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I remember pretty well using TurboPascal 3.0 on my Amstrad CPC6128, Z80 and 128K RAM, and CPM+

Lacey Chabert 😊 Candace Cameron 😊

No, if your motherboard/BIOS/ACPI/CPU does not support S3, linux will not magically implement it. This has nothing to do with Windows.

Good luck if you can, on some new motherboards you cannot disable S0x in the BIOS and cannot enable S3 as it does not exist anymore.

You can only use this “S0 idle” which is like your cellphone sleeping, meaning everything runs and/or is somewhat disabled in background. Instead of the BIOS disabling things, it’s the OS and the applications and drivers that have to take steps to go sleeping but it’s way from perfect and takes power anyway.

Problem is with laptop. A laptop in S3 (suspend to RAM) can last a few days, a laptop in S0 idle will last a few hours.

Using un*x since the 90s, this is all I know. I like awk but it can go fucking complicated, I once maintain a 5000 lines script that was parsing csv to generate JavaScript…

PapamoussetoMemes@lemmy.mldata loss

ah tabarnak…

The lady in red, she’s dancing with me :)

Title bullshit, we have multicore machine for years, I can guarantee you this had about no impact else people running Xeon or Threadripper would have saw it at first try 15 years ago.

This looks like to have an impact on the scheduler but not on how many cores are used.

Yes, both are well known and (even if sometimes some people says they have lemons, for both bands) pretty solid, mine is 14 months old and runs 8h/day as my work PC

I still have my HP Mini311, it has a 11.6" screen, 1366x768, discrete GPU, can decode 1080p in hardware and output on tv via HDMI. In 2009 it was a beast!

I changed the 2.4bg with a 2.4/5n wifi, upgraded to 3GB of ddr3 ram, SSD, overclocked to 2GHz, and installed MX Linux on it, works perfect.

yup, good old “rsync -av --delete source destination”

I always had chance installing Linux on Dell Latitude laptops. MX Linux works flawlessly, everything.

I’m using lcdproc on a 20x4 characters display, it’s enough to see cpu, load, mem, Network, etc

Launch top? Quick glance, type ‘q’, then kill

I agree, a good old rsync will do the job.

You can do a “rsync -avn source destination” to see what will be done, and when you’re confident just remove the “n”. I also add the “–delete” option when I want to cleanup the destination drive.

BTW, it depends if you have FDE (Full disk Ecryption) or only your /home partition. Having FDE you have no choice to enter a password at boot (initramfs) to decrypt / and putting it in TPM2 may have unsecure problem.

If you only have your /home partition encrypted, then you can use one password to decrypt it and autologin.

I have MX Linux setup with LUKS/btrfs and it was asking password on boot, so I put my key in TPM and modified /etc/crypttab to retrieve it, at least I don’t have to enter it at any boot, but yeah it decrypts automatically, like Windows Bitlocker in fact, it still asks my user password login (my choice, no auto login here), but at boot you can break grub and have a root shell it you know how.

Other way is to put the luks key on a USB drive, when you leave home with your computer shutdown, take the USB key with you and that’s it.

I dual boot windows/Linux on the nvme, another SSD is NTFS because there’s doc, pictures, mp3, etc that I can access from both OS. All NTFS are using bitlocker.

Btrfs works pretty well, it is mature, I’ll test an external SSD using luks/btrfs to backup my system.

IIRC in MX Linux, you can create USB bootable snapshot of your system, so a full setup copy of your system, in case of hard crash.

I installed (well, compiled) Btrfs Assistant, it integrates with snapper and btrfs maintenance, I had to create cron jobs for monthly/daily by hand, but the GUI is pretty nice.

For years I used ext4 and backuped on an external HD/SSD using rsync.

For a couple of months now I redid a test setup with btrfs (and luks), I have a root, home, var, swap subvolumes. I’m using Timeshift for backup, I think I need to format a new external SSD as btrfs too to backup the snapshot.

Same, I have MX (Debian based) and have 100% native and 0% flatpak… Old grumpy bearded guy

I enabled a OpenVPN server on my router and my laptop and phone are always connected to it

Nope, I’ll never use flatpak, appImage, snap, things like this.

If there’s no .deb to install, I try to compile it myself.

if your CPU is at 100%, running “top” will show you what’s taking CPU time

Putin, because USA and Europe will now send help ($$$ and weapons etc) to Israël, instead of Ukraine.

Yes, when I read the title of this post, I thought that Putin was behind that, and he certainly is

While my VGA card from 1990 had the 15 pin connector, still present on 2023 monitors