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I have an installer for Opera 12.18, the last one to use their Presto engine. Every once in a while I test it out to see how it has aged.

It’s not pretty haha. It barely works.

I can’t believe Microsoft is still using this piece of crap filesystem. If they had a CoW filesystem they could even paper over the mess that is Windows Update without having to actually fix it, they could save petabytes of storage over the world and significantly improve reliability all in one go. Let’s not even mention how NTFS is amazingly slow on hard drives, manages to fragment to hell and back without doing anything, requires offline repairs like it was FAT32 and its compression barely does anything while massively slowing down the computer.

Yet here I am envying btrfs, APFS, ZFS and even fucking XFS for their reflinks and CoW.

In fact, not even WSL uses a modern FS, I think Microsoft is allergic to modern FSs.

Ever since Pascal, Gaming laptops have been acceptable. Before that mobile GPUs were abominations that performed horribly and got insanely hot. It’s still a bummer that the CPU/GPU are soldered down.

I would say that it’s extremely unlikely.

Websites in general are never limited by raw code execution, they are mostly limited by IO. Be that disk IO as files are read and written, database IO as you need to execute complex queries to gather all the data to build the user timeline, and network IO to transfer data to and from the user. For decentralized social media like Kbin or Lemmy its even more IO limited as each instance needs to go back and forth to other instances to keep up-to-date data.

Websites usually benefit much more from caching and in-memory databases to keep frequently used data in fast storage.

This is why simple, high level, object oriented, garbage collected languages have become so common. All the CPU performance penalties they incur don’t actually affect the website performance.

This is why subreddits shouldn’t close permanently. I wonder if its possible to leave subreddits in read-only mode? to allow anyone to find all the incredibly valuable information.