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remminia is a client (I believe for rdp and vnc), but to host you’d need some type of server.

The best and fanciest today is sunshine but it requires some kind of gpu for encoding - so probably out of the question for an RPI

The next are all pretty similar, (I myself have most experience with vnc so I can attest to it): xrdp/rdp, vnc, and nx

Half of them try and create their own virtual desktop to stream, but so you probably want to stream a real desktop - x11vnc does a great job at this (and if anything has too many options)

Kinda hijacking but I can’t believe how easy endeavor is, like t2linux for mac’s is a mess but half the drivers aur just HAD naturally, and the installation was fully automatic

At this point thought can we really victim blame? Like were all just advanced moneys and it turns out almost every monkey in this environment will get addicted and capitilists are happy to use that maliciously.

It issue is systematic at the least, and I can almost gaurentee won’t be solved in the next century by a couple people voting with just their wallets

See my stoned Canadian ass doesnt have any taco trucks nearby, but the bell is always there

(but I gotta agree its far from authentic, its like a good smoked burger vs bigmac)

Yeah exactly like nothing against him but in terrified of the ‘man in the dress’ stereotypical trans-women image.

Of course its subjective though, everyone’ll have their own ideal self image and nightmare image

I’m a questioning trans women and like if anything he’s the image of my dysphoria (personally of course)

I do I’m not that into Disney 😔 apologies for my transgressions

I mean like Lemmy doesn’t actually make you pass a gender test to login or anything, so old habits wont change

ngl I’ve been looking into this recently and its actually kinda the opposite in most countries - considering usual misogynistic societies a women would be ‘improved’ as a man and the opposite vise versa.

Hence why we have like Pocahontas a while back but not really mtf equivalents (at least that I can think of, and aren’t just the butt end of a joke).

But nowadays the mtf’s are finally able to be themselves so I feel like were seeing a wave of relief in the community that’s always been there (just repressed af)

It might be the same as Canada where you only can with a permit just to be sure people aren’t drinking mold water

I use streamio which searches it but ngl I’d say like 50% of the time the top seeder is from pirate bay

They can also not say cunt if they don’t wanna. Why you gatekeeping censorship

Don’t have the funding to themselves, and probably worth it so new users don’t get fucked

Way too dependent on the setup, a container with absolutely no outside access theoretically just has the kernel, but usually we want to communicate with our docker images not just run them

To highlight this we gotta disect your answer a little.

Why does your hair stand up when charged? Because the relationship between each other is similarly charged, and the air less similarly - so its going to have the force of gravity, and those 2 charges affecting it.

If you increase both charges from our ‘neutral’ by one yes your hair repels itself greater, but so does the air around it.

Similarly if you were on a super charged planet/atmosphere, your hair wouldn’t stand up at all cause the atmosphere is charged and you are grounded to it - but the second you change your relative environment to earth you’d probably pass out from the discharge

For sure but we have no absolute charge measurements, really for all we know were super positively charged, but so are all our voltometers so everything balances out

This is interesting cause I wonder if relatively it’d be like shifting every element in the periodic table one to the left, cause who’s to say neutral isn’t our current measurement -1, but the orbitals will remain the same hence the shift

A similar thought I’ve had is AI removal of laugh tracks (maybe introduce background based on non-laugh track scenes)

This would make old Scooby doos actually watchable for me, so I can judge modifying the original a little if it’d what someone prefers - you can always just not watch it

Thinking about it a bit more I 100% would be the type to use a 16:9 ratio, just cause I hate black bars

Unless you had a muzzle that specifically created resonanting waves at the glasses harmonic frequency, and a bunch of glass with the same resonance would all shatter even with a sound wave as small as a voice (much less a gunshot)

A sustained frequency can do it, but I’m not sure if a gunshot could be harmonic or if they just have 1 main pressure wave (and mostly just noise elsewhere)

Yk I’ve always wodnered what starting a charity to donate computers to countries with the worst steam pricing would do for piracy

And an important note about imaginary numbers is there more of a band aid solution because we chose to lose information when doing positive exponentials, when in reality both positive and negative answers are equally valid mathematically (though sometimes not physically).

So math doesn’t care about our conventions and sometimes we need that information back, hence complex numbers.

Multiplying anything times 0 = 0 though doesn’t just have 2 possible outcomes, it has infinite for the variable multiplied. With such aggressive information loss its usually hard to retain any realistic information, though it is possible with proper limits

Just did some quick research and it looks like most hormones aren’t too polar, but hey worst case scenario I’ll just ask everyone to carry around their personal brain nebulizer and take breaths as needed

Exactly this is why I haven’t made the switch yet.

Its like letting a package be managed per package instead of per distro, giving its devs some more fine grain control on stability vs update speed

What makes you so confident your first paragraph leads to the second?

I suppose a better way to highlight it is the where’s the difference between this and a natural human?

Assuming a brain is a complex computer, and our senses more complex training data/promts, we fit the qualifications so must also be incapable of original thought

I think it only works with pure gtk applications, so others just wont have the CLI option to launch

Just to clarify I’m talking about using it for only the virt-manager window, not the whole desktop

I actually did this and reccomend for a power user (for me it was proxmox didn’t quick enough implement virtio-fs), but in case you want a full proxmox like setup I got some recommendations:

  • Use LXD-ui. Its a bit annoying with the certificates but gives a nice n easy to use ui (I was only able to figure out how to get this working with the snap, but I didn’t try too hard)

  • Setup Virt manager through gtk Broadway. This one requires your own security implementations so definitely don’t just open it to the whole internet, but it allows you to manage VM’s in a browser intuitively.

  • Setup ssh, vnc, sunshine, tailscale, a device local to the host you can connect to any number of remote desktop solutions you can cause it all likelyhood setting things up you will break a thing or 2 and it sucks having no access to your device

  • Use syncthing or resilio sync to share files between a client and the host PC, saves a lot of time trying fancier stuff like rsync (can probably be used to setup multiple servers storage backup, in case of power outage or whatever but I personally only have 1 host)

I’m begging everyone to try a healthy alternative to brain eating like vaping - you still get a the same effects (maybe even stronger!) with much less prion disease!

(In theory please no one take this as actual medical advice I’m just a wee little stoner)

Gonna comment the same thing here I did there, OK so eating acid denatures the hormones - what about smoking/vaping/nebulizing??

Little brain aromatherapy in the office

As a mid-power user I almost exclusively use them just because I want my software up to date. for example using discover I can update all my godot installs on all my devices to the latest features I’m seeing everyone rave about. (this is mainly for the maintainers but it trickles down)

Looking back into when I first was dipping my toes in linux though things like missing libraries and other scary looking apt errors essentially meant I didn’t go further from there and accepted not installing the package. I could see this frustrating lots of users early and causing them to return to windows as I did for a bit.

edit to add on: I still consider it very important to have the option to install it through a deb let’s say, but more alike how one can compile from source with a thousand flags if they choose - just as long as its a choice

But you do get the simplicity, and following the real ‘free’ part of Foss you get the choice to do the fancy nerd magic if you want.

But for most of us flatpaks are readily updated and easily installed, idfc about no gtk magicians spells.

I think its a major step towards general linux acceptance

What you really gotta argue is what youre providing is the ‘service’, they come to you for the experience of being touched by a higher power, the blessed vision of wisdom - and they simply donated to support such greatness

Would smoking raw human brains make you high?

Wait no thermal degredation

Would nebulizing raw human brains make you high? Especially of I got a little brain-diffuser in the corner that just filled the room with the aroma

Fabric has some amazing open source projects dedicated to performance.

Idk if any multithread it yet but its my current go to for low end systems

Beeper actually had a ‘self message’ section just for notes like this. Idk if it works offline, but it supports linux and android (and most other major os’)

I’ve read a lot of youre comments trying to understand youre meaning here, but are you trying to say you want to represent all 16 million colors of a 24 bit color?

And also somehow in a way that not extremely subjective to the user?

Ngl I’d love to see this as a product, and definitely keep me updated if this software ever has a usable demo

I’m not an expert but one could funnel all web traffic through a VPN if they needed right? Gaining possibly even more obscurity and shifting the trust to a company vs a small user

(relative whether that’s an upgrade or not in privacy)