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Appreciate the transparency and update. This definitely eases concerns. Thanks!

Could we get an introduction into who the new team lead is, what their experience is, and maybe some info on the rest of the team? The current repo owner has no information and has only ever worked on Mlem with this user account. Not exactly confidence inspiring from afar.

+1 here. If growth slows and donations drop, the instance needs some savings to continue operating, or if another server upgrade is needed with a large capital expense. Not everything is OpEx.

“Guys this is a democracy I promise. Just do your jobs and don’t complain, speak out, or vote against anything we say. You guys totally still are stakeholders in this platform though. Please volunteer more of your time so we can monetize your free content. Thanks!” - Reddit Admins

Upgraded cache = bigger clothes pile.

I love the irony of him calling Reddit a democracy while also refusing to budge on the API issue. You can’t have it both ways.

Great to hear that there is a dialog open between the admins. Hopefully it is all sorted swiftly. Federating with all of the large instances is important for the continued growth of the platform.

I’m also on gmail. Haven’t had any issues with it, no real desire to change.

Yep that’s an uninstall and 1 star review for sure.

Its their communities choice I suppose. This seems against the idealogy of the fediverse, but to each their own. Folks can migrate here, or to a different instance of their choice if they disagree with the Beehaw admins.

Not surprised. They need to milk every last drop of revenue from their users free content for the upcoming IPO.

I wouldn’t say it was a flop. A massive number of subs and users are participating at the moment (some forced due to the blackouts). But I do agree that reddit executives definitely don’t give a shit, and will eventually just start booting mods to bring the subs back if they don’t fall in line.