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First - what’s a bookmarklet? :o

I thought I was about to find out the Tasmanian tiger was back. I got lizard instead. Great news.


What I’m saying is - even though it says “shut down”, it’s not doing a real shut down. Yes, you could fully let the battery run dry. But that takes 12 hours and you can’t do it once a day. Plus it ruins your battery’s capacity.

Existing beyond death seems too exploitative for my liking. But also, what do people think about trademarks and patents.

These days, I don’t think phones even turn off completely. Closing to sleeping. And only a portion of background services will stop and restart.

It would be nice to have a list of these to check on in a year time when they feel less like an alpha version.

Your comment has been posted in the wrong thread as I’m sure you’re aware by now. FWIW, this is a known Lemmy bug.

There isn’t a cutoff in my experience. I’ve met more over 40 gamers that are chill to hang out with then under 25s.

I get you. I have no idea why there’s an ad for lemonade here. Putting that aside, I more posted that link for the spirit of it.

Please do not forget there’s a father and 19 year old son onboard. They, the crew, and everyone else do not deserve to die.

The US and India have already gotten closer in recent years due to the formation of the the Quad alliance. I imagine this is to further strengthen diplomatic ties?

Well Google is gutting ad blockers. So maybe there will be an extremely minor exodus yet.

It’s strange to consider the US system of prices and taxes from an Australian perspective. In Australia all prices must be displayed inclusive of any applicable taxes.

I was surprised at the number of non- technology themed episodes.

The Good News Effect
I saw a comment this morning lamenting the imbalance of positive and negative news content that we are given. There are scientific studies ([Negativity drives online news consumption](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41562-023-01538-4)) that show this type of content generates higher engagement. So whether news organisations are aware of their editorial direction or not, the clicks that drive the content they publish push them into this space. I am not suggesting we stop discussing the important serious issues of the day. Though, I will be actively trying to share more positive articles with you all going forward and I encourage you to join me.

You’re right. I’m going to start actively searching out positive stories to post.

Every religious community organisation that I have had first hand personal experience with has been involved in a myriad of verified claims of abuse Including: sexual, financial, and elder. My confidence in these institutions is now nonexistent. And I find myself misidentifying with them completely. I think I am now de facto apathetically agnostic.

Interesting suggestion of btop. How does it compare to htop?

Any mechanical keyboards communities out there?

Don’t get people started on the use of SMS for 2FA…

If you can get anything close to Apollo, you will be able to get at least a decent paying following, including me.

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” - Douglas Adams

Try adding the site to your home screen. It will actually add a progressive web app, which is surprising useful.

`Seventy-seven percent of middle-age Americans (35-54 years old) say they want to return to a time before society was “plugged in,” meaning a time before there was widespread internet and cell phone usage. As told by a new Harris Poll (via Fast Company), 63% of younger folks (18-34 years old) were also keen on returning to a pre-plugged-in world, despite that being a world they largely never had a chance to occupy.`

Sure, let’s hope they have a backup policy in place for best practice. But also it is kinda decentralized anyway. Every dev is going to have their local repo, and that is essentially a backup.

Since it’s on a network share, there’s the extra overhead of managing the file system permissions. And you probably hadn’t received access at the point.

Are you concerned about corruption due to multiple users? Are you using the repo in the intended way? Then it’s fine. Git has locking mechanisms. Pull, work, commit, push.

If you’re looking for an entertaining film based on the true story of an NSA analyst leaking a document around Russia’s interference in US elections, check out Reality (2023).

I consider them reputable and worth reading.