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I will be back. I know I just created my account, but I have to study and stuff. Good night vietnam

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worked fine

for normal html sites, it would just download the whole page, and it works here too. But it downloads the whole chat while I just want a copy of last ten messages

sync is broke af so I am pretty sure you won’t be counted. I installed waterfox and I liked it but it sure didn’t allow me to login

Installation is pretty tiresome if you don’t have the packages you need to run it. I feel like Chrome extensions can get the job done relatively easily.

Is Waterfox considered as Firefox in Mozilla surveys?
Mozilla usually sends a ping to your browser and that's how they know you are using firefox and that's how Mozilla counts the reducing number of users who are using FF, so I was wondering if this survey includes forks of FF. PS: If you turn off telemetry completely, you won't be counted in surveys, most Mozilla forks are more private by default than FF itself. So, I was wondering if more people were using forks and abandoning FF for privacy reasons. Thus reducing the count. That makes sense?

Wow! Thank you! Not going to leave FF but it’s good to know there is an alternative if Mozilla Fs up big time

edit: just installed WaterFox and apparently they use bing, very interesting choice. I am not sure if I am for that, but heck I can change the default engine.

also, I like Waterfox already uninstalled Chrome. I can’t believe I didn’t know this until now. Why can’t Firefox do this btw?

How did you break your addiction? Was it hard? Any tips for those waging a war against addiction?
Thank you very much! Know that I really appreciate your help, even if I can't Thank you individually!

I am sorry buddy, I am not sure if that’s true. Not true for most people at least.

discord chat exporter. I am not sure there is a good alternative for this on FF :'(

If the studies are true, Granny is basically a drug dealer

Orion browser, which isn’t FOSS

Edit: I don’t think supporting both chrome and firefox extensions is a major selling point anymore. I don’t know a single extension which is available on FF which isn’t available on Chrome.

Now this makes me mad, I mean, if it was super complex and you had to start from scratch, I can understand someone not doing the work to create it for firefox, but this doesn’t make sense :'(

this is robbery, show me your mouse page gestures. You don’t have the right to remain silent.

PS: I know they might be private, but give me examples of what you use it for

Bitwarden Singlepage Video downloader Forest and many many more! Were you trying to be funny?

How hard is it to make an extension for firefox?
edit: just installed WaterFox [and apparently they use bing](, very interesting choice. I am not sure if I am for that, but heck I can change the default engine. So, I don't care also, [I like Waterfox]( already uninstalled Chrome. I can't believe I didn't know this until now. Why can't Firefox do this btw? --------------------- I know firefox is the only non-chrome browser out there, but how hard is it to make an extension for firefox along with chrome? I cry myself to sleep knowing that the extensions I want are available on Chrome and not on Firefox. And it's not going to get any better as Firefox is not gaining any users. Also, why the hell is this the case? I would pay to use Firefox! It's FOSS and it has so many features, Idk, deserves to be no 1, but it's f*cking dying! There are some extensions I can't live without and only for those extensions I am forced to keep Chrome on my computer. I don't like Chrome and I don't want Chrome but I want them extensions :( Also, how safe is Chromium? Is it de googled? I think I might go for de-googled chromium + Firefox from now on. I will uninstall Chrome. I have disabled updates for it anyways!

I say do the study directly on humans! Now give me some cocaine ;)

Is Sugar really as addictive as Cocaine/drugs in general?
Modified post. Read the edit at the buttom. Now, call me crazy, I don't think so! I have been an addict and I know how it is to be an addict, but I don't think sugar is as addictive as cocaine. And I really am frustrated with people who say such things. This notion that it's as addictive drives me crazy! I mean, imagine someone gullible who says, well, "I can control my addiction to ice cream, heck I can go without ice cream for months, if it's as addictive as cocaine, why not give cocaine a chance? It's not like it's gonna destroy me or something?" Yeah, I have once been this gullible (when I was younger) and I hate this. I do crave sugar and I do occasionally (once per week and sometimes twice a month) buy sugary treats/lays packet (5 Indian Rupees, smallest one) to quench that craving, but I refuse to believe that it is as addictive as cocaine or any other drugs. PS: My last lays packet was 45 ago and I am fine, and this is the most addictive substance I have consumed. I am pretty some people here have been addicted to cocaine (truly no judgement, I hope you are sober now), so what say you? PS: If you haven't been addicted to anything drastic as drugs, you are still welcome to chip in. ---------------------------- edit: thank you all for adding greater context. I realize now that when they talk about sugar, they are not just talking abt lays and ice creams, but sugar in general. I get the studies now. But media is doing a terrible job of reporting on studies. Also, the media depiction of scientific studies is really the worst. I mean, they make claims which garbage and/or incomplete data or publish articles on studies which make more alarming claims. Also, maybe wait for a consensus before you publish anything, i.e., don't publish anything which isn't peer reviewed and replicated multiple times. Yes, your readers might miss out on the latest and greatest, but it isn't really helpful if the latest and greatest studies in science aren't peer reviewed and backed up well by data. I feel like a headline "SUGAR IS AS ADDICTIVE AS COCAINE" can and will be life destroying if you don't give enough information. I feel like there should be an ethical responsibility to not sensationalize studies, maybe instead of "SUGAR IS AS ADDICTIVE AS COCAINE" give a headline like "Sugar and Addiction, what science says." also, ss of bing chat gpt answering the question. some articles:

unfortunately, didn’t work for me. Singlefile is absolutely awesome, I use it for many things but singlefile ain’t for this :(

I was hoping for a better solution from someone else, it’s insane that this is the best we can do!

Is there an extension or a Trick to save discord messages to text/images/pdf
I have 10+ messages on Discord I either want an extension to save discord messages as pdf or one single screenshot. OR I want to know if there is a way to export certain messages on discord into pdf or jpg images. Usecase: I ask doubts on Math discord servers, sometimes it can be concluded in one page (and I can screenshot it) and save it along with the question so I can have a look at it before exams. But some questions take longer discussions. Discord is chaotic and shi**y according to me. I want to have images or pdf locally. So, how would you go by doing this? This is a nice add-on which is available for Chrome too. But, it's a pain in the jazz and it really isn't better than a screenshot. I added it here coz I thought some of you might find this helpful. I could have easily have done a long screenshot with Firefox's screenshot application (in the browser), but discord website won't let me scroll. If you guys can help me with the scroll thing then the problem is solved. > You don’t want to just save the text? It sounds like it’s just text information you want to save, so why not just save it into notes files, then you have the bonus of being able to search them I am done! I could not find a valid solution, I am just going to include some filters in my ublock origin filters and do my screenshooting

Need an extension or a Trick to save discord messages to text/images/pdf
I have 10+ messages on Discord I either want an extension to save discord messages as pdf or one single screenshot. OR I want to know if there is a way to export certain messages on discord into pdf or jpg images. Usecase: I ask doubts on Math discord servers, sometimes it can be concluded in one page (and I can screenshot it) and save it along with the question so I can have a look at it before exams. But some questions take longer discussions. Discord is chaotic and shi**y according to me. I want to have images or pdf locally. So, how would you go by doing this? This is a nice add-on which is available for Chrome too. But, it's a pain in the jazz and it really isn't better than a screenshot. I added it here coz I thought some of you might find this helpful. I could have easily have done a long screenshot with Firefox's screenshot application (in the browser), but discord website won't let me scroll. If you guys can help me with the scroll thing then the problem is solved.

I was using it till yesterday on Firefox. I have a lot of math questions and I can’t find answers to them if I don’t use Bing Chat. Unfortunately there is no FOSS alternative which can do this. I hear Mozilla is developing one, but I doubt if it would be able to hold a candle to Bing Chat

thank you! I need it constantly, so I ain’t gonna install it, but yeah, I can see this being useful for others

turns out I need it too. Some websites ain’t working well after I switched

I was using it till yesterday on Firefox. I have a lot of math questions and I can’t find answers to them if I don’t use Bing Chat. Unfortunately there is no FOSS alternative which can do this. I hear Mozilla is developing one, but I doubt if it would be able to hold a candle to Bing Chat

Is Bing Chat available on firefox?
Thanks for the downvotes. I need to search questions for an exam I have and I can't do that any other way. It helps me better search the net. I am sorry, it's good. I wish there was a FOSS alternative for it which does as good a job. So, here's how you use Bing Chat on Firefox I know for a fact that this will cause problems, but I don't what kind of problems (I have experienced it once, but I rectified it by removing the settings that are mentioned above and I literally forgot about it) edit: Problem 1: Some websites won't load (not sure if it's related, but these websites have cloudfare "security" thing in them) -------------------------------- ![]( It was working until yesterday but it isn't now. It was a really nice tool to get better searches from the internet without doing it yourself. Now, I want to know if I am doing something wrong or if MS is shutting off Bing Chat for the infidels who don't use the holy edge browser. I remember this happening when MS first released Bing Chat. They probably let users use it on other browsers for a little while to make sure they become dependent on it. I mean, we can modify firefox settings and make your browser look like edge, but I very vividly remember regret doing this because I faced a problem asap which was resolved by turning firefox settings back to normal (that one particular setting)

people will start to believe I am obsessed with Napoleon

I know you are😂 You probably think about him daily and dream about him :')

Home soil advantage, yeah love it! But don’t you think for those soldiers in foxholes out in the middle of nowhere (ukranian or russian) supply would be not ideal?

Now why exactly Russia did not send supplies to their soldiers, no real idea. They only know what they chose to do.

Ukraine is huge, giant. Going up to the front lines takes time and money. And well I very much guess that Russia just sent soldiers without care, maybe even now they doing that. They underestimated Ukrakne’s defenses and the support they get from other countries.

just wondering, is the concept of supply lines still solid? I mean, if the enemy can just bomb your supply lines to sh*t, it might as well be called supply trucks

With difficult terrains or mud and water

I was imagining Putin cooking hamburgers and carrying them in a truck on a nice tarred road. I realize now that the tarred road part is wrong.

reminds me of that old woman who gave Russian soldiers poisoned cookies. I can’t be happy about this either. It’s a terrible situation our there created by the idiocy of one man!

How hard is it to get food and water to soldiers during a war?
I was browsing the internet and I found this Apparently, it's a squad of Russian Soldiers refusing to go back to the front line. The fat guy says they were NOT getting food or water (yeah I heard it), I am pretty sure he is right. So, what are the types of conditions you have to face to get water and food at soldiers? I mean, I can understand them not getting ammo and man power to get rid of the dead. Probably manufacturing problems and it's dangerous respectively. But yeah, what else? Why would they not get food and water?

It’s fucking up the ampersands for some reason.

it’s an unfixed bug. Pretty damning. I am sorry, but I got the answer. Thank you for trying to help me anyway.

grep -l ‘#!/bin/bash’ . | xargs -I {} cp {} /path/to/destination/

 grep -l '#!/bin/bash' . | xargs -I {} cp {} /home/$USER/Documents/Linux/Regularly_Copied_files_crontab
grep: .: Is a directory

I don’t know what’s happening here

One problem, I think it’s copying all the files inside folder /home/$USER whereas I just want the bash files which are in /home/$USER exlcluding all the subfolders. The command grep -rl '#!/bin/bash' . | xargs -I {} cp {} /path/to/destination/ won’t exclude subfolders.

find DIR -executable

unfortunately, this would list all the executables. I only want the executables in /home/$USER not it’s subfolders

[SOLVED] I need to copy all executable files in my home folder to my documents folder, how can I do this?
[SOLVED] Bing ChatGPT is THE sh*t man! It got this right in a few secs!!! WOW! Thank you to everyone who answered me, it's due to your help that I was able to solve it through Bing. But holy F, am I impressed with Bing! I hate MS and I hated bing,BUT they have got something real good here. `find /home/$USER -maxdepth 1 -type f -executable -exec sh -c 'head -n 1 "$1" | grep -q "^#!/bin/bash" && cp "$1" /home/bob/Documents/Linux/Regularly_Copied_files_crontab' sh {} \;` ----------------------------- edit: I just want to copy scripts in `/home/$USER` folder, not all the other subfolders. edit 2: I think the better approach here would be to have two conditions. 1. The file is in /home/$USER/ and not in it's subfolders. 2. The file's first line should be `#!/bin/bash` -------------------------------------- I don't actually need all executable files, I just want my bash scripts, but unfortunately, I don't have the good habit of giving the .sh extensions to all of them. These files are all executable, they all have a shebang line (`#!/bin/bash) as their first line, how can I copy them elsewhere? I mean, I know how the copy commands work, but I don't know if I can specify the pattern here. How would I specify a `cp` command to only copy `bash scripts` to my `docs folder`? Intended Use case: I am trying to create a command to copy all the `bash scripts` I have created in my home folder to my `Documents` folder. My docs folder is synced everyday, so I won't ever lose my scripts as they would be stored in the cloud. > find ~ -type f -executable > find /home/user -type f -perm /u+x -not -path "/home/user/Documents" -exec cp {} ~/Documents \; *___*

/.local/bin already exists. I am pretty sure it was created by some other application. So, that’s it, I can add it there and give it execution privileges (isn’t that what Stalin had ;)

I any case, have you tried putting a file reference, i.e. , into your .md file? I don’t think you can put an SVG directly into Markdown anyway (I may be wrong on that).

Thank you very much! this is what I did and it works.

and why were you downvoted :')

can’t people just explain what they disagree with instead of downvoting?

edit: You could use Bing ChatGPT on firefox? I didn’t know that. it didn’t give me the desired result, but Thank you

I installed some plugins right now, let’s see how they work, but for now, svg works like magic for me. I didn’t know you could do this using community plugins so thank you for letting me know.

Few Questions related to Linux Packages
Question 1: I want to copy a file to clipboard, how can I do this using cli? I have this file "home/$USER/example.svg" and I want to copy it to clipboard without manually doing it. I tried to ask ChatGPT to help me with it, it didn't :( I am pretty sure there is a `copy to clipboard` option in `Thunar` and `Nemo` file managers but I don't know how to use it. My google searches have been so far fruitless. Please help me copy it? Use Case: I want to copy it and paste it to `` file. Obsidian is a text manager which supports `Mathjax` but not `Latex`, so in order to get a semblance of greater Latex support, I want to convert `tex` to `svg` and copy it from the folder to clipboard (without opening the folder) and then paste it. ----------------- Question 2: Do you have a anonymous file sharing service you use to share videos and images? If so, what is it? imgur helps with images and videos lower than 1 mins, but above that, it won't accept uploads. Also, `` and `` seems to be ok ok in this regard. The problem is, I don't know enough about them to trust them. mehh.... Use case: If I have a problem with my system, I want to share the video of the problem I am facing to `Linux` forums and I want it to be instantly accessible ------------------- Question 3: Is it ok to move random file script you find on the internet into a root folder which is included in your `$PATH` variable? I was trying to use this script and it is my understanding that if you have a script in a folder included in your path variable, then you don't have to actually specify the path to run it. You can just give it's name and press enter to execute it. am I right so far and should I move that script into my path variable folder? What are the risks?

haha… I am not trying to. I mean, I am not beyond that, I don’t care about their rules, but yeah, not trying to ban evade here>

it would be ironic if they didn’t allow posts from no karma accounts."

I’ve seen several posts (I don’t know personally because I stopped using Reddit) saying that new accounts without email are unable to post/comment and get banned from subs for attempting to participate. I think that’s what OP is referring to.

New accounts are a problem, if you have an old account (without email) which you have used for a while and you know comments can be seen by others, and your karma isn’t 1, that’s fine.

I recently was introduced to the concept of “throw away accounts”. Thing is if you don’t use a email, you can’t immediately participate in some communities and if you have added an email, it works like magic, the only restriction is karma.

You’re never fully anonymous on the internet

seriously? even when I use tor network? I mean, that’s the best hope out there. What about tails os, what do you think of it?

not for this problem, but it’s very useful nonetheless. saving your comment and the site, thank you!

How to create a reddit account anonymously?
Ik, I probably should not be lurking on Reddit anyways, but we are missing a lot of communities here. The only communities I can reliably follow and get quality content is this one and c/linux, c/privacy and some FOSS subs But if I want something else, reddit is the only alternative. Now, I don't want to give any more of my data and the government of India isn't really known for it's tolerance of free speech they don't like, so, is there a way to create an account on reddit using tor which won't be blocked as soon as it's created. I feel like giving a email account would make it work (I have seen it remove many hurdles while using reddit without tor) so, is there a email service that reddit doesn't block which will make my reddit account created through tor as good as a normal reddit account. PS: If I comment is posted then it will be visible on your profile, but it won't be visible to anyone else on reddit. You can't upvote. You are essentially a ghost, this can be very useful saving stuff and all, but without the ability to post, it isn't that helpful. Reddit automatically blocks protonmail and tutanota mails :")

Can qbittorrent lie to me?
I connected my phone to my laptop and turned on USB tethering and removed all my sims from my phone, but it was still showing upload and download values and some torrents were downloading and uploading. How is this possible if I have 0 internet? I mean, my phone wasn't connected to wifi and my laptop was still getting internet. Somewhat weird I think? What are the possible explanations here? If there are no possible explanations, can I declare this a miracle and myself GOD!? :) ![](

[SOLVED] Lemmy won’t show me my posts while being logged in
Go to [Settings]( > Scroll Down > Tick `Show Read Posts` > `SAVE` Solution: ![]( ----------------------- ![]( ![]( --------------------- Without being logged in: ![]( PS: I also have an account on and this shit just works over there.

[SOLVED] Need a Thunderbird/Evolution alternative which can send me notifs in the background [xfce MX Linux]
[Gnome Calendar Flatpak + Evolution seems to do this fine] `/usr/libexec/evolution-data-server/evolution-alarm-notify` seemed to be notifying me of tasks. Thank you for all the help. Some relevant command which might have helped me get the alarm notification thing working backup: ----------------------------- I need Calendar but **EVERY** app I have tried so far doesn't support background notifications or don't run on my system. I want one good app, flatpak or not which can 1. Notify me of tasks, to do lists etc 2. Give me notifications for the mails I receive. I don't know why, even evolution won't do this for me. Thank you for your help! I installed flatpak Gnome Calendar after using 1 GB of internet bandwidth but no luck

[SOLVED] Snaps won’t send background notifications
edit: It can't send notifs :( ------------------------------ Is there a way to fix this? I am using an app called Superproductivity, it's a productivity app where you can schedule tasks and keep track of them. Now, the trouble is, it won't run in the background and it won't send me notifications. This seems to be common for all Snaps I have installed, is there a way to solve this and make it notify me even when it's not open? Also, it also have an app image, do app images have the capacity to notify when they are not open? I have heard they can't run in the background. Thank you to everyone who try to help me here :)

What kind of people frequent on forums?
edit: I ain't complaining. If reddit engagement is dying and forums are taking it's place, ![]( Forums are more private and I generally hate reddit :) I want to know just who these people are? I mean, the success of forums have been a surprise to me. And recently, in my experience Tech reddits (linux distros and such) haven't been getting as much attention as they used to get. If I have a question regarding MX Linux or someone has asked a question regrading it, it seems reasonable to me that I would find it on Reddit. Since there are generally more people on reddit than on forums and reddit is like a super forum with almost everything under the sun attached to it and showing up in your feed. So, I might not be passionate enough to just stay on MX forum, but I will get enough variety on reddit that I will be able to stay interested and browse it more. I don't know enough about MX Linux to frequent the forums, not do I want to know/read every small issue someone else has. But, if I come across a post on reddit while I am just browsing through my feed, I will make sure I try to help them as much as possible, but yeah, I don't see myself going to forums to try and help people. So, I don't get why forums are so successful. Are there really so many people to frequent forums and provide answers to people who seem to be in trouble. I love MX but it's not my passion and frankly, I am surprised that there are many people for whom it seems like it is.

How does a polite and grateful person navigate the internet?
I care a lot about what other people think (not good) and if someone tries to help or helps me, I can't stay without saying thank you. I really want to thank people who comment on my posts. But many times I ask a lot of questions and I thus reply to a lot of comments and try to be polite and show how grateful I am. So, now, I have seen many people abandoning their posts after they get their answer without upvotes or replies or followups, I am pretty sure they are better at time management than I am. Now, what do you think? What is the right way to behave when you post and random strangers help you? I know you all don't think about me all the time and if you made a comment you probably will forget about it, so is it ok to just upvote and forget even the people who help you? I have an exam in a few months and I should not be wasting my time rn, what would you do if you were in my place? Don't say "dont' create posts" because I like the people here and the answers they give, but yeah, it's a hell of a job to reply "satisfactorily". Again, should I just "upvote and ignore"? Also, I just want to say that people here are amazing. You guys are very helpful! Like, especially on c/linux! Such helpful communities are one of the things that make Linux great and more usable! Thank you to the folks at c/linux btw

and symbol gets replaced by “&” everywhere on Lemmy
Is this a known issue? If you type in ![]( somewhere it will be replaced by ![]( Don't get me started on how this messes up linux commands and scripts, Is this a me problem or a lemmy problem? I need to study, if this is a known problem, then fine, but if it isn't then it needs to be reported.

Is there a repository of shortcuts that no major website will use / no major distro uses?
Trying to assign a lot of custom shortcuts to my keys. So, I want two key combinations which are unlikely to used by other websites/distros. I use MX Linux 21 xfce btw. Also, is there a way to know what your systems current shortcuts are? I am pretty sure not many websites use `Windows button + _____` shortcuts, so if I know what shortcuts to avoid, I can create many shortcuts as a combination of `Windows Button`

What is FOSS answer to BingGPT & Google Bard?
There was a post asking people their opinions about `Edge` and many people seemed to liked the idea of `Edge` and seemed to be ok having it on Linux (Blasphemy) Also, can we all agree how fast `Edge` went from joke to a threat? I mean, it's good now alright! It was good back then, but it's better now. Money man!!! Money! Personally I hate MS, but I can't help but see the fact that there is no alternative to Bing GPT and many features Bing offers on Linux. If there is an open source ChatGPT how would it look? Who would bear the costs? How would we solve the server problem? i.e., it would take a ton of server space and bandwidth. Just wondering. I am pretty sure MS products will improve greatly due to their integration with GPT what do us poor folks on Linux do? Just want to know the answers, I don't want to discuss (aka can't comment, I need to study), but just curious!

What apps/windows support --drop-down option? [MX-Linux-21 xfce]
I like the fact that on MX `F4` button is associated with `xfce4-terminal --drop-down`. I can just press `F4` to open or close it and it won't be another window and it won't take space on my panel and if I don't press `Alt+F4` and exit from the drop-down terminal, it will keep the session going without appearing on panel or on tabs when you press `Alt + Tab`. Too many windows don't help the switching process and I don't know what other option there is to switch other than press `Alt+F4` or manually click on the icons (which I don't like to do) Now, what apps support --drop-down options? and is there a way to make more apps support this feature? ----------------- Also, is there a better ways to swtich tabs rather than press on the `icon` or `Alt+Tab`? ------------------- Also guys, what do you use to switch tabs when you have to see refer many windows at once? Having a bigger screen probably helps, but yeah, what do poor folks do? I remember having some nice feature in Gnome where if you press a button every tab active will be visible and it had a nice interface to it, anyone know how to do that on MX xfce?

Can I turn on NSFW posts on lemmy?
I mean, I don't want to see graphic content or sexual content, I like lemmy without it. But, there is no NSFW 2 tag, i.e., no graphic images but posts which are not safe for work. I am ok with text nsfw posts but not with ones which includes images. So, are nsfw posts (say graphic images but not porn) allowed on lemmy? If I turn on nsfw posts would I get text posts along with graphic images and stuff? Just asking -------------- Also, do you like the fact that lemmy doesn't have the karma system that reddit does? What do you think about it?

[SOLVED] How to install this particular driver on Linux [‘Microdia USB 2.0 Camera’]
Thank you! You folks just are the best! SOLUTION: Follow this thread! --------------- I noticed that my webcam wasn't working and I thought maybe it had some driver missing. ``` (base) bob@bob:~ $ lsusb Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0c45:6363 Microdia USB 2.0 Camera ``` so I created a probe using `` app image and it found that I had this hardware component that wasn't working. and it also has this in the website ![]( Now, I searched for this exact keyword and found this driver lying around a little known guy's repository called `linux`. Now, I don't know how to install it. So, how do I install this? ![](

Give me a good FOSS alternative to Youtube
edit: Peertube seems to be having a limit to how much you can upload, say 5-50gbs, how do big creators with lots of videos do their work here? edit: Peertube is freaking chaotic, it's like I need to read a book before I start using it. I want something which is intuitive and FOSS and Odysee though a lil complex is/was that. edit: interestingly, no one has suggested anything but Peertube, I had though it too works on lbry protocol, but it doesn't. I don't need one, but does anyone have a platform which depends on lbry protocol? I like FOSS and thus a few months ago I resolved to never post videos on youtube (no matter how low quality) I though odysee was a good alternative, apparently not. It takes ages to upload videos and it isn't freaking working rn. I just uploaded this video (for an hour) and it won't even play! I tried to register an account on TILvids, a platform which works on LBRY and I just wasn't able to publish videos because I had to ask some admin for a quota or some thing. TILvids thing has been going on for a month now (as in I requested the admin 1 month ago and they haven't responded yet) So, what is that one FOSS alternative to youtube which won't suck life out of you. Also, is it possible to just move your content from odysee to some other platform. Because it has been frustrating to use Odysee but I have tolerated it because it isn't yt, but now even I am giving up on it. > I want to just upload Linux videos and not require someone’s approval like TILvids, what platform inside peertube should I use

[BADASS SUGGESTION] Allow us to add attributes to images so we can resize it while we post
I am not going to create a issue for this, but if there is a previous issue mentioning this I would like to ask for this feature. When we post, we get something like `![](` and it's not resizable. It is stuck at the size we copied it unless we open KolorPaint (or some other application) and resize it, we can't do anything else on lemmy. **Now, my suggestion is allow me to resize it on the go by allowing attributes into this** `![]( | size)` What y'all think? Please create a feature request for this, I don't know how to and I don't have a github acc (I am lying but yeah, pls)

[SOLVED] Installing Waydroid on MX-Linux
Apparently, MX doesn't support Waydroid but you can install waydroid anyways by doing this -------------------------- **OS: MX x86\_64 | Kernel: 6.0.0-6mx-amd64 | Shell: bash 5.1.4** `Linux version 6.0.0-6mx-amd64 (`[``](`) (gcc-10 (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Debian) 2.35.2) #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.0.12-1~mx21+1 (2022-12-15)` So, I added the repo using command `curl` [``]( `| sudo bash` (this adds the repo right) ![]( Apparently, it was supposed to show me my distro and it didn't. So, I want to know what I should give as the `-s ` value. Also, the iso though which I installed `MX-Linux` reads `MX-21.3_ahs_x64` And when I try to update my system I don't know what the script was supposed to do but it looks like it just ran sudo apt update and nothing else. **___**

What can you do on Linux that you can’t do on Windows?
edit: hey guys, 60+ comments, can't reply from now on, but know that I am grateful for your comments, keep the convo going. Thank you to the y'all people who gave unbiased answers and thanks also to those who told me about `Waydroid` and `Docker` edit: Well, now that's sobering, apparently I can do most of these things on Windows with ease too. I won't be switching back to Windows anytime soon, but it appears that my friend was right. I am getting FOMO Fear of missing out right now. I do need these apps right now, but there are some apps on Windows for which we don't have a great replacement 1. Adobe 2. MS word (yeah, I don't like Libre and most of Libre Suit) it's not as good as MS suite, of c, but it's really bad. 3. Games ( a big one although steam is helping bridge the gap) 4. Many torrented apps, most of these are Windows specific and thus I won't have any luck installing them on Linux. 5. Apparently windows is allowing their users to use some Android apps? Torrented apps would be my biggest concern, I mean, these are Windows specific, how can I run them on Linux? Seriously, I want to know how. Can wine run most of the apps without error? I am thinking of torrenting some educational software made for Windows. --------------------------- -------------------------- Let me list the customizations I have done with my xfce desktop and you tell me if I can do that on Windows. I told my friend that I can't leave linux because of all the customization I have done and he said, you just don't like to accept that Windows can do that too. Yeah, because I think it can't do some of it (and I like Linux better) But yeah, let's give the devil it's due, can I do these things on Windows? 1. I have applications which launch from terminal eg: `vlc` would open vlc (no questions asked, no other stuff needed, just type vlc) 2. Bash scripts which updates my system (not completely, snaps and flatpaks seem to be immune to this). I am pretty sure you can't do this on Windows. 3. I can basically automate most of my tasks and it has a good integration with my apps. 4. I can create desktop launchers. 5. Not update my system, I love to update because my updates aren't usually 4 freaking GB and the largest update I have seen has been 200-300 mbs, probably less but yeah, I was free to not update my PC if I so choose. Can you do this on Windows? And also, Linux updates fail less often, I mean, it might break your system, but the thing won't stop in the middle and say "Bye Bye, updates failed" and now you have to waste 4GB again to download the update. PS: You should always keep your apps upto date mostly for security reasons, but Linux won't force it on you and ruin your workflow. 6. Create custom panel plugin. ![]( 7. My understanding is that the Windows terminal sucks? I don't know why, it just looks bad. I am sure as hell there are more but this is at the top of my mind rn, can I do this on Windows. Also, give me something that you personally do on Linux but can't do it on Windows.

[SOLVED] Inaccurate readings from vnstat application
[SOLVED kinda] I now know the cause of this. I have scrcpy, syncthing and KDE connect working in the background. So, if I upload something from one device to another, it gets treated as upload using data bandwidth and it gets counted, even if I am not uploading it to the internet. -------------------- vnstat won't show me accurate data, it's estimates for today are 1.66 times greater than what it should be. If the data usage is 6 GB, it would show me that it is 10GB, pretty inaccurate readings. Is there a way to fix this? Also, sometimes it's 1.66 times and sometimes it more/less. It isn't accurate is my point. PS: I need it to be vnstat as I have a script which works on vnstat But, if there is another better package, do tell me about it. here is the script, (strictly not relevant) ``` #!/bin/bash eleven=$(vnstat --json | jq --arg day "$(date +'%d')" --arg month "$(date +'%m')" '.interfaces[0][] | select( == ($day | tonumber) and .date.month == ($month | tonumber)) | (.rx + .tx)/ (1024*1024*1024)') rounded_eleven=$(printf "%.2f" "$eleven") echo " $rounded_eleven GB" ``` > What are you comparing it to? I’m pretty sure vnstat is using the raw.interface counters. This would include all protocol overhead. I would expect it to be higher than, for example, an application level counter. **___**

[Quick Suggestion] Allow me to mute my own posts!
I posted a good asklemmy thread and many people responded, trouble is I can't reply to all of them, there were some 400 comments, I am so irritated at receiving unnecessary notification I can't tell the difference between a reply to my comment that I ought to see or just a post comment which doesn't need me to reply. I saw the settings there are no options which will help me with this. ![]( ![]( Me after receiving 400+ comments on my post ![](

[SOLVED] How to view Download Speed and Upload Speed on Panel instead of conky?
[SOLVED] This seemed to have not worked before but on a closer look xfce package `xfce4-netload-plugin 1.4.0` works well. This was pre-installed into MX Linux and does the job. None of you seem to be using xfce, any reasons? ![]( -------------------------------------------- `MX x86_64 Xfce 4.18 Xfwm4` with panel `xfce4-panel` & `mx-conky` ![What I want]( [file of the conky on pastebin]( or ![]( is what I am after, I don't have a plugin for xfce that works. I have the config file for this particular file and I have uploaded it in pastebin, I can make it appear on panel if I get the command, but I don't know what command conky is using. I am pretty sure one can get that if they have access to this particular conky file. Unfortunately, I am not **THE ONE**. Are you **THE ONE**? If you are, then help me please :') ![](

[SOLVED] Monitoring Daily Data Usage on Linux
[SOLVED] Hurray! I did it! ![]( ----------------- Solution: You need to have `Generic monitor` [xfce link]( installed [available almost on every DE out there] Two finger Tap on `Panel` `Panel (dropdown) > Panel Preferences > Items > Add Item > Generic Monitor` ![]( In generic monitor give the exact location of the script like I have done here (also copy other details too) ![]( Now save Here's what is in the trial file ``` #!/bin/bash eleven=$(vnstat --json | jq --arg day "$(date +'%d')" --arg month "$(date +'%m')" '.interfaces[0][] | select( == ($day | tonumber) and .date.month == ($month | tonumber)) | (.rx + .tx) / (1024*1024*1024)') rounded_eleven=$(printf "%.2f" "$eleven") echo " $rounded_eleven GB" ``` And that' about it, for Network Usage Gouger you need `Network Monitor` Package [xfce4-netload-plugin]( You can see more into [here]( Adios! ----------------------- [ORIGINAL POST] edit: I am open to installing other packages, I ain't married to any of these packages. ![]( I have installed `vnstat` package and it's quite handy. I have a few questions about it though. 1. What is `rx` & `tx` mean in this package? `rx` stands for `received` `tx` stands for `transmission` Is there a command to check data usage on my system using this? I mean, I want to create a Add an item to my panel which will show me my daily data usage updating it every minute. Basically, I want to to see what the arrow points to **on the panel next to my date** and I want it to update it every minute. I have 1.5GBs of data a day and I usually am not able to use it efficiently or I use too early and spent hours without data. So, I want to try and handle this problem by monitoring my data. -------------------- Note: I want to measure gauge data speed here, not do a speed test on how fast my internet is. Also, I want to monitor the instantaneous rate of data usage and for that package `bwm-ng` does a great job, but I want to see in the panel and I want it to update every `0.5 s` how can I achieve this? I would like for a command to either view `red arrow` or the `black arrow` with the right mark depending upon which of them is `instantaneous data speed` ![]( ------------- Note to Future self: `rx` : `received` `tx` : `transmission` `lo` : `local loopback` `wlan0` : `ethernet`

How do Germans pirate? I didn't know how Germans pirated and how they got caught, so I tried to do some research and found the article above, which is quite nice. To summarize, your IP is visible to your ISP (internet service provider) and a law company can basically send a legal letter asking your ISP to identify you and you will be identified and your address and details will be given to the Lawyers. Now, you can either pay up or hire a lawyer and pay a lesser amount. Now, the solution the article provided was, just use a VPN bro. But yes, VPNs can fail and not all VPNs allow you to torrent. So, how do these Germans pirate and not get caught? PS: I obviously don't condone pirate, asking for a friend who is an author.

So, what do you think of those Jews?
hehe.... just a provocative title nothing else. I made this post about [asking what atheists like about religion]( and some of you replied music, Christmas, getting together with family etc., This sounded like the best of religion (if there is any such thing). I know there are many kinds of jewish people out there and not everyone are jews, but the jewish community is tighly knight and very successful in many ways. Many of my heroes are/were Jewish Atheists and they seem to identify as jewish and observe many of the customs of Judaism without following the crazy. They do wear the funny cap even though they are atheists and they do celebrate religious customs to a bare minimum. They seem to have taken the best of their religion away and they seem to be quite successful in life. Now, I was wondering if this was feasible for other religions. Except for the religion part, I like most Hindus (I was raised one), Muslims and Christians. Do you think it's good to be culturally Hindu/Muslim observe some traditions of the religion you were brought up in and call it a day? or maybe like Jordan Peterson (and Obama) not believe in it literally, but rather take it as a fairy take which contains some wisdom? I realize there are some parts so vile that you can't seek any wisdom from it, but yeah, you have to cherry pick. Does this seem like a lot of mental gymnastics to you? Although Islam and Hinduism are practiced in different ways, the holy holidays are a great staple and do bring people together (at least it used to in my country and Lebanon apparently as my Lebanese friend once told me). I have noticed that the more the people take their religion seriously, the less happy they are. There is a sweet spot which I think *some* jewish people have found which is best combination of both. Now, the knowledge I have about the jews is from the books I have read and the documentaries I have watched and the fact that they are indeed successful all over the world, they are disproportionately represented in science, in law and in finance. And unlike some people, I adore that. I want to be a part of that cultural success. I do realize there are some crazy jews in israel and other parts of the world who actually believe in the crazy the religion has to offer quite literally, but this is not the majority. So yeah, what do you think? Do you think culturally religious is a good thing?

Atheists, is there anything religious that sticks with you to this day?
I am Ganesh, an Indian atheist and I don't eat beef. It's not like that I have a religious reason to do that, but after all those years seeing cows as peaceful animals and playing and growing up with them in a village, I doubt if I ever will be able to eat beef. I wasn't raised very religious, I didn't go to temple everyday and read Gita every evening unlike most muslims who are somewhat serious about their religion, my family has this watered down religion (which has it's advantages). But yeah, not eating beef is a moral issue I deal with. I mean, I don't care that I don't eat beef, but the fact that I eat pork and chicken but not beef seems to me to be weird. So, is there any religious practice that you guys follow to this day? edit: I like religious music, religious temples (Churches, Gurudwara's, Temples & Mosques in Iran), religious paintings and art sometimes. I know for a fact that the only art you could produce is those days was indeed religious and the greatest artists needed to make something religious to be funded, that we will never know what those artists would have produced in the absence of religion, but yeah, religious art is good nonetheless.

[SOLVED] How do you download Youtube audio with highest quality?
edit: Guys, I now `yt-dlp` is the way to go, but is there a gui front end for `yt-dlp` with all the options that I get on cli? Or else, just advice me on how to use the `yt-dlp` cli I need the best audio-quality and I want it to be webm and want it to be downloaded with transcripts too, so what should I do? -------------- I tried this snap `video-downloader` and it was able to download a webm file and it's amazing. I love it. But, I am not sure if it's the best quality I can get. I was wondering what Linux native software you used to download Youtube audio in it's best quality. btw, when I downloaded the `.webm` file, I got it along with the transcribed text and it plays in the place where video subs play and it's quite nice. ---------------------------- Something else Removes all `sponsors` and downloads the best audio into `Videos/yt-dlp` cd Videos/yt-dlp &* youtube-dlp yt-dlp -x --audio-quality=0 --sponsorblock-mark all --sponsorblock-remove all [YOUTUBE-URL] && cd ~ `sudo snap video-downloader` Video-downloader snap downloads the package Video-Downloader and this can be opened through terminal (you can create a .desktop file through `menulibre` for this) And all videos with varying degree of quality can be downloaded here. But, this doesn't include sponsorblocks so idk, use yt-dlp here too, but I don't download videos so I don't really care for this.

[SOLVED] Why do I get two different results on two different Lemmy instance?
[solved] Apparently, I had to type in ! instead of just piracy and it does work. Now, I guess, that's one disadvantage of lemmy? ![]( --------------- [ORIGINAL POST] ![]( ![]( just doesn't show [c/piracy](

Do you pirate? And do you justify pirating? i.e., what is your piracy philosophy?
Well, my friend, he's kinda poor he can't afford some books and some streaming services, so he pirates. He pirate books, audiobook and videos and other stuff. Sometimes he buys books he likes a lot out of loyalty to the author (yeah, I don't understand it either), he likes to read physical books, but yeah, if he hates the author or just wants to skim through it, he will download the book. He usually doesn't like to pirate from small companies or professors who are trying to make a living by selling books, but from millionaires & plenty of mega corps which already have loads of money, he feels like it's the right move to pirate Also, have you ever noticed that you have felt that the value of a product has decreased just because you didn't pay for it, thus you are less interested to read it? i.e., had you paid for the book, you would have more likely read that book. He says he will buy stuff when his time is more valuable than money, let's all hope that day is soon. What are your piracy habits?

[NOT a question] What skulls on the The Pirate Bay mean I already know, but I feel like this post belonged here. Trust the skulls, I have usually found original seeders seeding the torrent alone for years at time (1 seeder) and they get the job done. Green Skull, Pink Skull, Number of seeders column (what else?) are the things you should care for while downloading torrents.

What do you think of Web seeds?
I for the first time got to know about web seeds, these seed at maximum download speed your device can handle (like usenet) and if the torrent has no seeders at all these can be useful. I have seen their use in when I was downloading a `Librivox` audiobook. What are the disadvantages of web seeds? Would the government be able to shut these down with relative ease as unlike normal seeders, they are centralized. Also, is there a way to use these? I mean, is there a service which will seed through web seeds what I don't want to be seen seeding? PS: `Librivox` is a free audio book site for books in public domain and you can legally get them after visiting their [website]( I love Librivox!

[SOLVED] Linux app which downloads torrent from begginning to end and allows me to watch the torrent as I am downloading it.
You lovely people have given me a lot of great *FOSS* apps and I thank you for your suggestions Although this feature is available in new Transmission 4, I am using Transmission 3 and I can use flatpak to download the latest and the greatest, but yeah, I choose to just go for other apps for now. If you are looking to make transmission work, [this comment]( is for you, again to repeat, flatpak transmission is the best transmission if you want to stick to it. 1. [Deluge]( you are as beautiful as I first found you 😇 [comment]( [Installing this next time I distrohop] 2. [qb]( which also has this functionality. 3. [steamio]( 4. [btfs]( 5. [webtorrent]( installing now 6. [kodi + elementum]( I don't like KODI :( So, I don't think so edit: I am using Debian Stable, so though I have Transmission the transmission I have is the older one released in 2020. So, unfortunately, I can't use the latest greatest thing (unless I use flatpaks), I have however chosen to use `qb` and I like it as well! Thank you all ---------------------- Two uses I think I would have from this app 1. I can see the quality of the file as I am downloading it and I can remove it if I don't like it. 2. I can obviously watch the movie or show I want to watch without waiting for it to be downloaded. I am using Transmission now and I love it, but yeah, this would be a good addition. PS: I do realize this would most likely work only for torrents with good number of seeders. **___****___** ::: spoiler spoiler ___ :::