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Hi, can you clarify what you mean or provide a source? I’m not away of any widespread examples of this but it could be that I’m misunderstanding or misremembering.

I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria with a group of friends. It’s pretty janky at times, but the vibe is pretty fun and we’re all LotR nerds to some degree, so it’s been fun arguing about where the devs were lore friendly and where they colored outside the lines. It’s also nice to play a survival crafting game like this that has no PvP so the balancing can be entirely based on PvE play, which means the grind isn’t anywhere near the level of Ark or Conan. I’d say it’s a more janky little brother of Grounded with a LotR coat of paint and some pretty cool level design.

Hi @lolcatnip, we have one rule on Beehaw: Be(e) Nice. If you disagree with another user feel free to express why, but low effort, drive-by insults aren’t really in the spirit of this instance.

Hey, !technology mod here. We mostly get tech news and articles, but personally I have no issues with questions or self posts that promote discussion. Some communities do have more guidelines about how and what to post but !technology is fairly lax as long as the post is tech related and not spammy.

All that to say, please feel welcome to post your question there and see what folks recommend.

Hi @Leafeytea - I’ve removed this comment because a lot of folks are reading it as threatening toward Meta employees. I don’t want to assume that’s your intention, though. If you’d like, shoot me a DM or reply here and I will restore the comment if you would like to edit it to clarify what you meant.

Mod tools weren’t a priority the last time we heard anything from the Lemmy devs about it. It’s possible that has changed since then but I doubt it.

We have had a few people from beehaw working on contributing some things, but from what I have gathered (as someone who isn’t a software engineer) the lemmy codebase is very difficult to work with.

I can pretty much guarantee that moderators will look any all reports. As far as what the mod action would be, I think it would depend on the situation. For misinformation that is deceptive and harmful in some way, we have and likely would continue to remove it. For something that is not intending to be deceptive and/or isn’t actively harmful, I think I would be more inclined to leave it up and leave it to the community to hash out in the comments. For example, I’d be likely to remove disinfo about Covid vaccines or conspiracy theories about 5g or something, but I probably wouldn’t remove a post just because somebody called Linux an OS instead of “GNU plus Linux” or something. But that’s just how I would tend to treat this sort of thing. For most mod actions that aren’t straightforward, we tend to try and discuss them and get multiple perspectives.

The unfortunate reality of headlines is that, frequently, the author of the article has little or no control over them. Generally an editor will be writing a headline for maximum punch and clickability, and very frequently you will find articles with deceptive or clickbait-y headlines where the article is much better quality.

Hi - Beehaw mod here - we very much give a shit. We try to stay on top of things as much as we can, but we’re all volunteers with lots of other things going on, and !Technology is our most active community. If you see something that you feel needs attention, please report it with an explanation in the report reason so that we can take a look at it. We don’t always take action, but we always look at and evaluate user reports.

Hi, if you see any examples of this, please report them. I can’t promise that we’ll always take action, but we do try to. The mods here are all volunteers and don’t always have the ability to pick up on this type of thing - we rely on reports to draw our attention to things that might need action on our part.

Another difficulty is that Lemmy offers a very limited set of tools when it comes to something like this. I can’t tag or flair an article as having a deceptive headline - there’s no tag/flair feature. Mods can’t edit post titles, and we can’t even sticky a comment within a post; only posts can be stickied. Our only tools are commenting or messaging the OP asking them to change the title (and if it’s a federated post there no guarantee that the edit would federate in a reasonable amount of time, if ever) or remove the post. Often when we get reports there is already a good discussion in the comments about why the headline is bad, and personally I am always reluctant to remove posts that have good, ongoing discussion in them (as long as no one is being harmed anyway).

In the end of the day I agree that we should moderate titles more. I think we ought to moderate a few things more closely. But Beehaw’s mods are just normal users who, in their spare time, do their best to try and keep things nice. In particular, !Technology is our largest and most active community, and it is essentially impossible for us to stay on top of every post and evaluate it for accuracy, even if we might like to.

Sorry for the early morning ramble. I’m not disagreeing at all with your comment, just trying to give some perspective on why it might be a bigger ask than you realize.

Can I ask what you’re trying to get at by posting this?

I think you might need to take a break and cool off. You’re all over this thread getting way too heated for a discussion about a search engine. Please keep in mind Beehaw’s guiding principal and Be Nice.

Hmm. On the beehaw side there is a link to the main propublica site, but the title is also a link directly to the article. It’s probably the usual lemmy/kbin oddness.

This is literally the article that is linked in this post. I’m not sure what you’re getting at, or if this is another one of those odd UI issues between lemmy and kbin…

Hi @ripcord, we have one rule on Beehaw - “Be(e) nice”. In the future, please be respectful of other users when posting in Beehaw communities. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure I sound like even more of a hick than usual if I try to say “you all” over just admitting defeat and saying “ya’ll”.

Whether it was fascist or not matter because the word has lost its meaning. Could be something fairly innocuous really.

CNN sources a Media Matters report which goes into detail as to the content of the twitter account. Tl;dr, it’s an explicitly neo-nazi account which regularly posted memes and content praising Hitler and the Nazi party and pushing neo-nazi talking points.

I’m not sure what it accomplishes playing semantic games about whether something fits the technical definition of fascism (Nazi Germany absolutely does, btw) when the commonly understood definition of far-right, ultra-nationalist, authoritarianism is abundantly clear.

lol yeah sounds totally righteous to dictate which opinions others should have

I don’t think anyone is proposing that we dictate others’ opinions. But companies, advertisers, and platforms are under no obligation to be associated with the expression of those opinions, and I have no issue stating that Nazis, Fascists, and their ideological descendants are very unwelcome on Beehaw.

I understand frustration with potential spoilers, but to be fair this scene was in a livestreamed demo that Larian hosted that went viral before the game even launched. It’s not been kept particularly secret and I don’t think it’s probably a major plot point.

General Megathread for Elon Musk Nonsense and Twitter News
Hey folks - The seemingly never-ending flood of Musk/Twitter news and commentary is getting to some of our users (and some of the mods, too), so we've decided to create a general Megathread for all things related to Elon Musk and X/Twitter. This thread will be a general Musk catch-all, so we're including news about Musk acting the fool as related to *any* of his companies (SpaceX, Tesla, Boring). News about those companies that don't involve Elon can be posted outside this thread.

@straycatfrump - you are arguing against a point that Lionir is not making. Please assume good faith when engaging with users on Beehaw. Our one rule is: Be(e) Nice.

Queer theory denies human physiology, elevating the idea that everything is socially constructed

You’re already getting pushback on your other points, so I thought I would weigh in here. Biologically speaking, sex is multifaceted, variable, and somewhat malleable. Even anatomically or physiologically scientists say that gender and sex are not as simple or clean cut as you are making it out to be. Additionally, gender diverse people can be found across all cultures and throughout history - transgender people are not an invention of the post-modern era.

I don’t think that acknowledging the reality that human experience is complex and multi-faceted is a left wing value. It is evident to anyone who honestly engages with scientific consensus and with the lived experiences of LGBTQ folks that those people exist. They’re not going anywhere, and I don’t think it’s especially “left wing” to say we ought to make space for them in society to just live their lives as they are.

This is a really cool use of GPT, I love it! Anything that makes telemarketers and scammers waste their time and raises their costs/lowers their profitability is a good thing, in my view.

I’m just going to quote the comment that you are replying to, since you don’t seem to have read it.

Is there some reason that we can’t work to have a more equitable society racially and economically? It’s not a zero sum game, we can care about and accomplish more than one thing at a time…

I don’t agree that the sole cause of racial inequity is economic. If you only address the economic factors, then you will still be left with an unjust society. Again, what I am saying is that we can do more than one thing at a time.

To address your analogy, what you’re proposing would be like marching on Berlin and leaving the camps in place, and just assuming that the folks in the will be fine once you overthrow the Nazis without actually doing the work to make sure that is the case. In reality, allied forces liberated the camps in the process of marching toward Berlin. That is what I am trying to say. We need to dismantle all of the machinery of oppression, not just the economic parts.

Edit: This probably came across as unnecessarily combative. I’m going to take a step back from this thread for a while. Ya’ll stay nice.

That’s a problem that needs to be fixed at the high school level (or earlier).

What ability does a private university like Harvard have to affect the equity of primary or secondary education across the entire country? This sounds good, but who is doing the fixing? The same people who are stripping away the ability for colleges and universities to address inequity by considering it in their admissions policies are also strip mining public education. Maybe AA was a bandaid but ripping off the bandaid because it would be better to fix the injury, but having no ability or will to fix the injury, just means that now you’re bleeding all over the place.

I’m a bit puzzled by this response, to be honest. Yes, there are economic factors in many issues facing our society. However, the causes of abortion are not the same as access to it. And I notice you left out issues that are extremely pressing or even existential to many people, like inequities in policing, medicine (I don’t mean access to medicine, I mean inequities in treatment and research), higher ed, as well as denial of rights to self determination for Transgender people and erosion of civil rights for LGBTQ people across the country. Some of these have economic components, but none can be completely solved by economic means.

Of course we need to fix our broken economic system. The inequalities in wealth and the stranglehold that the capital class has on our economy and government are a dire problem. But to tell minorities who are also struggling in many ways that those struggles are a distraction is unconscionable. We can help each other, we don’t have to reduce the struggle to make a better world down to a single factor, and to do so will just create more inequalities when we fail to consider the needs to groups besides our own.

My parents were both in school during desegregation. We are less than a generation from people of color being denied the right to equality in education. Hell, Bob Jones University v. United States was decided in 1983. That sort of systemic inequality doesn’t just go away overnight. You have to take intentional steps to address those inequalities, and affirmative action is one of those steps. Color Blind policies fail to address systemic racism because they assume we live in a post-racial society, but the affects of centuries of inequality still exist everywhere in our society.

You can’t reduce all of society’s problems to one source. We need to improve the lives of everyone, and we don’t do that by ignoring the plight of minority groups. We can accomplish more than one good at a time.

Is there some reason that we can’t work to have a more equitable society racially and economically? It’s not a zero sum game, we can care about and accomplish more than one thing at a time…

This is fascinating, and also a heck of a headline, lol.

Thank you for posting.

You might be right that it’s not an issue of conscious personal vendetta against migrants (although I wouldn’t necessarily count that out) or an explicit class war, but I also don’t think that either of those things are what most people (or at least not the ones who weren’t just obnoxiously meming it for the drama or for hot takes) were trying to point out.

The comparison is meant to make us examine our priorities as a society. Why do we want to talk so much about these 5 rich people in the weird billionaire sub vs the migrant shipwreck? I do think it’s a valid theory that at least part of it is that as a society we place more significance and worth in the wealthy white folks. I think that a lot of it is probably also a ghoulish sort of rubbernecking impulse. The details of the sub story were weird and a bit morbid. Neither of those impulses are great, and I don’t think there’s any harm in pointing out the inequities and inviting some self reflection on where they come from.

However, I don’t love the sort of snide, gleeful celebration of the death of the folks on the sub either. I understand the frustrations that it comes from, but I think the folks cracking jokes or celebrating those deaths ought to be doing as much self reflection as the folks that were ignoring or ignorant of the migrant deaths.

I don’t want to continue to derail this post with offtopic comments. If you’d like to discuss further, feel free to DM me.

It’s of course hypothetical, and I think, totally within reason, it’s a thread about animal abuse.

Hypothetical or not, I’m telling you that it’s not acceptable for this instance.

I’m not saying that you are solely at fault for the thread getting out of hand, but I hope we can agree that when things devolve to the point that we’re talking about murdering other users and eating their corpses that the discussion has probably gotten out of hand.

I think there are ways of discussing even controversial topics without the conversation spinning out of control, but I know that this topic in particular touches a nerve with a lot of folks. Just please try to be mindful of whether you’re escalating or deescalating the argument in the future.

Bloodywood are fantastic. I actually hadn’t listened to this one, thanks for posting!

Folks, there is important, valid discussion to be had about meat eating both from ethical an environmental perspectives. I’m not sure that !Technology is the place to have that discussion, however.

More importantly, this thread was not the way to discuss these issues, particularly on Beehaw. The behavior in this thread was not nice, and is not the way that these types (or any type) of discussion should be conducted.

Folks, we have one rule on this instance: Be(e) nice.

It’s possible to discuss this (or any) game and disagree without the discussion devolving into a fight. In the future, please (both of you) reflect on whether your comments are contributing toward making Beehaw a nicer place, or whether they are escalating the discussion into an argument or a flamewar. If necessary, disengage.

I don’t care about your language, but I do care about how you interact with other users. Be civil.

Holy Fawn - “Death Is A Relief”
Saw these guys live a few weeks ago opening for Thrice and really liked their vibe. I've been really enjoying digging into their discog since then.