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America has two authoritarian right-wing parties to pick from. One is less right wing than the other, but they’re still both to the right of the major right wing party in my country (New Zealand)

Just to flip this, do you have any sources that horseshoe theory is a real thing? That’s the funny thing about language, someone put Theory in the name and now people think it’s a real thing.

To save you the trouble, it hasn’t held up under academic study. Plenty of info on Wikipedia about it.

Predictably Irrational is really good.

I feel like I read Chomsky’s books at a key point in my life where I didn’t really get all of it but it primed me for later learning. Good list overall 👍🏼

They don’t want to be told they have to wear a mask or that people should stay home from work when they’re sick. Anything that would impinge on the rights of businesses to make money is against my freedoms.

It’s the climate crisis but for health. Some people just can’t bear to give up their treats in order to save lives.

Tech has an abundance of people who really need to be right in an argument. I’ve had this same argument with a developer at a client company of mine. Just couldn’t let it go when I said I was comfortable with the Jetbrains suite and used their language specific tooling instead of VSCode.

I still make little static sites on occasion. There’s still free options for hosting, I’ve got some on GitHub and used to use netlify til they changed their free tier. Sticking a static site into aws s3 +cloud front is super cheap if you don’t have much traffic. The nice thing is that they run forever without any intervention.

They did the last time as well.

Hacker News has a monthly Whose Hiring thread which has a remote tag in the template. There’s a website that pulls all the comments out and makes it into a job board of sorts but I can’t remember what it is.

I’ve seen tags used well in general communities, like country specific ones especially. /r/newzealand was strict about their post flair so that people could filter out politics or shitposts if they didn’t want to see it but still wanted to engage with the other content.

My mum swears by Subaru cars as well for the same reason - she walked away from what should have been a fatal accident without hospitalisation.

My chemistry teacher taught me a trick that knocks the pain back for a little bit - cold head and hot hands. Basically, cool my head down with ice wrapped in a small wet towel, while heating my hands up somehow. It’s supposed to pull the blood away from your head which lessens the pain.

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My cousin was taken off her mother because of the cola thing.