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Does anyone use Shortcuts on your Apple device? If so, what are you using?
For me, I have shortcuts on my Mac to change the wallpaper based on time of day (light or dark), but that's it. I'd maybe be interested in using more if I could think of a good use case, so share yours, if you have one

Gentle reminder to try to assume best intention of others and provide nuance where appropriate. If by ‘conservative/right wing’ this person means they’re all about what these things have morphed into lately in the US (transphobia, homophobia, and otherwise thinly-veiled hateful notions), then I completely agree. Fascists aren’t welcome here. Nazis aren’t welcome here. Beehaw is explicitly intolerant of the intolerant. But there can be honest perspectives that fall ‘to the right’ of the liberal perspective that can and should deserve consideration (they just seem to be rare these days, as political discourse has become so polarized).

Hey man, you’re not arguing in good faith, and I think you know it. We’re building a different space here than the one we left. Please stop trying to ragebait by building straw man arguments that don’t reflect the reality of the discourse here. Choose to be better.

Fucking Religious Reich and this bullshit court...throw it into the fire.

Not as much as I probably should be! I have a nice little Proxmox cluster, backed by a UPS and a beefy NAS, but mostly I use it for fussing around with stuff, playing with instances, nothing really mission critical.

What frustrated you about SearXNG?

I don’t see any reason to migrate away from 1Password, which works great for me. I have a family plan and everyone in the house has their own personal vault.

I use DDG because I’m still not decided on whether or not Kagi is worth it. If there’s no significant difference in the results returned by DDG, why pay for Kagi?

That website is an absolute fucking dumpster fire of massively annoying and obtrusive ads, particularly on mobile. Safari adblockers do little to deal with it. I’m almost to the point where I’m just going to block the domain from even resolving at all on my home network. Really, it’s cancer. Is there a better source?

“Enshittification” has quickly become commonly used after it was described here: https://doctorow.medium.com/tiktoks-enshittification-bb3f5df91979

It’s a specific process that tech companies seem to go through, and differs from other things, such as rent seeking.

What search engine do you use?
Data on search engine market share is available, but I wonder what that looks like for Lemmy users in particular, who I would assume lean more technical than the average user, so probably use DuckDuckGo and alternates more than Google. I use a mix of [DuckDuckGo](https://duckduckgo.com) and [Kagi](https://kagi.com). I'll also use ChatGPT, which can be good if you're careful to verify the answers it gives you as a check against hallucinations. It's useful for short, direct answers without ads or SEO bullshit. This article on Ars (and if you're not a subscriber, you absolutely should be, as they are *the* best tech journalists out there) inspired the question: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/06/google-admits-reddit-protests-make-it-harder-to-find-helpful-search-results Fucking Reddit. Enshittification ruins everything.

Jesus that’s horrible. Can you just imagine that happening to you? You get a call that your mother killed your dad, your nephew, then herself.

It makes me sad that people are losing their jobs. Somewhere out there are real people with real families wondering what they’re going to do if they’re out of a job. It just sucks.

I was highly skeptical before reading the article, but the author made great points and I’m actually fully on board with that, now. I was even wondering if my state had plans to do something like this, then I read this at the end of the article:

Meanwhile, many states aren’t waiting for federal action. Hawaii, Connecticut, Colorado and Massachusetts either already offer subsidies or intend to.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. This really changed my perspective.

There’s nothing like a good hands-on to understand what your tools are doing under the hood. Also, the author admitted that he used ChatGPT to help write this. In [his words](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=36489234): > Yep, I do use GPT as one of the tools in my workflow. I write these blogs in markdown locally and have a helper script which takes the raw content and with a prompt it helps me generate a title, summary, Intro and conclusion (personal preference to keep these consistent on all blogs) and proofread the whole raw content for any mistakes (replaces grammarly completely now). > > Quite happy with this workflow because it helps me publish articles more frequently where I don't have to worry about stuff other than just dumping my thoughts in raw format. > > It’s similar to how I use Astro as a tool to generate static pages from these markdown files to easily deploy on web or TailwindCSS etc etc you get the point.

She has some criticisms for her past as an attorney, but I’m not sure why she’s so disliked now. What has she done to engender such distaste from the public?

That’s actually a very, very good question! I would say that the biggest difference between them is style. Nightmare is a little more…progressive? than the others, I think. Have a read of all of them and just see what you like

This perspective lacks nuance.

a service like iCloud is a bad idea if you care about your privacy

Like all security and privacy measures, you have to consider your threat profile. From whom are you trying to maintain privacy from? If it’s other people or companies, then using a service like this is perfectly okay. If you’re worried about state actors or governmental agencies coming after you, then you have a very different set of requirements and considerations than most people, and you should plan accordingly.

But saying that services like this aren’t for people who care about their privacy is a little disingenuous. As with all things, it’s a matter of degrees.

There’s no harm in going to the meeting to just listen to what they have to say. Why should he deprive himself of that knowledge? That would be dumb. Information is power. Just because he can’t run out and say “here’s all the things they talked about” doesn’t mean he can’t use what he heard to his and the FOSS community’s advantage. Maybe they disclose that they’re working on some $thing, and now he can start development of a feature that might somehow protect against that $thing.

I love FOSS and the community, but far too often their zealous nature cause them to make poor decisions. The world isn’t black and white. Stop treating it like it is. NDAs happen in business all the time for anything and everything. A lot of companies won’t even have a meeting with you/another company AT ALL unless an NDA is in place. It’s standard.

Not going to at least hear what they had to say was stupid.

I have to image that their fleet of attorneys would have thought of this before hand.

I know fuck all about physics but that was interesting! She was great

Get into short horror stories. GOOD stories published by professional magazines like Nightmare, The Dark, Black Static, Weird Horror, Pseudopod. Those are all places that pay professional rates and who have won tons of awards. Anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow are also good, who does the Year’s Best. Crystal Lake Publishing is good as well, both their short stories, novels, and their podcasts. Weird Little Worlds is another indie publisher that has put out good stuff. (Disclosure: I’ve had stories published by both CLP and WLW—the Mother: Tales of Love and Terror antho I was in was a finalist for the Bram Stoker award this year.)

If you want good horror, you need to go to the places that publish it professionally. Issues are pretty cheap, and there’s plenty of free stuff on their sites as well.

Thank you! I’ve seen this mentioned a couple of times and have been meaning to give it a try.

Another huge +1 ‘thank you’ to the admins of Beehaw

Reddit burning itself to the ground is the best thing to happen to the Internet in a long time. Just look at how decentralized communities are flourishing.

I absolutely to the fucking core of my soul despise Teams. But not just Teams, Windows, too. And Word. Especially on iPad, Word is a heaping pile of shit. I’m astonished at how garbage Word for iPad is, as well as Teams. And that anyone can possibly accept advertisements in their operating system is just absolutely wild to me.

From a corporate standpoint, fine, a lot of places need Windows. Hard to get around that. But for home users? Especially with translation layers really starting to take off for gaming, if I were Microsoft, I’d stop fucking around with nonsense like ads, shady telemetry, and Internet connectivity just for a damn OS.

Everything you’ve said pretty much exactly describes the homeless situation in Seattle, in that there are so many with great needs, but only so much one city can do. Meanwhile, the people living in Seattle and paying taxes are seeing their city deteriorating around them.

That mass drownings have become so common – more than 25,000 people have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean since 2014 – is shameful in itself.

Over 25,000 have drowned since only 2014?? Holy Christ.

In case you find yourself missing the layout of old.reddit…

It’s been a long, long time since I laughed this hard at something. Thank you so much for posting this, god lmao

No idea who this person is but I poked around their website a bit and found them to be kind of charming, in an odd sort of way.

i believe that the free software movement is over, and that it has been over for years.

Strong disagreement. The free software movement is so, so much larger than RMS and TFSF.

If he committed a crime, then hold him accountable.

What a nightmare scenario. Can you imagine being trapped inside, sitting on the ocean floor several miles beneath the surface, maybe having lost power? It’s dark as pitch. Control panels dead. Maybe you have some light from a cell phone. You try to control your breathing to conserve oxygen, but you’re all but certain this is where you’ll die, a fact that you have several days worth of air to contemplate. All the mistakes you’ll never get to right, the things you didn’t do, the family you’ll never see, the pets who’ll never understand why you abandoned them. Through the cold, narrow hull, you hear the gentle susurrations of the current, and that’s it. Could be you have a ring back home you were going to surprise your girlfriend with, and all you can think about is how long it’ll be after the air runs out before she finds it. Maybe someone weeps softly beside you.

Enough oxygen until maybe Thursday. Think about that. What must it smell like inside that cramped little sub? Sweat and body odor, obviously, but what do you do when four or five people need to piss and shit for almost a week? You can’t just contain that. Maybe someone has brought bags they can go in or something, but surely not enough for everyone for that long.

And how will everyone react? You know how you’re going to die, and make no mistake, every single person on that boat knows how horrible it is to suffocate to death, clawing at your throat for hours on end until their fingernails have broken from their nail beds. What if someone breaks? Decides they want to go out on different terms, starts fidgeting with a pocket knife or something? Do you let them? Just sit there and let it happen?

So there you are. It’s Wednesday. Power is out. Even cell phones with their little lights are dead. It’s cold, it reeks of human waste and the filth of unwashed bodies. The air, long since gone stale, is getting thin. No one noticed in the back there that Roy quietly bled out after secretly slitting his wrists, but now he’s starting to stink. Oh god, the absolute horror of a stench a rotting corpse must be in a tight space like that. A putrescence you can taste, thick like oil—which is exactly what the fat in his skin and body is turning into. Grease.

You’re essentially alone, in the dark, with a corpse, and the thinning oxygen is playing tricks on you. So much so in fact that you start to wonder if you hadn’t maybe heard Roy back there starting to move. What does his face look like there in the dark, blackening from bloat and rot? Are his eyes open, staring numbly into nothing, milky and dead?

That’s where my mind goes, at least. I don’t mean to make fun. It’s a horrible situation and I hope they’re rescued.

Runs perfectly on my Steam Deck. And, at $40, it’s nearly half of what new AAA games are costing, a good buy for sure. Anyone playing this? I’m a sucker for the Alien franchise.

Hey man, not cool with the dialog. That’s not the kind of place Beehaw is. This is an important discussion and you have an important voice that deserves to be heard, but that’s not the way to go about doing it. I encourage you to next time choose grace.

I’m not sure who the bigger clowns are here: Trump or the people who still support him

It’s not open source, it’s DNS run by Cloudflare. It’s a privacy-oriented DNS service. You can read about it here: https://blog.cloudflare.com/announcing-1111/

I usually look up games on https://protondb.com to determine if they work on the Deck

Ahh, interesting. I do indeed use, in part because of DNS-over-TLS that it supports. Thanks for the link.

I did as well, but this time, I’m leaning into it. I joined and became a literal card-carrying member of The Satanic Temple, and you should too. They don’t really have anything to do with Satan at all, but instead, work for equal rights and to fight Christo-fascists.

I get an error when attempting to open this link, anyone else?

Never even heard of this before, but I’ve been a console gamer for a long time until my Steam Deck. I’ll check this out, thank you so much for linking!

It’s like this, sometimes
You ever just feel “off” for a few days, low interest, low energy, lack of motivation, poor sleep, eating WAY too much, and have it take you a good 3 - 4 days before picking up on the obvious fact that depression has decided to move in again?

This is the first time I’m using a memory foam-type mattress. It’s always been coil spring before. It’s different for sure, but I can’t believe how much better I feel this morning. We also upgraded from a queen -> king, so now my wife and I are able to get some space when we need it so we’re not elbowing each other constantly. The only shit thing is how fucking expensive these things are, yikes

Anyone else enjoying the Internet better, now that they’re off Reddit?
Hadn’t realized how reliant upon Reddit I’d become for news and interesting things until after it turned to shit and I quit it. I’ve rediscovered RSS for ex., using reader apps to scan sources directly and read without all the noise—that actually came from someone’s recommendation here in the comments. I’ve found several new sites with deep, knowledgeable articles and discussions, like https://theconversation.com/us (free! No ads! Also discovered through the comments here), and my engagement with articles and their sources has gone WAY up. I’ve stopped reading garbage comment sections, too, and I’m just feeling better mentally as a result, disengaging from the endless, low effort memes/jokes and the mean, toxic comments*. Anyone else? (Thanks again, admins—really enjoying and appreciating how Beehaw is run!)

Okay, but why do we care about polls as much now? Haven’t they been spectacularly wrong for the past few election cycles? Not all, but I definitely feel like the overall accuracy and reliability of most national and state polling has been exceptionally poor. In any case, I’m not at all surprised that his supporters aren’t bothered by the indictments. It’s a cult. Like, actually.

> Declaring oneself a constitutional county undermines the authority of officials authorized to act under the Constitution. I believe it ultimately subverts the authority of the Constitution itself. > > When these resolutions instruct county police not to enforce certain laws, such as red flag laws that allow the confiscation of firearms from certain people, they violate Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution. Article 6 declares that the Constitution itself and federal laws are “the supreme Law of the Land” and cannot be overruled or superseded by state laws or laws at lower levels of government. > > So any county that claims to nullify federal laws it finds objectionable raises constitutional problems. So, too, do assertions of a right to obstruct federal law or to impede the exercise of federally guaranteed rights and liberties. > > In both scenarios, local authorities claim they are under no constitutional obligation to enforce, or to help state or federal officials enforce, laws and regulations that are, in their view, plainly unconstitutional. ... > **Notably absent were concerns about threats to reproductive autonomy, sexual and gender identities, or public safety endangered by firearms violence. Professions of constitutional fidelity by constitutional county advocates are more often about politics than real concern for the Constitution.** Note this last paragraph (emphasis mine). Clearly these people are not truly concerned about Constitutional rights--or at the very least not *all* of them. But what about legitimate issues? Suppose, for example, a fascist were to get into power, and attempt to force federal law enforcement to override state's authority on the matter of abortion rights?

How do they even plan on enforcing this? What would possibly be the consequences for either parent or child if they violate?

Fun family fact: this guy was my wife’s cousin. Her family lived nearby on Long Island, and her mom and grandmother always were strict with the family about not having anything to do with them. Even going by the house was “forbidden” (as much as anything can be in an old Italian family). Of course that’s the first thing I did when we started dating, lol. (Respectfully of course, I just drove down the street to say that I had. There was no gawking.)