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When two chickens are close, they’ll mourn each other’s death.


When it comes to the capability of chickens’ emotions, it’s known that chickens experience friendship within the flock, experience grief at the loss of a fellow chicken, and chickens can even miss their owners.


There are instances when chickens bond closely and grieve when one of them dies.


Chickens are thought not to understand the permanence of death, and so not to be able to grieve . However, they do display some empathetic awareness of when another chicken is sick or dying.

You wouldn’t believe how quickly I found all that! The other thing is: if you applied that logic to people, it becomes problematic very quickly, and there’s nothing about animals that precludes them from deserving the same hesitancy around those problems.

I think it’s uncontroversial to say having your life taken away constitutes suffering, unless you’re undergoing some extreme torture by staying alive, and causing suffering like that is inhumane. Just saying that you do it humanely doesn’t really change anything tangibly.

Don’t it always seem to go

You try going fast and end up going slow

You don’t realise

You’d be faster on a bike

I remember seeing photos of people’s heads split open like grapes after terrible accidents, and that politician who committed suicide during a speech, but goatse distrurbed me more when I saw it. I think it was because it was sprung on me by my mate.

I got a bag of marbles in a drawstring pouch as a kid and now I keep my coinage in it, have done for at least five years. Sometimes people laugh at my coinpurse, but I’m the one with all my coins in a neat little bag.

I feel like there’s a website I haven’t spent enough time on to understand your comment.

through the living room computer and wakes everybody else up

Are you not switching your computer off at night?

Excsue me, but the only British thing in this comic is the jam, which we certainly don’t call “jelly”, and I suppose the English language.

One of numerous situations in my life where I make myself look like an idiot and no one’s looking anyway.

Here’s my tip to you for doing the back: go somewhere with a big mirror and hang a small mirror opposite, then look into the small mirror to save you from having to hold it and from bamboozling yourself moving the mirror about.

It’s funny, the name Vorbis didn’t ring a bell for me, but seeing Death’s dialogue in uppercase tells me exactly what series it’s from. I’m still sitting at just one book read out the lot and more’s the pity.

I’d never make a joke like this, not because it’s disrespectful or whatever, but because I’d just be outing myself as bad at reading.

I know this is odd, unsolicited advice that may seem a bit braggy, but if you have the problem with them that I suspect you may have, there are websites you can open on your phone that you can use to measure yourself by what size you should be wearing. Game changer for me!

Well, in the real world where normal people live, no, but philosophically, fine yeah. But then if you want to be philosophical I’d go further and call that equivocation between “interesting: piquing my curiosity in a way I like” and “interesting: some remark can be made”, and I don’t find the latter interesting to think about anyway.

It’s very tough to describe people who aren’t interesting in order to tell you why they’re not interesting, now I’ve set about doing it. It’s like describing a colour.

I know this is veering off the course of discussion a bit, but I think I’d prefer to stand in shit with my bare foot than with a shoe on, because it’s much easier to clean off. Unless I haven’t got anything to hand to clean it with and I’ve come to the field wearing shoes.

I basically always write the time as a four-figure number, and verbally refer to 1400 as “two o’clock”, “two in the afternoon” etc. in English but “viertien uur” or “twee uur” in Dutch.

Edit: I used to work in a train station in the UK, and we’d always say train times as (one- or two-figure number)(0 like “o” if it’s there)(one- or two-figure number). So 1400 is fourteen-o-o, 1407 is fourteen-o-seven, 1412 is fourteen twelve, 0502 is five-o-two. Among staff, we’d refer to them just by the minutes, so the o-two, the seventeen, the forty-eight, etc.

I’ve been acquainted with a good few extremely uninteresting people.

So what? Thats their business what rules they want to have inside their country.

Come on…

“We have to temper our excitement about the gay alligators” isn’t an easy pill to swallow.

Well, the difference is that three lanes of traffic have about the same capacity for passengers as a single railway track, no?

“Crust from your wound”? You couldn’t word it a bit more disgustingly?

Fuck me, that’s a tip and a half! I love keyboard shortcuts!

Which will be useful to roughly four or five people out of their userbase!

I might be mistaken, but by that quote and given that every motorway has three lanes in each direction, or at least two I assume in the USA, the cost of the road is at least comparable and at most a bit dearer. I’d even say it constitutes fudging the numbers to pull the wool over.

I suppose what it is is that smaller questions are answered, bringing along with these answers jargon and special terms, then these special terms are used to define greater special terms, and so on until you end up with a big twisty answer to a seemingly simple question, and people who haven’t read the answers with the smaller special terms look at the twisty answer in understandable bemusement.

Edit: This also happens to be one of life’s big unanswered questions. I had an assignment on it for my MPhil a couple of years ago.

Conversely, I’m at a similar level in Dutch and I’d attribute a lot of my grammatical knowledge to Duolingo, especially modal verbs. However I have scoured dutchgrammar.com many a time because I learn well from reading textbooks. It hasn’t helped me at all with output though; I was quite bad at that until I moved to NL.

Mine’s quite tame, reading some of these, but I remember once using a stick blender to make soup, and I saw a bit of food stuck in the blade, and the thumb hovering over the go button twitched slightly, and even though I was alone I pulled a face as if to someone watching, because I knew I was millimetres from losing a finger. Now if I ever want to touch the blade, I unplug the thing first.

The eyes see what the heart wants to see.

I’m now going to exhaust the interesting things I know about this by saying: he won a competition with his design of the Anglican cathedral despite being a Catholic himself; the Catholic cathedral in Liverpool was conversely designed by an Anglican. The city was a lot more sectarian then than it is now and the cathedrals stand at either end of a road called Hope Street.

Well it’s like saying a house plant grown from a cutting isn’t naturally occurring. It is naturally occurring, it just wouldn’t naturally occur that a clipping is put in its own pot and cultivated. So, sorry, but I didn’t just say that.

I know it’s a completely normal typo that anyone could make, but “Wondows” has just made me a laugh for a good few seconds.