (and prevented this from getting tested properly for a bit)

Outbound Federation Bug
Hey everyone. Currently the instance is being affected by a bug that prevents outbound federation. This seems to have started when the instance upgraded to 0.18.5 Im pinning this post in the instance while it is affected by the bug so everyone is aware as this affects everyone in the instance Theres an open issue on the lemmy github repository and we are attempting to track down why this is happening and fix it What the bug means is essentially - We still get all posts and comments around the fediverse like normal (so youll see posts made in other communities populate the feeds like normal) - Posts and comments made by users in are not visible outside Hopefully itll be resolved soon. If anyones able to get some info that would be helpful towards resolving the bug throw it here or in the github issue

lol rip guess someone broke the modlog again. If a mod enters too large of a time lemmy cant handle it and just crashes the page

Lemmy doesnt have shadow banning

Weve been struggling here with getting outbound federation working after the update to 0.18.5. Have an open issue on the lemmy repository about it. But basically currently any posts or comments made from wont federate to other instances (but we still get all content)

Been running through some solutions today trying to get it up and probably going to pin a post about it

The grayed out button is new, normally it still lets you post but just wont show it in other instances.

Were currently just using base lemmy since pangora isn’t done so not sure why we would be different from other instances. I can try to look into it

Update: I haven’t been able to replicate jshelter showing high. I’m thinking though it might be something about lemmy 0.18.5 vs 0.18.4 since we’re on 0.18.4 still. is on 0.18.5

Update #2: Was able to replicate it from a computer restart. Could not replicate it on other lemmy 0.18.4 instances

It was put into place mostly due to that since a bunch of those communities were made with no limitations. We can look into changing if it seems to be limiting the creation of some communities but so far has just been limiting mostly topic hyperspecific communities so that the more general communities get used before splitting off into subcommunities

Eh sure, its sort of on the border but if it survives the request zone it can be added. We just require all community ideas get a score of at least 7 from ! in order to get added to show theres enough interest in the idea is in general. Just instances appear in more than one spot (and some general communities appear for a category if they have the largest community for that category and theres no topic specific instances for it). For example of multiple spots lemmy.db.zer0 is in A.I., anarchist, and a couple others since it has those topics in it

The instance finder is built to encourage the use of topic specific instances rather than general use ones so that communities are grouped together better in the same site. The site can then manage all the communities effectively and have the site customized to accomodate them better (and make it feel more like a home for what you like looking at and discussion with others rather than one of many reddit clones)

Categories are mainly so that people are sent to a topic instance that matches their interests. Science goes to mander, programming to p.d, sports to fanaticus, gaming to, etc.

If youve got some suggestions on how to improve it though let me know, still in progress

[!]( A community for the ludum dare game jam! Feel free to show off your games, discuss, or ask questions about it Community for it as the event starts in a bit more than 24 hours

Call for admins
Hey everyone, just wanted to do a post looking for a couple more admins for the instance Currently most tasks have been getting done by snowe or I with snowe handling most things in the backend and me for things people see such as community management So that tasks are spread out a bit more and so that I can focus more on things such as building up our new frontend just wanted a couple more people to help out with various tasks Mostly looking for people to help with community management in the instance. This includes - Handling the creation of communities from [!]( - Handling community adoption from [!]( - Making sure communities in the instance are running smoothly - Handling meta communities such as [!]( [!]( If you dont have much history in the instance send me a link where I can see past chatting (e.g. mastodon, reddit, etc.). We also are using discord as a platform for the admins to talk to each other so you have to be able to use that If you want to apply feel free to dm me or say so below.

Fediseer Synchronization
Hey everyone, quick update on the instance Ive synchronized our instance to fediseer which means we will start pulling blocklists from certain instances and then adding that to our own. I have it set up where it will pull blocks for certain tags such as csam, pedophilia, poor moderation, etc. from instances like,, etc. so that that kind of content is able to be handled more quickly if one of those admins gets to it before us. Should mean that you have to worry about content that breaks the rules even less and be able to enjoy the site more. If a site im pulling stuff from starts blocking instances for the wrong reasons ill remove it and revert the blocks but shouldnt happen for the ones ive added (and soon there will be a feature where I can set stuff like only block an instance if 50% of chosen instances have blocked it)

Matrix Space for Cross Fediverse Communication
Hey everyone! I’m Ategon one of the admins over in I noticed theres been a lack of a bridge of communication between the various fediverse platforms. Lemmy has our own little matrix space that people in lemmy have been talking to each other in, kbin also has their own, and mastodon doesnt really have a central location for pure communication As such ive started up a Fediverse Hub matrix space so that we can all talk to each other and get on the same page. Hopefully from this we can also work together and discuss to get the cross platform federation working better between the various platforms (instead of things like the mess that is the current Mastodon & Lemmy interactions) If youre a developer of a fediverse platform, an admin of a fediverse instance, or want to check to see whats going on feel free to join

Federation updates #2
Continuation of my [last federation update post]( with some updated info ## Hexbear After we got removed from the hexbear allowlist I talked with one of their admins about it. Theyre running a poll currently for their users to determine if they want to refederate or not with opinion in that poll seeming to be mostly in favor It is very likely we will be federating with Hexbear again. **However**, things such as political communities will be hidden from our feeds by default meaning you wont see those posts unless you explicitly subscribe to those communities (so if youre just browsing the all feed you wont see any of them) In terms of comments made in other instances that aren't hexbear or (e.g. that is up to the admins of those communities to handle (and if an instance has defederated from hexbear such as threads in their instance will have no hexbear members on them) If you participate in the hexbear instance make sure to follow their code of conduct and dont participate in communities that are labelled as being for hexbear members only (I should be hiding any that exist) If theres a community I missed that should be hidden reach out to me with it and ill hide it. Hidden communities will show up with no posts when you look at them without subscribing And to leave off this update ill give you guys a couple hexbear communities that might be relevant to you once federation is up again

Hiding bot communities from the all feed
Hey everyone, ive got pangora-ui (our new frontend being built ([!]( to a decent enought state where I can start doing mod actions from it Due to that ive managed to implement a community hiding system to make certain communities' posts not show up by default so that we can now fully follow our rules in the sidebar Communities that are hidden - Will show up as having no posts - Will not have posts show up in the feeds or from searching **However** if you subscribe to a hidden community you will then be able to see all of their posts like normal in every location Hidden communities will still be findable themselves in the community list and from searching --- If you are currently subscribed to hidden communities you should see absolutely no difference in your ability to view them You should however see the all feed getting more manageable to navigate and sort by new now that it isnt being drowned out by bot posts Communities that are currently being hidden include: communities that are 50% bot posts or more and politics communities For bots this includes communities in instances like - - - (the bot art community in) - - - Quick comparison between our all feed sorted by new vs's so you can see what hiding bot communities did ![]( ![]( --- You may still see a couple pop up since I havent dealt with all of them yet but the amount of bot communities showing up will get lower and lower over time

Federation Updates
Hey everyone! Wanted to give a quick update on some federation status with other communities ## has been defederated from for two main reasons - They ignore DMCA requests and dont follow it. We get a copy of all of their posts due to how federation works and since this rule is instance wide it can easily apply to a new community in the future if we purge current ones. We dont have the manpower to handle other instances continually breaking the law and then us needing to deal with that with takedowns - They post pornographic content that is illegal / in a gray area in the US that I would rather err on the side of caution in terms of allowing due to things like the PROTECT Act and certain states explicitly banning it themselves ## hexbear Hexbear defederated from us so to prevent one way conversations I have added them to our blocklist as well. If the hexbear admins decide to unblock us I can do the same and go back to the previous stance of hiding their politics related communities from the all feed once that feature is implemented into the site ## Misc There are a couple misc pleroma and mastoton instances that ive added to our blocklist (and there are a couple more I might add soon) that post content that is extremely against our rules. As they arent lemmy instances purging communities isnt an option and its allowed instance wide if you have other requests of instances that clearly break our rules (you can find them in the site sidebar) feel free to send me them and ill take a look

PixelArt - A place to discuss and share pixel art
- [Link](/c/ - [!](

P.D Custom Emotes
We now have some possibility for custom emotes available in the instance (now that the bug that was happening with them was fixed). If anyone has some suggestions for what to add feel free to reply with them Ive added the p.d logo and a couple game engines for now as an example. You can send the p.d logo by typing :pro (or more of the name) and then it should show an autofill you can select if youre using the website (theres an emoji picker as well but it doesnt work for custom emotes) ![ logo]( "") ![godot logo]( "godot") ![pico-8 logo]( "pico8") ![unity logo]( "unity") Ill likely be adding some for the logos of various things but mainly want to know if theres anything people want other than that

Programming.Dev Feature Requests
Hey everyone! I'll be going through and making features for the site soon (as I've almost got my laptop back) and wanted to know if there was any features that are wanted that I dont already have noted down I'm currently planning to do: - Customizable icon shapes (circle, hexagon, etc.) - Flairs - Ability to block an instance - Ability for admins or community mods to hide communities from the all feed - Community short descriptions (to show in the community list + top of sidebar) And polls are also being worked on by snowe Will try to get the changes merged into lemmy itself as well but they'll be released here first

Instance Taglines
I've been experimenting with putting random quotes from the [!]( community as taglines in the instance. It will automatically put a random quote every time you go to a page in the site. I put the ones that are shorter so they don't flood the page, and that were upvoted. Theres also a link back to the quotes community if you click on the credit where you can discuss about that quote. As more quotes get added to the community the pool of tagine quotes will grow - note they may not be visible on certain lemmy clients depending on what features the clients support but they work on web

Programming.Dev August Newsletter
Hey everyone! Just wanted to create a post on different things going on in the instance # Matrix Space now has a matrix space at . We had a matrix room before but a space is essentially a collection of rooms so we have sections for different communities, a support room, etc. If you manage a community and want a matrix room for it listed feel free to reach out to me # Instance Rules I've collected together our instance rules and extended it to be a bit more clear. Here are the rules (and they'll be going on the sidebar as well) - Dangerous content on the instance and federated instances including phishing, spamming, brigading, unmarked nsfw, doxing, etc. is not allowed and subject to be handled by the mods or admins - Hate speech is not allowed on the instance or in instances federated with it. This includes remarks directed at sex, gender, orientation, disabilities, etc. - Other content is up to the discretion of the mods of the community its posted in - If a community has no dedicated mods it will be managed by instance admins until a mod team is found - If a community mod team has gone inactive and no longer maintains a community new mods may be added - Any federated communities that have shown they will not enforce these rules while their content shows up on our feeds will have their community removed from our instance - Instances that continually encourage this type of behavior or are built to only do this type of behavior are subject to be defederated - Certain content may be hidden from our all feed including politics and bot spam. (Not currently implemented due to lemmy limitations but will be eventually). This means it won't show up in all but you can still view it and subscribe to the communities to have it show in your subscribed feed - Bots interacting in our communities must follow our bot guidelines (see below) - If an instance is not being managed (due to owners being gone, etc.) it is subject to be defederated Things that do not follow these rules will be handled. This currently includes - Communities in exploding-heads will be removed from our instance - will be defederated from due to the site owner being MIA # Bot Guidelines 1. `Mark Bots as Bots` Bot accounts should be marked that they are a bot using the checkbox in the user settings. This includes any automation in an account (if you automate part of your personal account, put what the automation is in your bio so people know) 2. `Put contact info` The owner of the bot and some way to contact them must be in the bot's bio (unless its an automated personal account, in that case the account itself it the way to contact) 3. `Use mentions as prefix` If a bot has commands it should use its mention as a prefix. (This will allow different bots to use the same commands without interfering with each other) 4. `Dont spam` Bots should not spam posts or comments. (If a bot command has been used its fine to do a response but dont drown out non bot posts in the local new sort.) Certain cases are unavoidable such as if you want to get a bot posting weekly threads in different communities at the same time but in those cases please contact me first to get it approved 5. `Allow mods to opt in` Bots participating in a community should be opt in so communities can choose what bots they want. If you want a bot to be allowed in a community please contact the moderators of that community first. EXCEPTION: If a bot is deemed to be a well behaving bot that brings net good to the instance it can override this rule as long as it has been approved by an admin. This can include things such as a tldr bot, remindme bot, link fixer bot, piped link converter bot, etc. If a bot has overriden rule 5 with this exception community moderators should still be able to opt out of the bot These guidelines should bring us up to parity with along with allowing a bit more leeway within the instance since there has been some nice bots getting made that I dont want unfairly punished If you have a bot you want whitelisted for the entire instance for the rule 5 exception feel free to dm me here or on matrix --- And that's everything for this month. Progress on some features for the site is still ongoing. My laptop is currently being repaired but once I get it back I'll do a bunch of progress and share some updates here If you have any suggestions for the rules, bot guidelines, new site features, etc. feel free to throw them down below
fedilink has hosted a place event for lemmy for the weekend! You can go to and log in using your lemmy account (a bot will send a code to your dms which you can use to verify yourself on the site) I've started making a logo over on the left. Feel free to help out with structure or making something for your community nearby. Theres already c/rust that made a little drawing. Ive been freehanding the looks but aiming to get 5x5 logos of different communities around the p.d text Will last for the weekend and pixel cooldown is 30 seconds (with it being able to stack up to 6 pixels to place down at once with the stacked ones having a 1 min 30 sec cooldown)

Comment language bug fix
Ive recently been made aware of a language bug existing from building up my remindme bot The bug was that comments from platforms such as kbin will naturally be set to an undetermined language regardless of what the community language settings are. This makes it so that if people try to reply to that comment, lemmy will break and not let the reply be posted (since its a language that goes against what the community has set) As a fix to this I have set every community I have access to to be able to handle every single language. (This should be about 90% of the communities, you can check the list in my profile). You shouldnt run into any language invalid errors anymore and should be able to talk to people from kbin now in almost all communities in the instance You may still run into the bug in other instances though depending on what they have their community language set to

cross-posted from: > The theme of the game jam voted on by participants is **Parallel Worlds** > > Feel free to share progress of games you're working for it around the fediverse. We have a hashtag on the microblogging platforms #FediverseJam and there are engine specific communities like godot, unity, unreal, etc. that you can find on > > The jam will last for nine days before submissions to the page close > > Ill be streaming games submitted to the jam and will do a video showcasing the entries once results are out > > Hope you enjoy! Ill be aiming to run these twice a year as a way to encourage some more game dev activity around the fediverse

[Finished] Server will be down for an upgrade at 6 UTC
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Icon Poll Results
Hey everyone! Its been a week since I opened the icon poll so here are the results of what people voted for As a reminder voting is handled by single transferable vote so every round the lowest voted entry is eliminated and the next choices of the people who chose that option is given points. If a person didnt rank all of the entries and doesnt have a next choice no other option gets their points ## Icon Style The icon style vote had 58 votes submitted total Heres the final graph: ![]( Round one is all of the first choice votes for the people who voted. For round two no unified style was eliminated and the votes were spread to other options. For round three general unified same col was eliminated and for round four all unified same color was eliminated The overall winning option was All unified diff colors, winning with 36 final votes compared to general unified diff colors' 16 (and having by far the most first choice votes) Ill be switching some of the communities (ones I made the icon for) over to the new style and new communities in the instance will be created with an icon in the style. Community mods though have the final say in what their community icon looks like and can choose not to follow this result if they want Make sure to follow the branding guidelines of your programming language, engine, etc. Some require attribution if you edit the logo, some dont allow logo modifications, some dont have a default logo, etc. If your language, etc. doesnt allow icon modifications you can do the same icon style but instead of a gradient logo you just have the logo itself, you can make a new logo for your community, or you can just have that logo ## Icon Shape The default icon shape poll had 37 total votes and was handled in the same format as the icon style ![]( Pentagon was eliminated first and then squircle was eliminated The final result was circle winning with 23 final votes compared to hexagon's 14 Community icons will have a circle shape in the instance by default but I will be pushing out a change eventually to allow toggling between different shapes for yourself for the communities on web Thanks everyone for voting! You should see icons start to change in the instance soon

Last call for votes for the community icon poll
Just wanted to make another quick post just in case someone missed the other one The icon poll to determine the recommended icon style for the instance is going to end tonight in around 11 hours You can see the original post here and make sure to dm me with the options ranked based on your preference if you want to vote (you can click on my name and then you can send a message through lemmy using the send message button that shows up in my profile)

[Edited] Community Icon Poll - Part 3
Edit: if you already voted see edit at bottom of post Hey everyone, this is another post regarding choosing the icon style for communities in the instance There was a bunch of issues raised about the last poll so Ive remade it. The last poll results will not count and instead these ones will be used - Voting is done by single transferable vote - You can no longer accidentally click vote There are two Parts of the poll: The icon style and the icon shape ## Icon Style Note this is just to determine the recommended style for communities, individual communities can choose not to follow it if they want ### Option 1: All Unified Same Color This option is for every icon to have the same style and same color gradient ![]( ### Option 2: All Unified Diff Colors This option is for every icon to have the same style with the black background and gradient. However each community has their own colors for the gradient rather than having the same one for all of them. For example the godot community might have a blue purple gradient for their logo and functional programming might have orange red. ![]( ### Option 3: General Unified Same Col This option is for general communities (such as experienced devs, meta, programming, game development (things that arent specific to one language, engine, etc.)) have the unified style but other communities instead have the logo for the language, engine, etc.. For example game development would have the gradient icon but godot would have the godot logo ![]( ### Option 4: General Unified Diff Col This is a combination of options 2 and 3 where general communities have the gradient style but they also have different colors from each other ![]( ### Option 5: No Unified Style No gradient logos for any communities, instead having different style ones for every community ![]( ## Icon Shape This is the default shape that you want community logos to have when they show up. If a community logo has a specific shape (ex the godot logo) the voted on shape is overridable. Users will also be able to override whatever gets chosen locally, its just the default. Currently lemmy uses circles for both users and communities. ## Poll Link Edit: the website that was being used makes it very easy to cheat by just downloading a new browser and voting again as many times as you want. Due to this voting will be happening through dms to me. Sorry for all of the iterations of the vote but this will be a big change in the instance and I want to get accurate info If you want to vote send me a dm with the options ordered based on your preference. Here are the available options (for the two different votes): **Icon Style** - All Unified Same Color - All Unified Diff Colors - General Unified Same Col - General Unified Diff Col - No unified style **Icon Shape** - Circle - Squircle - Square - Diamond - Hexagon - Pentagon Rank each category from your first choice to your last choice. If your first choice ends up having the least amount of votes then your second choice vote counts instead, etc. until one option has 50% or more of votes. To dm me go to my profile [Here](/u/ and click on one of the send message buttons (secure message sends it through matrix while the other just sends it through lemmy) Ill respond to you when I note down your vote to be counted (shouldnt take longer than 8 hours and I try to respond quickly, if I dont then something went wrong with the dm) Voting will end in a week

New Community Bot - Linker
Hey everyone! Ive made a third bot for the instance called Linker. This bot will automatically detect when you try to reference a certain community and then give both relative and direct links to it in a comment for people to check out. The usual syntax when you want to reference a community is with communityname replaced by the community name and replaced with the instance the community is in It will also detect when you link a community like this Works for both posts and comments but will only handle communities that have been entered in the bot. To start with I've put in the top 50 most active communities in the instance but will put the rest in soon If you have any suggestions for communities to link in on other instances let me know [Source Code](

Now that people have settled in a bit into the instance and we have over 100 communities created I've created a new community that new community requests are going to be moved into rather than the pinned thread Feel free to post community ideas in there and they will be considered to be added once they hit 7 points from upvotes You can also request to take over communities that have inactive mods there You can find the it using these links: - [Relative link](/c/ - [Direct link](

Edit: This link is outdated, see new poll here Hey everyone Wanted to run a poll about the community icons to choose between a couple options Option 1 - Use UBP icons - Use unified icons for all of the communities similar to beehaw ![]( Option 2 - Use UBP for general communities and specific language, etc. icons for specific communities ![]( Option 3 - Dont use UBP icons ![]( Vote using the strawpoll here (doing strawpoll so it can be ranked voting) [removed in favor of new post] **EDIT: I have remade the poll with two more options.** If you voted in the previous one please vote again in this. The new options are just for adding different colored gradients to the unified icons for different communities Quick example of this: ![](

Ive been working on some unified icons for the instance so the icons feel like they belong together Let me know if you like them or if there's some adjustments I should make Some examples from ones I've done ![]( ![]( ![]( The majority of them are generated from with the settings of foreground being shrunk twice and position being x:2 y:2. Foreground color is diagonal from 2EE5D2 to A01FC5. And has a shadow with color 423025 and blur set to 15. The background color is just black

Hey everyone, I've just finished up my second bot in the instance after [Frank]( my thread posting bot. This one is called Mega and is just used to auto post any new posts that come up from RSS feeds to certain communities. Currently I just have it set up in the Godot and Unreal communities but if you're modding a community in the instance and want a feed added let me know. I also have the source code available [here]( if you want to look at it or host a version of it yourself.

Frank - Community Bot
Hey everyone! Ive been working on a bot you may see popping up in the communities I manage (the gamedev ones). Currently it will just post the daily threads like screenshot saturday, etc. automatically so they always go up and so its feasible to post them in multiple communities If you want to block messages from the bot so you don't see these daily and weekly threads, you can do so in your user settings by disabling the `show bot accounts` checkbox. This will hide all bots from your view (You can also block the bot if you only dont want to see stuff from it but you want to see other bots) If youre modding a community and want a thread posted every week, a daily discussion, or something similar let me know and I can add it to the bot functionality

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know of some features ive been working on for the instance and get some feedback on them to shape how they turn out The main things mostly involve the addition of flairs around the website similar to reddit flairs ## User Flairs The first addition to be added is user flairs. Communities will be able to make flairs for use in their community with self assignable flairs, and flairs given by mods. These could include things like marking people who participated in a special event, adding in what specific programming language you use, or marking people who made contributions like making the community banner. Mods will be able to create and assign flairs using a button beside the inbox button in the top right, and users will be able to get flairs from the sidebar Flairs are put into flair groups which only allow certain amounts of flairs from that group to be chosen. For example if you have a role for choosing programming language and you only want people to choose one you can set a max of 1 for that flair group. (This can be set to whatever you want as long as its a nonnegative integer) ## Post Flairs Post flairs function essentially the same as user flairs but are put on posts instead. Flairs can be set to be only assignable by mods or able to be assigned by everyone and they are also in flair groups if you only want one of a type to be added (e.g. if you have category post flairs for help, news, etc. and dont want people to assign both help and news to the same post) ## Community Flairs Function the same as the other two but are created by admins and set by mods instead of mods and users. Are added to communities to show what category of community it is (e.g. gamedev, webdev, etc.) ## Mod List Currently in community both admins and mods show up in the mod list. Im aiming to add a small update to only show mods so that admins arent shown (as they arent the ones running the community) unless explicitly added Ive got an image showing a possible setup for flairs. Currently all the posts in here have the same flair format as its not built apart from basic ui but can give a rough idea of it
fedilink Matrix & Discord Rooms
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that we have a matrix room at and a discord server at for discussions outside of threads If youre a mod for a community I also recommend setting up a group chat for all of the mods in your community so you can chat between yourselves easily (theres a dm feature built into lemmy but as far as I know its just for two people). Ive been setting up mine on matrix but you can chat to see what you prefer

A game jam for the fediverse community from July 14th to July 23rd! Anyone is welcome to join and all of the main communication about the jam will be taking place within the fediverse Open sourcing games you make for it is recommended so people in the community can learn from what you did. Youll also be able to show off your game around the fediverse communities while the jams running and after it ends More information can be found in the linked jam page as well as the button to hit to sign up Hope you enjoy! :) [Team finder thread](

Fediverse Game Jam
cross-posted from: > Hello everyone! The idea of a game jam got thrown out in one of the threads in the godot community and I wanted to throw out the question here to gauge how many people would be interested in having one run! > > If so, some things that would need to be determined are when to run it and for how long should it running for. In addition there was the idea of having it be about making tutorial projects to show off what game engines can do and how to do things in them (referring to Godot but can be generalized to all of them). Or we can instead just run a standard game jam and possibly have that as an optional diversifier if people want > > For those who don't know what a game jam is its an event where you make a game in a small period of time (2 days, 3 days, 2 weeks, etc. depending on the jam) > > Feel free to comment below to give some input on how the jam should be run if you're interested or upvote to show interest in the idea! If enough people are ill set up a jam page
fedilink Community Showcase!
I wanted to take a bit to highlight some communities in the instance that people might be interested in! - [Programming](/c/ - A general purpose programming community - [Programmer Humor](/c/ - A community for sharing memes, jokes, etc. about programming - [Experienced Devs](/c/ - A place for experienced developers to talk - [Learn Programming](/c/ - A community for people who want to learn how to program - [No Stupid Questions](/c/ - A place to ask any programming related questions you want! - [Ask Experienced Devs](/c/ - A community to ask experienced developers any questions you may have for them Theres also many other communities in the instance you can check out. On web you can navigate to them from the communities button up top Hope you enjoy the instance!