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We couldn’t has cheeseburgers, because of the war war was beginning.


Which is why the Lemmy community is absolute garbage.

What you said tracks with what I know from watching Jurrasic Park, so I’ll accept it.

Which is why you can never feed a Mogwai.

Who cares if the company went under five months after I left! When I was the CEO we had record profits

Then they re-hire you for an exorbitant price to fix the problems you created. The Bob Iger technique.

Downloading QWKs from local dial-up BBSs was the good ole times.

Lemmy sorting has shit ever since there was enough content here to make sorting necessary. It’s been five months and it hasn’t been fixed.

Lemmy desperately needs a fork.

Except telephone sanitizers actually have an important job to do.

With Rise of Skywalker that’s now cannon.

Did they discover algorithms in the 1990s? 'Cause it was shit then, too.

Or just install Wine from the software update app. Or just let Lutris handle your Wine installation and configuration.

Mediocre content still sells

Been living under a rock for all of 2023?

And have to live with a couch stuck in your stairway? Not a trade-off I’d be willing to make.

Yeah. We’ve just got to hope that no one manages to re-create the missing verses to Kubla Khan.

And it’s got “This is a fake” written in felt-tip pen on the canvas.

It wasn’t all of their demo discs. Their early issues didn’t have him.

I haven’t been back to Reddit in months, and maybe Reddit’s gotten worse since then, but Lemmy’s far worse than Reddit was when I left it. I stay here because I like the idea of the Fediverse, but this community is absolute garbage.

I understand the sentiment, but Netflix having a monopoly on streaming content wasn’t a good situation, either.

It’s an interesting video, I suppose more so if you didn’t experience game history in real time like those of us who did. No one ever thought Half-Life looked real. But wow, if you experienced games starting with text only and colored squares like I did, each new capability was incredible.

Nobody thought that it looked real, but people were impressed that it could represent reality. Five years before Half Life the most cutting-edge FPS couldn’t do slanted floors or have one room on top of another, and every enemy was a 2D sprite shown from eight different angles. Two years before Half Life the cutting edge was the muddy brown abstract fantasy environments of Quake. There’d been attempts to represent realistic environments in Build-engine games, but they had their own sets of limitations. Half Life was one of the first times that we had a 3D game where things just looked like the things they looked like. You’d never mistake them for the real thing, but you could easily tell at a glance what they were supposed to be, which wasn’t the case only a short time before.

Is that the same one where Jack O’Neill slaps Wesley Crusher for not getting in the robot?

Unfortunately, by the time widescreen formats for home viewing became common Star Wars was butchered into a shadow of its former self, so unless you’re going to sail the high seas you’ve got to pick your poison.

It means they want to shit on anyone who suggests any mechanism for social change that might actually work instead of wanking about some glorious revolution that’ll never happen. Just another way of maintaining the status quo while pretending to be a revolutionary.

The Clinton team had Clinton on it. If they’d run against anyone other than Trump it would’ve been an even bigger slaughter.