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This is NOT age verification. It is asking for your real name and ID number, quite typical of many Chinese services for Chinese citizens.

Uninstall it.

This would be perfectly fine with ranked choice voting.

Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have that so that’s the same as an empty vote. You get to take the “moral high ground” while still actively voting to let the country go to the dumps. Great job.

Here’s a fun thing you can do: just stop thinking about stats and make a character you’d like to bang, then just ooga booga it.

Baldur’s Gate 3 may be very daunting at first, even with its genius tooltip system, so I just went straight into it with a Dragonborn barbarian with no real thought put into it other than “he’s hot and totes my new fursona”. You’d be surprised at how far you get and how much you pick up naturally over the next 80 hours of gameplay.

That being said, it’s still not for everyone, as much as it tries to be, and if even Overwatch is too complex for you already, it might just be that the evolving game design in the industry is becoming more misaligned with your tastes, and that gamers are becoming more and more serious about the video games they play.

I’m using a Keychron C1 with Gateron red switches, switched over from my failing Logitech G513 Carbon with Romer G switches. It’s definitely got higher latency (and it is hindering my speed in Tetris), but the typing feel is for sure an upgrade.

Looking into getting a Wooting Lekker keyboard, but I’m bummed there’s no TKL or 75% version.

I personally prefer the sound of the Koss KSC75s paired with the headband from another cheapo pair of headphones, but for some reason my one pair of Porta Pros outlasted all 3 of my KSC75s (one ear keeps going out, probably just need to replace the cable), so now I’m just using the Porta Pro drivers on the cheapo headband.

The Porta Pro headband clamps too tight for me but the cheapo ones are a great fit and it genuinely feels like I’m wearing nothing on my head. It’s amazing for both work and play. Been rocking this setup for at least 5 years now.

I actually really enjoy using Blueprints in Unreal Engine.

It feels like working with modular synths, and can get chaotic very quickly, which is honestly a ton of fun. It also forces you to have to stay organized and comment and format your blocks of code into something readable.

“Land-usage” is such a narrow-minded way to think about the implicit wants and needs of society. You sound like you’ve never been to actual cities, or never got your head far enough out of your arse to actually experience one.

North American suburban sprawl already proves that “enough land for us all to live comfortably” is a terrible way to live sociable lives and drains the economy due to massive swathes of those lands being used for roads and the maintenance of said roads.

I implore you to take a trip to almost any European city, and see for yourself what actual “comfortable living” for most people looks like.

I’m gonna send garbage all over your board with my DT cannon.

I played a Barbarian with the bear aspect (and before that, the gear that granted you double carry capacity), and I still found myself encumbered since I kept looting all the heavy stuff I could sell.

Even after clearing out all the loot, I was still left with a ton of scrolls, potions, poisons, etc. that I was “saving up” for a potentially difficult encounter, all taking up 75% of my carry capacity.

It’s certainly a way to discourage hoarding and encourage you to use those consumables, especially since BG3 has an end, but I wish there’s a better method for it.

I have basically the same take from my years of raiding and leading in ESO (still top Argonian DPS babyyyyyyy), and it has also given me an unparalleled intuition when it comes to game and combat design, which comes in handy since I’m a game developer.

It’s pronounced however the fuck you want to pronounce it.

I like to pronounce it “jif” because gin, gentle, Germany, gypsy. Others like to pronounce it “gif” because gift, good, game, girl.

Don’t pull any bullshit reasons like “it’s not pronounced jraphics”, because if that argument holds any water, JPEG is jay-feg, scuba is scuh-ba, and laser is lah-seer.

The creator calls it “jif” and wants others to call it “jif”. I don’t give a shit; if some people want to call it “gif”, that’s up to them and I’m not stopping them. English is not a prescriptive language; pronunciations will always differ according to origins and regions and accents and generations. I will not misunderstand you if you pronounce it “gif”, and you will not misunderstand me if I say “jif”.

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/53106022/

It’s just a name, so does it really matter? Sometimes people just want to make a good app and sometimes they want to be funny and name it something entirely nonsensical. Maybe you don’t like the name, and that’s okay! I love that name for precisely the same reasons, and it’s just fun to say.

It’s the same reasons why many people on Android swore by other third-party apps like Sync, RIF, Joey, Relay, Boost, etc: they’re all better than the official app, running way faster and with far more features and customization options to make browsing Reddit actually a smooth and fun experience.

The size of grocery stores in the US, coming from Hong Kong. Also, the massive lack of good public transit, urban walkability, and just cars cars cars everywhere.

Jerboa - a bit buggy still, and sometimes posts take a while to load, but its features are fantastic.

Connect - I love this app, and I tried to switch to it, but being unable to disable “swipe to upvote” is a dealbreaker for me.

Liftoff - I just switched to this. It’s very polished and responsive, and accomodates my preferred way of scrolling and interacting with communities.

Lemmotif - pure minimalist doomscrolling. It doesn’t even let you log in to vote, comment, or post. Blazingly fast, and I love it. Uninstalled.

cereal is soup and i will fight anyone on this

I’m actually having the opposite peoblem. Jerboa sometimes refuses to load communities citing java exceptions, and loading up a thread takes a long time. Browsing on PC has been fantastic, on the other hand.

Try freelancing on Upwork or Fiverr; you can set your own terms and instead of a boss-employee relationship, you’ll be in a client-seller relationship.

One issue I am having with Fiverr as a game developer, though, is that it is a buyer-first platform, which means that in order to get buyers coming to you, you’d need good ratings, which come from bending over backwards for buyers. You may get buyers who will do their best to nickel and dime as many revisions from you as possible, which would mean a poor review if you don’t capitulate to their demands. Make sure to set all your rules in stone on your gig page and make sure buyers know all your terms before they order from you, and you’d have a chance of overturning the reviews of any malicious buyers through support. Luckily for me, this is a rare occurrence.