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Idk who that is, this is from a Russian blog.

I’ll take smaller over shitty big platforms and their shitty ads and apps and data mining.

You should also run every piece of clothing and bedding you own through the dryer, and inspect your mattress seams, and get bedbug mattress encasements.

I had them about a year ago. I’ve never been the same either. A tiny black speck on the floor that is from my socks, or a fruit fly, can send me into hysteria.

The best thing you can spend money on IMO is a bedbug proof mattress encasement and those interception cups for the legs of your bed. Nobody will ever regret doing that. It can happen to anyone, right now Paris is rife with bedbugs.


YouTube just annoys me lately because the search function is so shitty. I go looking for videos of drag queens and they try and get me to watch Madonna videos.

All right I’ll try. What the hell.

Do people in those states just have nothing better to do? Like get a hobby and stop thinking about other people’s sex lives.

Agreed but I always go because I think it’s rude not to. I saw a great one recently though.

That’s another thing that really needs to change. I would go to so many more shows if they started earlier!

Idk I just recently saw Nick Cave and Jason Isbell both at Massey Hall and were seated for both shows and it was a very energetic audience.

Beautiful Anonymous! One hour phone call with a stranger and the funniest most empathetic host ever, Chris Gethard.

Omigod I wish you had backed up to Dreamwidth. That’s horrific!

Lolol I live in Canada. I have never heard of that. Sidney, BC, population 11,000.

I’m not sure, I left both Reddit and Shitter.

This is a question of mine as well. It’s hot as balls.

Sure, I use Attapoll, Leger Opinion (LEO), and Survey Spin. Qmee is the best of the bunch though.

Time wise, I just do it when I have my hands free, like when I’m on the bus to work or in front of the TV or whatever. If I peg away on it I can make 10-15 a day, which obviously isn’t much, but like I put it towards Amazon gift card balance and then I can afford some nice Christmas presents. I’ve bought myself a ton of stuff too. It’s my mad money. I’m not saying it’s not tedious, but it’s been a nice little boost, I’ve even bought two winter coats and a raincoat with the money.

I also recommend the site respondent.io. I have made some nice cash on there.

There’s other stuff like Clickworker, Appen, Mturk, and Prolific.co which are worth investigating. Prolific is the best earner of all but there is a wait list, and you can’t rush through or be dishonest or they will permanently ban you. I just like the survey apps because I can do them on the go anywhere.

Oh I forgot, Product tube is a great app where you make videos of yourself shopping for grocery items and they pay you really well. I got 80 bucks for one of those.

Over the last year. I’m not saying I’m rich, but between it and other apps/sites I’ve made about 4K.

Re Zotify, do you have to have a Spotify subscription or am I sailing the high seas? Also does it work for other music streaming platforms?

I use Qmee to make a bit of money on the side. Made 1100 dollars off the app. It’s tedious and low paying but it keeps me in Amazon cash and I don’t doom scroll that way. I’ve managed to buy myself many, many pairs of shoes via survey apps, Qmee is the best one.

Feel sorry for myself?

Idk thankfully I don’t get sick very often, and I attribute that to masking, handwashing, and taking every vaccine the world will provide me with. Most of my sick days are something like back pain.

You’d better give me the insurance because I’m going to beat the hell out of that thing.

During COVID lockdowns when the US border was closed, something like 16,000 Americans attempted to go to Canada and were turned back at the border. This was in the news. So I have no trouble believing this.

I hope you have a wonderful and slightly off kilter night!

I absolutely love the amount of effort you put into this comment mon ami.