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Funnily enough (not funny actually, considering the war crimes and all), the Old Testament says that the Jews/Isrealites will never get rid of other people living in the area due to not driving them out in their original conquest.

Interesting, I’ve not heard of this shell of ice, and I believe in a young earth. I have heard though of a similar hypothesis based in Genesis 2:5-6 which proposes that it did not rain before Noah’s flood and that plants were kept watered by a heavy mist and/or extremely humid atmosphere. Acoording to this idea, that excess water in the air and ground would’ve been all condensed by God as part of the flood.

I’m not sure I entirely agree with the hypothesis, and I do not believe it is essential biblical knowledge so I don’t concern myself with it, but I have heard it before.

I agree with others, this seems like a flat-earther belief that has gotten mixed with Christianity’s creation story.

I’ve heard of it before while browsing the internet, but not from any Christians I personally know. All the Christians I interact with (myself included) believe in a literal interpretation of the creation but nobe of us believe in a physical firmament. I will note that a single man I know denies the moon landing (for reasons I haven’t bothered to ask) but even he still believes in a spherical earth and heliocentric orbit.

My understanding of Genesis 1:6-8 is that the firmament mentioned is the earth’s sky or atmosphere itself, and not a physical barrier at the edge of the atmosphere. The easiest way to show this would be Genesis 1:20 where birds are described as “flying in the firmament of heaven”. If the firmament was a solid object, birds could not fly in it.

I personally doubt it. If you consider it an addiction then you can compare it to the idea that drug addicts have to take more to get the same high and may even look for more extreme drugs.

I’m worried it would make things worse, but I’m not sure.

I don’t think there is a cutoff.

My 80yo grandfather still pulls out the gamecube to play Mario Kart (and for a long time noone else could beat him). My grandmother before she passed was not really big on video games but would play one specific level of crash bandicoot over and over again.

My 45~yo mother streams minecraft in her free time and is even looking to start up a YouTube channel with more content. Some of her viewers are close to her age and when she was playing more Counter Strike than Minecraft the server she played on had adults of all ages on it.

I’m getting closer to 30 every year and I can’t see myself ever quitting games. If/when I marry I imagine playing games will just be part of family bonding. I may get worse as I age like my grandfather but I doubt I’ll ever stop.

I will point out that Mastodon and Pixelfed are Federated and open source versions of Twitter and Instagram respectively. Although, I do remember seeing something about Pixelfed’s founder stepping away for a while.

You can see a good example of this in the gaming sphere as both Path of Exile and Warframe have entire instances for themselves.

Honestly, it keeps it simpler. The idea of federation and etc can go above the heads of people so it’s probably simpler to just focus on one instance and let the users discover the wider world of federation at their own pace.

Personally though, I would have mentioned Lemmy/Kbin in some capacity.


It’s nice for sure. Even outside of Beehaw I believe that with the smaller overall user base of Lemmy, most communities should be more general until the user base gets much larger.

For example, staying on the topic of video games. There’s a community for factory/automation games which is likely to stay more active than if Factorio, Satisfactory, and others each had their own community. Also, having a community for the subgenre means that small indie games that would normally rarely be discussed have a place.

Came here to suggest vampire survivors. Super cheap game that you can just turn your brain off and play.

Yeah, if I stick with Lemmy (which seems highly likely) I want to put up my own private instance for similar reasons and maybe even invite friends and family that I can talk into it.

I’d consider having a spare account on hand as a backup for if your instance is down for maintenance or something.

Don’t quote me on it but I believe that is a known issue that is being worked on. Infact I thought I saw something about the recent 0.18 version of Lemmy having a fix for that.

I’m new here but if I stick around long enough I’ll probably get up my own server/instance(s) for the various parts of the fediverse I participle in. Mostly because it sounds neat and partially because it would allow other people I know to have a fediverse “home” operated by a familiar face (if the fediverse gets popular among the mainstream).

Right now it’s just Lemmy, but I may eventually participate in Mastodon, Matrix, Peertube, Owncast and.

I’m going to wait first though to see if the Lemmy userbase (and platform) remains healthy and/or grows. Then would come the hard part of setup, I’m familiar with technology, but nowhere near a professional or a hobbyist (unless you count gaming).

Reminds me of a meme (read brilliant idea) I saw where US minimum wage should be tied to average rent in order to start a war between landlords and companies.

What is this line from? I’m not familiar with it.

Out of curiosity. What are the other Reddit clones you’re talking about? I moved here because this is the reddit-like system I found first.

Yeah, that’s the “fun” part. I’m mostly on Jerboa (the Android app) and for some reason the search function doesn’t pick up all the communities. So for some things I’ve had to log on desktop if I wanted to find and subscribe to a community.

While I haven’t played it in a hot second, Dead Cells is one of my favorite rogue-likes and this is very exciting news.

I don’t watch much TV, but I’ll likely watch these since the episodes will be short.