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Maybe it depends on who you ask or where you are. Maybe a US vs EU thing? I never was a professional Musician, but when I started reading about creating/composing music for Video Games I learned that many professional Studios run on Windows because of proprietary standards and software. that is not available for Apple (and Linux)

Really? last time I checked Windows was the dominant player in professional music production but I guess trends can change very quickly.

So there is no real reason preventing Linux to become the domint system at any time.

Maybe it’s a thing about analogies that they don’t need to be 100% accurate. So I guess it’s ok 😄

If we talking about the complete structure of the fediverse changing to connect to a single service (like abandoning Activity Pup and instead using a closed protocol that is controlled only by one company), then definitely Yes that is the worst idea even.

But since many fediverse services will simply not be able to use Blue Sky’s protocol, because it is designed for a very limited use case, I don’t even see why should talk about this.

However if Blue sky would adapt to the fediverse. It would only be a win for us. If they decide to not play by the rules they will be band. Fediverse is very robust and we don’t need to be afraid of anything as long as we stick too our basic principles.

I think that is a very bad analogy, because all of those are browsers that (historically) had all their different underlying engine but basically everything made the same. It was the same functionality implement 3 times.

With AP, AT and whatever X uses, it’s a completely different mechanism.

So it’s more like an Single Player Game, and Online Shooter and an MMO. In the end everything is a game but the way they are built and functioning is completely different.

To be fair this is not a Reddit thing and it can be found in the fediverse too. I can remember some of such situations where a person just posted wrong stuff but in a very confident way. I was able to prove him wrong later but nobody cared anymore.

Wait… there is a different C than C#?

Plus: if you are that dependent on you followers maybe it’s a good idea to be self hosted or at least choose a reliable instance.

In general I would recommend any Debian derivate for beginners that just don’t care about how their computer is operating. So if this is really just a question regarding eight Fedora or Linux Mint then I would say Linux Mint because it’s a Debian derivative.

That’s simply because chances are high stat you will at least find a Deb package for any proprietary software you might want to use. Making it “easier” for the user.

If you install the system for your friend you’re free to change the Desctop environment to everything you want.

This is a reference to an original star war movie poster, if you wonder why it looks familiar.

Well obviously… But as a German I must say there is no possibly to use PeerTube in any legally save way in Germany.

That is not the fault of PeerTube of course it’s the fault of copyright mafia and German politics. Since PeerTube uses P2P to distribute load among all (which is extremely clever and should definitely not change), German law makes you responsible for anything you upload even if it’s in a P2P manner. So if you just accidentally clicked on a video containing Copyright protected Material or illegal content, you are seen as contributor of this content with all consequences.

So imagine going to jail because you clicked the wrong video… This is as stupid as it sounds and needs to change. Sadly German public is not carrying about this enough. I hope PeerTube will become more popular one day so that people are confronted to this insane law more frequently.

This weird type of humor is something the fediverse still has to learn

From what I read technically “Android” is used as the most popular smartphone OS in China. But that’s only because android is the foundation of costume Chinese OS that comes without any google services (nice) but is also highly restricted against side loading. Of course like always ways should exist to workaround those restrictions.

But to be honest getting information about all the restrictions people in china need to suffer from getting harder l with every day since they get encapsulated more and more.

I don’t know if this was just a joke or you really mean it that way.

I would partially agree that there are a lot of similarities between Mao and Trump, but current situation in USA is nowhere near current situation in china.

I’m quite sure they will only allow this in EU (and maybe USA). If they do allow this in China, Regime will most probably ban every alternative app Store… if this is not already banned.

Thought and prayers to the people of china. I feel like they lost everything in 1989. Still hope they find the strength to get rid of this depressing system.

Because usability. If you have the files down down1 down2 downxyz and download and the user only knows that it was “something with down” it’s best to show the user everything matching “down*” and let the user decide what’s the correct one.

Also I’m not sure but wouldn’t your expression show everything if only one character would be entered?

And again I don’t see this solving anything if the entered string actually contains other characters then what’s in the file (D != d)

Yes one could argue that some form of advanced algorithm or even AI could be used to identify such use case like download and Download but this is programming Humor, not linguisic Humor.

down matches down* because * also includes empty string. Also download matches down*

D matches D* but d is not matching D* because D is a different character than d.

Sorry, down is a substring of download I don’t get your point either?

I don’t get it… “D” is a complete different character than “d” is.

It’s like wondering why “file1” is not opened when I typed in “file2”.

IDK I thought sandboxing is also something that comes with Flatpak, so security concernes could be a reason to use Flatpak as well.

Loading in memory and rendering are different things. Of course it needs to be rendered twice but also you cut resolution in half so rendered both screens is not that much more of work.

What could split screen bring that it will not work with the S memory? Because one object will not take up twice the space just because split screen. The texture of it will (hopefully) only loaded once for both screens.

What can change is the total amount of objects that are loaded into memory since the players can now be simultaneously on two different places.

So as a Developer you will need to find a way to get around this. Maybe by reducing the textures of the objects even more, so that you can load more of them in the same space. Or maybe by remove non essential object from the scene at all so that by default less object needed to be loaded. Also the screen is now half the size so maybe limit the field of view more to start loading in objects a little later.

What ever they decide to do, this will require additional steps that are only needed because MS want’s the game to be optimised for the series S.

From a Developer perspective I could understand if they maybe decide to ditch the Xbox release completely because of this additional workload needed.

Plus: if removing background objects from the scene in order to save memory is something that needs to be consistent on both S and X version because of MS policy, you will get “less graphics” on the X then what would be possible, just because the S exist… What completely undermines the complete existence of the X.

And of course non of this is just because split screen. This will most likely be true for every game on Xbox. It’s just that for most games it’s enough to cut resolution down for the S and leave the rest as it is.

Don’t want to sound arrogant, but most people here (including OP and the writers of the article) don’t seam to know much about video game development.

Because statements like “… Isn’t about graphics or frame rate; it’s memory” don’t make sense at all.

Because if you fast memory is to small you would either more often read from a slower memory which results in less frame rate or you would need to make the stuff that fill up your memory (most often textures) smaller (lower resolution) which “reduces graphics”

The article says something more business politics related: “Microsoft requires all games to run, feature-complete and without changes in quality or mechanics” on both Versions S and X. I’m not really believe this to be true because this would make the existence of more powerful X version completely pointless. However what I think can be the case is that Microsoft QA is forcing the studio to adapt the game for the series S before it could be published. This needs time. Since there is no low spec version for the PS5 there is no need for additional adaptations.

Big Part of my daily business is explaining people what they should code… People aren’t reliable as well.

I’m sure in a few years from now nobody will code anymore and you will just tell the AI what you want to see implemented.

Same as nobody writes actual machine code anymore and everyone only uses higher languages.

I cannot explain the exact details but I remember during the first great Twitter exodus some people discovered a drawback in the ActivityPup protocol that seems to cause performance issues when very influencial users post on a small/under powered instance.

Because communicating all that stuff to many other instances is more costly than spreading it only to people on the same instance. So technically speaking large instances have a performance advantage and must just scale accordingly to the user number.

Everyone agreed that this need to change in oder to ensure a healthy federated ecosystem but I don’t think it was be fixed by now.

Actually, I don’t think there is a technology some could recommend that will magically boost your career. Because this will highly depends on what will be required in upcoming projects and no one can know this. So just go with whatever you want and what your interested in.

However, one skill that many technical people are missing is the ability to communicate with other people outside of their own skill spectrum. In my eyes this is the most important thing if we talking about career, because in the end the money never comes from technology it comes from humans and in many cases non technical people decide about you promotion.

So I don’t think there is a blueprint for learning such skills, but I guess best thing to do would learning by doing. Go start communicating more with people outside of a technology bubble, try to organize events with other people or maybe even get politically active. Learn to know when people know what you are talking about and when not. Good example would be the use of the abbreviation LOE in your original comment. People seam not to understand what this actually should mean. Here it doesn’t hurt much but doing this stuff to often when explaining a concept to a college maybe end up in false Implementation because of misalignment.

I don’t know anything about your job or the company your working at, but just reassigning you to another team without any previous conversation or asking you how you would feel about that shows a really bad management. A no go if you ask me.

I assume she was excited about all the cool stuff you could make with it and found out it was actually just a cake… Would be disappointed too.

The oldest joke in programming history
A women sent her kid that was into programming to the grocery store and told it: "Please buy 1 bottle of milk if they have eggs buy 2" The kid returned with just 2 bottles of milk. When it's mom ask why it bought 2 bottles of milk, the kid said: "Because they had eggs" ... Was the kid right?

Arguing about how one language is superior to another and the never ending tabs vs spaces discussion is a very important part of dev culture.

I didn’t saw this comment at first so I deleted my comment :)