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In many cases, yes.

But they are still better than most of the world, not that the bar is that high.

The data doesn’t lie. But the analyst that studied the data does.

I swear statistics was one of, if not the most confusing class I ever took.

That is an abomination. I will probably use it in a not-so-distant future.

And people bash Javascript as if it was the devil when thinks like this exist on other languages.

If your daughter was doxxed, can’t you file a criminal complaint directly with the police? At least where I live, it would be grounds for a criminal investigation.

Indeed they are. Saved me many headaches, and made me embarrassed of my own stupidity countless times.

I see your programming socks and raise you my rubber duck!

An AGI with virtually no restrictions and an extensive knowledge of all information humanity has ever gathered?

Make a computer that governs the world fairly and for the people, cause God knows we can’t.

Windows startup repair did unbrick my system a couple of times, and the network troubleshooter fixes the issues most of the time, so yes they have.

Not a lot of money, but enough for him to call it a full time job.

I don’t know where they live, but in my country, they would be rich. Most people make less than 12k per year.

That is the third branch to the right: Does God fear you?

I was very confused, as I had heard of the Latin sanctorum meaning “holy” before.

It has a comedic value to attribute something rather opposite to the true meaning of the word, but mostly confusing.

And equally, Google is yet to use the big guns they have. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Google with a passion, but they have way too much power over the internet for us to leave even a dent on their plans.

Stack them on top of a pole. Then give the bottom piece a slight nudge.

Amazing what a team of passionate people can do when they work on things they like to work on, instead of a soulless corporation cash grab.

I find it funny that bigots complain about the pronouns people like to be addressed by and then there’s languages like my native one, where anything and everything is gendered. Even a fucking table has a gender, it’s not going to be a handful of pronouns that’s going to kill you.

Given Web 3 was a shithole of a collective delusion, maybe don’t.

I guess they place it in the installer to make it easier to update? Note, I never used Brave in my life, so I don’t really know how it works.

The point I’m making is that it’s not like Brave installed the VPN in secret, hidden away to it’s own devices. The code is there and a service is installed, sure, but it’s dormant until the user activates it.

Firefox also installs telemetry and data reporting functions like most browsers, also libraries like libwebp, which are prone to critical vulnerabilities (as seen), encryption systems like Encrypted Client Hello, and software like Pocket, which some users never use, but it’s still there.

Any browser will install many features that probably won’t be used. Saying that a browser that installs a feature like Tor or VPN (which aren’t even hidden, Brave publicly present those features) is automatically bad doesn’t sound reasonable to me.

You know Firefox installs a bunch of stuff by default as well, right?

Someone could have hidden something malicious within your ideas, better create a whole new conceptual system.

No. It’s up to the browser (and even above it, the user) how the data is displayed.

In order to delete an element or replace it based on a list, you definitely need JS. You have no other way to access the DOM.

Without JS, you wouldn’t have ad blockers and youtube could just bake their ads on the videos themselves while streaming them. Thinking about it, I don’t think it’s off the table for them.

Yes, I also realised that a while after posting my comment. Corporativism is a plague that turns everything into a shittier version of itself.

I’ve seen a lot of native applications run way worse compared to their electron alternatives. The problem is most devs don’t give a shit about code optimization.

What a terrible day to be able to read.

Well, given the C projects I’ve worked on take hours just to compile, I think I can cut some slack for any IDE for being slow. Though I haven’t used CLion a lot so I can’t really speak from experience about it. Though VSCode is fast enough most of the times, and it usually only gets slower with nested macro fuckery and/or external library headers.

Playing the devil’s advocate here, even IDEs like Visual Studio and IntelliJ have multiple times crashed on me or taken ages to update a single line on intellisense. C++ is simply a language where a dynamic LSP is everything but easy to make.

I don’t think so, that’d be straight up impossible unless you’re behind a VPN. Your ISP can see every connection made between you and any other server, but a VPN uses encrypted payloads between their servers and you, and they make the requests using their servers, and pass the results to you. That way, your ISP only sees that you’re using a VPN, but can’t see anything else.

As far as I understand it, ECH uses DoH (DNS Over HTTPS) to encrypt the domain name of your connections, but a direct IP address is always required, and most of the times, it’s enough to determine the website, as the ISPs can locate just about anything easily. However, the ISP won’t be able to (easily) know anything else about the connection, which remains unbroken between you and the server you’re connecting with.

But still a very good feature nonetheless.

Now we just need to invent a way to read the Void of Nothingness to retrieve the data and bam! Infinite storage.

They test anything on everything because they can, not too surprising.

To be fair, at the time games were made to target a single system, not a myriad of them.

He made a rainbow and made light go straight. It’s a sign that humanity should learn something for once and stop genociding everything they don’t like.

I’ve seen it, and it looks quite nice. Might give it a try if I ever get into game making. But some project that want to harness the full power of systems like Lumen, Niagara, Megascans, etc, don’t have much of an alternative.

Unfortunately, for some projects, there just aren’t as many options available right now, at least none that I know of.

It’s a time where you die for a few hours and wake up again if you’re lucky.