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A serious desktop got serious developers who are seriously serious about their serioucity

So glad they’re moving forward on the non destructive front! Non destructive editing such a useful feature. I will always prefer to be able to non-destructively edit things I’m working on to easily be able to change things if necessary or to be able to see how I did something in the future!

With Unity you can get the problems of poorly documented and maintained third party tooling, with the added benefit of having to make your own in house tools too!

Not in an meaningful sense connected to the technology at all

Agreed. Names don’t work that way. Should we just append any remotely relevant info to the name? “I use Arch/Systemd/Gnu/Linux-AMD 5 7700X, webcam connected, 2000 dpi mouse BTW”

They replied as if to show that the comment claiming OSS can’t be non commercial was wrong by giving CC-NC as an example

I love poor development practices because I personally don’t mind!

Look at the other pictures posted in this comment thread. The picture OP used was a particularly terrible version of it for some reason, there are other versions that don’t look nearly as bad.

Our computers are more powerful than ever, but our games run worse than ever before. I love the future

Stop it! The only words that matter are those that can be written in ASCII! The rest of the world just wants to scare you with gibberish letters!

I do all of these except one…

^Damn, ^really ^gotta ^cut ^down ^on ^the ^sugar.

I suspect the angle might make the space look smaller too, it’s possible that the wall actually extends a bit out without being solid inside

The point of a 100 dollar merch hoodie isn’t that you get a 100 dollars worth of hoodie. It’s that you support the artist. A less expensive hoodie means less for the artists. That’s kinda the point of merch…

Largely this is probably true. One large benefit for the consumer with streaming music over buying it is actually that it is cheaper. Significantly cheaper if you listen to a bunch of different things. So if everyone has moved to a method of listening to music that costs less then there has to be less money available to artists (all else being equal).

Even if 100% of streaming services’ revenue went to artists it could still be less money.

The problem isn’t Spotify itself, it’s the business model of streaming being way too cheap.

Ah yes all those millionaire artists. Poor rich artists. Everyone knows all artists are rich. Right?

Did you… read the comment? It wasn’t about the streaming platform owners.

I didn’t downvote you

The way I parsed your earlier comment was that the solution to making a resolution like 4k usable on a laptop was just to lower your resolution. My point is that if instead of lowering your resolution, meaning you’re not utilizing the full potential of your screen, you can instead use UI scaling to make the resolution usable while still benefiting from the higher resolution in terms of sharpness in text, games etc.

And waste all those pixels? Scaling let’s you keep the sharpness while also getting reasonably sized ui

To be fair - people don’t know what they want until they get it. In 2005 people would’ve asked for faster flip phones, not smartphones.

I don’t have much faith in current gen AI assistants actually being useful though, but the fact that no one has asked for it doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Same story for me. I’ve heard it’s incredible so I guess I’ll have to try again sometime though. The start was just incredibly dull

It makes absolutely no difference if you think about it. It’s not like choices are made for you even if the universe is determindric. If the world is or isn’t deterministic it’s not like anything would meaningfully be different - things would still be unpredictable to us. In an indeterministic universe randomness would play a part in outcomes, but that’s worthless to us. This meme is about choices anyways, randomness or determinism doesn’t matter in the end.

Absolutely! I would wager a guess that something like this would require support on a package manager level, meaning that the biggest like Ubuntu or what not could have access to a functioning “trusted” browser. But good luck on a niche distro, or if you want to compile it yourself, or if you want to use certain extensions or…

According to Google - probably source code that can’t block ads and that is known to not block trackers… basically.

It’s not about whether it’s a chromium browser or not. It’s about whether a browser is “trusted” and installed from a “trusted” source, like the windows store… Basically gatekeeping. Still, Firefox and any browser could still be approved.

There will be a $20 gift fee and an additional service and shipping fee. How much would you like to tip? 12, 16 or 20%?

Whether or not it’s a real concept doesn’t matter to these people, all that matters is whether it appeals to their pre conceived notions or not.

I think much missing stuff is going to be coming. I think they just didn’t want to delay CS2 any longer. CSGO is still playable from the properties panel. You can enable a legacy CSGO mode. Not sure about matchmaking though.

On my 3060ti with max everything I always have over 200 fps, but yes, definitely not as fast as CSGO still. What fps are you getting?

I find the distinction that dynamically linking GPL is fine but statically linking it is not to be so ridiculous. That’s obviously just an implementation detail. The only conceivable difference other than the pointless “technuchalley your program contains GPL code now as part of the file” is that you have to do dynamic linking, which is slightly slower. How does the fact that your work is dynamically linked vs statically linked make any difference to the people writing GPL libraries??

Emphasised “continue” or “default” buttons have been around for a long time. In a software installer, nonstandard options are often less emphasised than the standard ones. For instance when choosing an installation location it makes sense for the default option, which is fine for most users, to be emphasized. If the continue and change location buttons were equally prominent the user might believe that a choice must be made here or that you are expected to choose a location. The experience of installing is more streamlined, less confusing for the less technically proficient, and requires less cognitive load when emphasis is used well.

As I said in an earlier comment, something being a dark pattern is entirely a matter of context. If used to encourage the user to shell out for gems in a mobile game, it’s a dark pattern. If used to make user experience better, it’s just good UX.

I agree with you largely. It isn’t always a dark pattern. It is a dark pattern if it’s used shadily or maliciously, for example to trick you into downloading adware in an installer. It’s not a dark pattern, but rather good UX design if it’s used in a context to indicate a likely default choice, for instance:

We’ve detected your system is set to Dutch. Is Dutch your preferred language?

[No, let me change] [Looks good]

Maybe someone else has other examples of good uses. It’s not appropriate everywhere.

You need something to download Firefox from right?

That unlike teams, which they didn’t bother to build for windows and instead used a webapp, they actually bothered to use their own ui tools on their own operating system for a change? (But I guess they only did that so that teams could be a webapp, based on edge…)

Good Matrix homeservers?
Hello! I'm looking into creating a Matrix account, but I'm not sure where to register it. Does anybody have any recommendations of stable, reliable Matrix instances? I suppose I could use matrix.org, but I figured I'd support decentralisation by joining some other instance. Thanks