#fullstack #developer
Currently working in MEAN stack. Previously worked with C#.net and MSSQL.

#gamer #gaymer
I love the #monsterhunter series. I’ve been digging #emulators lately to go back and play games I’ve missed.

I like men.

#magicthegathering #pathfinder2e or #anime anyone?

#workout enthusiast
I stick to mostly #bodyweight workouts. Burpees FTW!

#motorcycle lover
My last purchase was a #ninja650

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@goatmeal Hamburger Mary’s is a drag/hamburger joint with a family day on Sundays. Drag queens dressed up like Lucy, etc. serve hamburgers and do family-friendly comedy. Is this for all families? Probably not. But politicians should NOT be able to tell me I can’t take MY kid there. Especially when I can give consent for my child to see a rated-R movie with obscene amounts of gun violence and death. People having their heads blown off is seriously BETTER for a child to see than a man telling jokes in a dress?

@dirtmayor @Antik

There is definitely something satisfying about owning retro consoles and games. But it’s hard and expensive to find them sometimes, so I’ve been going the emulator/ROM route lately. I’ve found SO many amazing games. I’m playing the old Monster Hunter PSP games right now. I even installed Mario 64 for nostalgia, and I’m actually shocked how advanced that game is for its time.

In all seriousness, that stuff is dangerous:

Write your congressperson and urge them to have this dangerous chemical banned!

@followthewhiterabbit glad I could help. Enjoy! And it’s still a good comparison thread.

@followthewhiterabbit I’m not sure if it’s out of your price range, but the whole Arkham Collection (all 3 games) is on sale for $9 right now. It’s definitely worth the extra $4 to get two more games. And they’re all great for different reasons in my opinion.

@odama626 when my brain goes in auto-mode, mine ends up like:

`// opens dialog window

// set dialog config
const config = new DialogWindowConfig({…});

// open window

@QuietStorm not sure if you’re into FPS games, but I’ve sunken obscene amounts of time into Call of Duty Mobile and haven’t paid a dime. It’s free to play, but they advertise micro transactions to you, which are easily ignored. And I’ve played it no problem on a $50 Moto e6.

@TauZero you would use a join so that one call would fetch all comment rows for that post:

`SELECT p.post_id, p.title, p.description, c.text

FROM posts p JOIN comments c ON p.post_id = c.post_id

WHERE p.post_id = 79`

This would return a list of all comments for post 79, along with the post id, title, and description also in every row. This isn’t a perfect example of optimized SQL, and I have no idea if these are the correct table and field names, as I didn’t look them up. But it’s a simple example of joins.