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That’s…not how that works at all. They’re to the left of Republicans but that’s akin to saying that Mt Everest’s distance from sea level ain’t shit compared to the moon.

and yet the Democrats are still a right wing party.

Just because we let Republicans pull the Overton Window so far to the right it’s damn near broken doesn’t change the fact that Dems are still right wing.

Biden has accomplished alot of big things actually, they just aren’t culture war issues so Republicans have never heard of any of them.

While everyone wants to constantly cry about it not being Reddit - the fact that people are flocking here hand over fist over the more direct 1 for 1 Reddit clones shows that people do understand that we need to go back to a more decentralized web. Even if this doesn’t hit critical Reddit size mass, there’s enough of us to keep each other company ❤️

Tell me you never actually visited without telling me you never actually visited.

Besides, you all whine about the sub WAY more than that sub whines about anything, and don’t get me started on how infantile drivers get if you provide evidence that “just one more lane, bro” never works.

Cry on, little baby. Cry on.

EDIT: Look at all the people whining that somebody disagrees with them. Downvote harder babayyyyyyy I’ll see you when you kill me by playing on your phone instead of stopping at a red light

And Musk, Spez is basically taking marching orders from him at this point to make it PrOfItAbLe (read: chase off everyone who cares and take $5/mo from people whose only need is to be free to use slurs and organize terrorism)

Whatever you say fam show me the equivalent story to “had myself welded into a tin can piloted by a Logitech controller that I had to fire people until someone agreed it’s safe” from any other culture or color

I’ll wait 😂

Where did you find that? I don’t see it?

EDIT: the “open in app” option I mean

My app force closes when I click the link I can use so ima comment and hope I can look at my comment history when I get home 😂

Agreeing with them being a bitch doesn’t make them less of a bitch.

I wouldn’t say boo if everyone hadn’t been so unanimously Gung ho two weeks ago or whatever, but watching those people falter THE SECOND their power is threatened after talking all that good shit, yeah they “bitched out.”

The #1 red flag to an employer is “I don’t NEED a job.” before my VA pension got bumped to 100%, I was looking for a bs job to keep busy and you could see the switch in their head flip everytime when I’d explain “I’m retired, I’m not scrambling for money I’m looking for a good fit.”

Employers lose their gdamn minds if you aren’t exploitable. They know that means if I schedule time off for a trip or concert, I’m not going to cancel with two days notice to cover some shift. They know it means I’m not going to stand for 3 managers blaming my entry level ass for their mistakes and/or incompetence. It’s garbage and really speaks to the core of capitalism.

I’m 35 now, and I was told recently that not having a Facebook account is a red flag for dating now.

Oh fuckin well, nobody was kicking my door down before I left the site either haha.

It would suck if that happened but I’m happier having deleted my old 15 year like 750k karma main and stripping my new one as we speak. I’ve won enough coin flips to not mind when I Iose one though so whatevs :P

Did anybody else lose the ability to report? I guess that’s why I got a week ban for “report abuse” even though the linked report was agreed with and actioned by Reddit, they’re starting to take down anyone flagging the Christoterroism shit since Spez has allied up with Musk.

I just have a pi 4 running OpenMediaVault with docker and portainer. 😅

The Beehaw thing pissed me off because it was a systemic version of the post I’ve been so fuckin tired of - “Why isn’t this Reddit and when will it become Reddit?”

Really wish the people who want a 1 for 1 walled garden Reddit clone would just Go to one of the 1 for 1 walled garden Reddit clones instead of users demanding devs make it Reddit and server owners defederating from everyone in an attempt to be the winning walled off lemmy server instead of using it as intended.

Thank you! That’s fucking dumb though. Just more of the same I’ve seen everywhere else on Lemmy, “I know this isn’t Reddit or designed to be Reddit and was explicitly designed to NOT be Reddit, but WHY ISN’T IT REDDIT AND WHEN WILL IT BE REDDIT?!”

Seriously, half that post is “While we left a central authority to escape central authority, we will be working until this becomes a central authority to avoid all the things about decentralization that make it decentralized”

Really wish all the people who want a Reddit clone would just…go to one of the Reddit clones.

Strong disagree, ESPECIALLY for this community. Once shareholders are involved I expect r/piracy to be on the chopping block anyway. It’s easy to take a stand as a private entity but once they’re public he’ll get replaced faster than he’s replacing mods to get subs open again if they think he’s aiding and abetting criminal shiz.

My understanding is that a ban would only apply to that community or instance if done by the instance. I’m not 100% on that though.

I think it’s just going to become Reddit because nobody will shut the fuck up about it not being Reddit, if it does I’ll just leave this too lmao. “We came here because there’s no singular central archive NOW MAKE EVERYTHING FEED A CENTRAL ARCHIVE”

Another day another “When will the thing not meant to be Reddit be Reddit” post

I’ve been offloading various services to self hosting for a few years anyway, so moving to a decentralized social media is just a logical progression for me anyway haha. I primarily use a private email host and I have self hosted apps to replace Google Docs and the like along with music/media stuff.

It was my first one, early on as a teen, I’m spitballing numbers because I deleted it but I had it probably like 15 years give or take a few.

I nuked my 15 year 750k karma “main” recently because I ran afoul of a super mod who banned me from like 8 subs in one fell swoop because I talked shit on his favorite game or some dumb shit. IDGAF it’s just the internet I’ll burn my next one too if it feels appropriate (and I probably will now, I just want to find one of those comment scrambler things I’ve read about.)

First off, pro tip, if you commented again because your first was “stuck” with the spinny button, try refreshing and check if it took before you comment again. I have to do that most of the time and it takes and just doesn’t update correctly. @ruud@ruud@lemmy.world is working on it but last I heard he has no idea wtf is up with that lol.

As for the comment itself, the big one is Tildes, but I know of at least two others I don’t recall the names of. One I think is more new and reactionary but Tildes and (I believe) the third have been around for a while. People are flocking here because it’s trending in conversations around alternatives because it’s decentralized. The problem is those people don’t WANT a decentralized service because then it means, well, there’s no central organizational authority (almost like that’s what the word means or something.)

They’re bailing on Reddit because the leadership is spazzing out (so hard to not write spezzing out lol), they’re avoiding Tildes because they think it’s too much like Reddit and whoever built it is equally going to go sideways on everyone, they’re avoiding the others because they don’t have the population yet to be interesting, but then they’re coming here and getting mad that it ISN’T Reddit. They want a 100:100 ratio of control:UX (usability, centrality, aesthetic, etc etc,) to both not be beholden to a central authority while ALSO having everything handfed to them from a single access point, and that’s not how things work.

Centralized systems like Reddit or Google “just work” because all data exists exclusively on their servers under their control. You get a pretty, snappy experience because you get THEIR experience THEY crafted to access THEIR systems. You have VERY limited control, but it “just works” and the super non techy just get the magic scrolling sauce they crave without a clue of how any of it happens. It’s a 10:90 split of control:UX.

Here, There’s no central authority to burn the Earth, and if you don’t like how Instance A is run, you can fire up your own instance and do what the fuck ever you want to on it. You have ultimate control, but that means that all the content and data is scattered across the web, across servers, across the globe. Everyone is doing their own thing, the way they want, controlling access and content the way they want, and no two instances are the same. It’s great for that but you can’t have some big central compilation service without a big central authority hosting and controlling it all from up high. For example, if I run lemmy.yeet, and I don’t like what lemmy.beet is doing, I can stop federating with that instance entirely and our home users will have no access to the other’s instance. It’s a 90:10 split of control:UX.

I appreciate your analogy of traveling to a foreign place, ironically I just typed up a long page using the globe as a lemmy analogy (countries = instances, cities = communities, London exists in like 3 countries, doesn’t mean they’re connected) so it’s quite fitting haha.

As you can see, I’m open to discussing it and I try to help people understand because while I’m techy I get that most people just play on their magic rectangle and never think about it again. It just irks me watching people, in keeping with the analogy, going to India and demanding that they install toilets STAT OR ELSE.

Unless I’m mistaken, you’re overthinking the “import” concept. I do think that your home instance caches info from communities you visit (MAYBE that influences what you see in all but I don’t know really,) but otherwise there’s no “importing” of anything. Otherwise, yeah the passport analogy isn’t far off. You don’t have an account on lemmy.ml, but it recognizes you as a registered user of lemmy.world and you get to interact as normal, you get tagged as @Swoggles@lemmy.world just like your passport says you hail from insert home country here. (I assume lol)

If you visit /c/aww@lemmy.ml for example, you’re connecting to lemmy.ml as @Swoggles@lemmy.world. You’re not bringing that community into lemmy.world, you’re visiting it in lemmy.ml, as someone from lemmy.world (and as mentioned would appear if you comment as @Swoggles@lemmy.world. Because “visiting.”) /c/aww@lemmy.world is just /c/aww on lemmy.world. It has zero at all to do with /c/aww on lemmy.ml, and they have zero at all to do with /c/aww on lemm.ee. All completely independent communities existing on different instances. There’s no connections, no correlations, just somebody made /c/aww on lemmy.world, somebody also made /c/aww on lemmy.ml. They don’t connect or anything. London, France has nothing to do with London, England, and /c/aww@lemmy.world has nothing to do with /c/aww@lemmy.ml.

Won’t this model lead to like, heavy fragmentation of communities?

This is where people get lost coming from Reddit. Lemmy is not Reddit, and it isn’t designed to be Reddit. Lemmy is designed to be a decentralized alternative, which offers far greater control at the cost of UX (usability, cohesiveness, whatever.) There aren’t “single” communities, because that isn’t what this is for. Decentralization is the point. Being able to (as one user put it) “make my own /c/aww with blackjack and hookers” is the point. That I can spin up a Docker container on my pi and build my own single user Lemmy instance as a home base, is the point.

It isn’t meant or designed to provide a single central point of compilation, it’s existence is for the exact opposite - Nobody has ultimate control because any one instance owner’s power only extends so far as their server. The fragmentation everybody laments coming from Reddit actually provides redundancy, have you ever had a sub you like on Reddit get shut down for this that or the other reason? That’s it, it’s gone, sucks to suck. If you want more /c/aww, you CAN follow every /c/aww you can find - /c/aww@lemmy.world, /c/aww@lemmy.ml, /c/aww@lemm.ee, etc can ALL be in your sub feed. However, if @ruud (the owner of lemmy.world) decides he fucking hates adorable animals and nukes /c/aww@lemmy.world, you still have /c/aww on every other instance available.

This is the point that makes me mad about other Reddit exiles (not you.) They came to lemmy to leave a central authority, and got mad that there isn’t a central authority. I try to point out that more 1 for 1 Reddit clones exist, but they get mad because that’s “not what they want.” Control and ease of use(the smooth singular experience of Reddit, Google, etc) are diametrically opposed. Either everything “just works” because everything is owned by and exists on Reddit servers, or you have to put in a little leg work to have control over your data etc because having control means I can get mad at lemmy.ml and block my server from federating with them, or I can tinker with the code and someone else’s client doesn’t understand what it’s seeing, or any other number of things that can occur with the backend being in our hands vs a singular entity like a company. You just…can’t have both, but Reddit exiles are mad about that. They want total decentralization of infrastructure and ownership, but want centralization of content, which just isn’t possible without that single central pillar running the show (some people argue for communities that exist to scrape and clone every copy of a given /c/ across the fediverse to create a “supercommunity” but that just sounds like stealing with extra steps to me lol.)

“Yea I get that they’re different servers with different communities on a platform with no central authority…but what if every /c/aww got fed into a single community by a central authority?”

Some of them are like “No not like that just a single community that scrapes every other instance of the community to pull it all and feed it all through the one compilation community” Sooooooo…stealing? lol

That’s why I’m so frustrated about it “WTF Why isn’t this Reddit”


I see alot of people using an email analogy that people don’t seem to follow, I saw another analogy so I’ll give it a go (and probably butcher it haha.)

You have the planet, right? “Lemmy” as a concept, the “Fediverse” is the planet. Then, you have countries. Large, all encompassing central entities, each with it’s own ruling government and systems. What you can get away with in Ireland, might not be legal in Turkey. Instances (or servers) like lemmy.world, lemmy.ml, etc are the “countries.” Each can have it’s own standards, practices, rules, etc. Then the communities are like cities in those countries, beholden to the larger entity but otherwise allowed to run themselves and do what they do.

For your last question, let’s look at those communities (cities, per our analogy.) Say I live in Franklin, Maine. Around town, if you’re talking about home you don’t say Franklin, Maine all the time do you? It’s just Franklin, because if you’re in Maine (or your home country if not US) it’s presumed you’re talking about the Franklin that you’re in (or the Franklin down the road if you live two cities over.)

There’s still a Franklin in Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, and like 40 other states. ^(Thanks wiki :P) So if I wanted to talk about or visit one of THOSE Franklins, I would specify Franklin, Idaho, or Franklin, Illinois. That’s the “Fediverse.”

(Pretend for a minute we are in a community /c/puppies for this bit so it’s less confusing) This group, for us, is just /c/puppies because it’s our local /c/puppies, just as I from your perspective am just @CannaVet because we are both in our home “country” of lemmy.world (the instance/server.) If you look at one of the replies to the comment you replied to, you will see someone as @JakeBacon@lemm.ee. He is visiting our “country” of lemmy.world, from his home “country” of lemm.ee. Over in the “country” of lemm.ee, they may also have a community (city) of /c/puppies which is notated as such to HIM because it’s local to his home country just as ours is to us - but for us to visit would be “traveling” so we would visit /c/puppies@lemm.ee because we’re leaving home and visiting another country. For him to come here he has to come to /c/puppies@lemmy.world because HE would be the “traveler.”

Same with users, I’m just @CannaVet and you’re just @Swoggles because we’re “at home” on lemmy.world, but if we click around and are perusing a community on lemmy.ml we would show as @CannaVet@lemmy.world and @Swoggles@lemmy.world because we’re “traveling.” There may be a @Cannavet@lemmy.ml, but on lemmy.ml they would just be @CannaVet and I would be @CannaVet@lemmy.world, because I’m visiting their “country.” If they come here I’m @CannaVet and they’re @CannaVet@lemmy.ml.

We’re different users, with different accounts, on different servers, completely unrelated. Communities work the same way - I may run /c/stuff@lemmy.world however I want, but somebody might be running /c/stuff@lemmy.ml completely differently with completely different rules and content entirely over on that instance.

As for exploring different instances, you can go most anywhere you want (mostly, my understanding is instances can block other instances from access, but I’m not super in the know about that.) Using the “all” button in search and browsing will open you up to other instance’s content vs the “local” button that keeps you in your “home country.”

I don’t understand entirely how to link out to other instances, but if you click a link and end up logged out on a different server, you can manually visit by adding the community to the end of your URL like so-


This will keep you on lemmy.world and ensure you’re “just visiting” where you’re trying to go. Once everyone has a better grasp this shouldn’t be a problem but I’ve run into this issue a few times.

Cliffs Notes-

Instances (lemmy.ml, lemmy.ml, lemm.ee, etc) are top level “countries” and run things as they see fit

Communities (/c/puppies, /c/lemmy.world, etc) are “cities” bound by instance administration and can exist on multiple instances completely independently of eachother, like how London, England exists independently of London, France.

If you run into trouble visiting communities on other instances, manually navigate with lemmy.world/c/commname@instance.url (or lemmy.ml/c/commname.url if you’re registered on lemmy.ml, etc etc.)

Sorry for the wall, hope it’s at all helpful lol.

Lemmy.world has a little guide. I totally understand there being a learning curve, I’m IT so don’t have much trouble but I get that people are flocking from “just works” land and most people have zero idea how any tech works.

My problem isn’t people struggling to learn how this different system works, my problem is people who come HERE instead of one of the available more direct Reddit clones then refusing to learn how this system works, bitching that it isn’t Reddit, and start harping that the devs need to make it Reddit. If you just want New Reddit, that option is available. A couple, in fact. Lemmy got some buzz though and people want to be cool kids, instead of picking the more suitable option for them. Shit’s frustrating to me as a user, and I feel for the devs who have been working on this specific vision for this project then just wake up to 1,000 “MAKE IT REDDIT I WANT EVERYTHING ON ONE INSTANCE CAUSE I’M USED TO IT” posts.

Rant aside, I’m no Lemmy expert but if you have questions about how things work, I’ll do my best to help.

Alongside that more reasonable point of individual features, alot of people are mad that the service is instance based and are angry that that there isn’t a single iteration of communities, IE only one /c/aww or /c/vets or whatever.

Basically they fled a central organizational authority and got mad there’s no central organizational authority.

Reddit refugees be like “Why isn’t this Reddit and when will the devs LiStEn To ThIeR uSeRs AnD mAkE iT rEdDiT”

I’ve heard it runs real nice on pi in a docker container. If you’re just using it as a private instance you wouldn’t have to worry about scaling.

I think I have the syntax right on this, but I've spun up a new community for US veterans on lemmy.world! Hope to see you all there so we can get social and help lift eachother up! [This should link properly](/c/veterans@lemmy.world)