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Those subscribers were notified in July about the change. This is just a story about it taking effect in a few weeks.

Love the Heart Runner system in Denmark and Sweden. Wish the US had something like that.


The US has not set up a system that compensates properly. Most European countries have a security net in place when capitalism squeezes regular people. The US does not. You’re on your own.

Danish citizens and most Europeans get a lot for their tax money and fees. Not least peace of mind and a well-functioning society that actually makes it possible to live and not just survive.

I know it’s easy to complain, but as someone who lived in the US, I’d be thrilled to live in such a society. I don’t have any more money left over for myself even with the slightly lower taxes. I just have to pay out of pocket for everything.

While I don’t think any just society should allow anyone to be a billionaire, at least Bill Gates is giving away a lot of his wealth.


Yeah, that’s what the article is talking about. That feeling of being less well off.

But even accounting for inflation, the average American is actually better off than ever, also while Biden’s been in office.

Trump is not the candidate of change. Everyone knows him and knows what he stands for. And he’s been rejected many times.

The Republicans are not going to have to lie about how little he’s done to help the poor and middle class.

It’s just a feeling you have. The average American is actually better off than ever. If you’re not better off than ever, you’re probably just not the average American.


So, you complain about Trump and then you proceed to elect your own Trump. What’s up with that, Netherlands?

No single sentence is wrong, but overall it sounds unnatural and has none of the “flavor” of the language.

I’ve also found that it’s often contextually wrong. Like it doesn’t know what’s going on around it or how to interpret the previous paragraph or even the previous sentence, let alone the sentence two pages back that was actually relevant to the sentence it’s now working on.

That so many people feel the need to force other well-functioning people under their own religious or non-religious moral code.

Imo, there used to be a few reasonable individual Republican candidates here and there. But now they litmus test into these insane issues and they don’t adapt when things change in society. They just dig in their heels and start mud-slinging. I’m not even bothering with them anymore.

In 2016, I was an Independent. Straight down the middle. Would consider reasonable Democrats, Republicans, and 3rd party candidates.

In 2020, I was an Independent leaning Democratic. Would not consider Trump. Biden was locked in. Would hesitantly consider reasonable Republicans or Independents on a split ticket.

In 2024, I’m a Democrat. Will only consider Democrats up and down the ballot. No 3rd parties.

Pro-gun Americans love to use Switzerland as an example of how firearms should not be restricted in any way and mental health is the one and only culprit of mass shootings. I hope a lot of them read this.

Is there such a thing in the US?


  1. Whatever the heck I want, because “ma freedom”
  2. Police officer’s hand signs
  3. Traffic lights
  4. Signs on a pole
  5. Signs painted on the road

In the US, easy access to modern weapons mixed with increasing mental health issues is a toxic combo.

It’s Netanyahu speaking directly in a video. Not being interpreted or analysed by the outlet.

It’s really just a video of Netanyahu saying the words himself. It’s not interpreted or analysed by the website. Don’t see how that can be very biased.

Netanyahu declares holy war against Gaza, citing the Bible
Even though Netanyahu is Jewish, he knows using (and in this case abusing) the Christian bible is a good way to keep support going among US evangelicals and the new Speaker of the House.

Medicaid is the correct answer. Surprised more people aren’t mentioning it. It’s specifically in place to cover people with low incomes who often don’t have insurance through an employer.

Medicaid will often cover the cost of child birth for low-income people 100%.

That being said, if you have slightly higher income than allowed to enroll in Medicaid, your only option may be a long-term payment plan and lots of debt that you may carry for the rest of your life. It’s an awful system that really only benefits the strong.

Canada, don’t go down that road.

I have family members like this. Try showing them a picture of galaxies from James Webb and argue that the universe might be more than 6,000 years old…off the rails immediately.

Typically must go through union instead of your supervisor or manager

Major plus in my book.

Crazy how sparsely populated the US is west of Dallas, TX.

I rotate one subscription at a time and binge everything I want to watch and then cancel. Only subscription I have full time is Paramount+ because of their soccer.

Southeast: southern hospitality

Should be “southern hospitality” in quotation marks. Rudest bunch you’ll ever meet unless you are exactly like them.

Not sure about Canada’s HC system, but I do know lots of older Americans who love to complain and gripe about socialism and socialized medicine. All while being on Medicare and loving it.

I hear you on the needlessly gendered words. I also try not to use words like “guys.” Instead, I use words like “everyone” or just “you.” They work just fine in most instances. On rare occasions, I sneak in a “you all.” Same content without the southern sound.

I try actively not to use it, because I associate it with a backward culture.

Only region where both the urban and rural populations are majority blue would be New England.

There are no areas where both urban and rural areas are red.

That’s why Republicans have problems in any state with a large, dominant urban area.

Purple state is more accurate.

I don’t think that’s true anymore. It’s pretty much solidly blue at this point. VA has not voted for a Republican President since 2004 and haven’t had a Republican Senator since 2006.

Worth noting that Virginia is a blue state that took a chance and elected a Republican governor. Don’t take chances.

This guy is obviously not well. I hope he can pull himself out of that hole.

The US has the worst labor market regulation of any Western country. Extremely pathetic.

I moved to get supposed better and warmer weather. Can’t tell you how much I despise summers now. The heat is relentless and I’ll be escaping back to “bad” weather whenever possible.

Search for a community of people with similar interests where you live. E.g. something you like doing for a hobby.

“Americans live to work, Europeans work to live.”

Lemmings who downvote news posts because you disagree with the conclusions, why?
I sometimes post news articles that examine possible problems in society. Some may agree with the author, some may disagree. I often see these posts being downvoted if many disagree with the author. Why do you downvote the post instead of commenting to express your disagreement? As far as I understand, the idea is to upvote the post to spur conversation and comment to express your agreement or disagreement. Or did I misunderstand something?