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Is their being successful going to be used by them to make my life worse? If not, I wish them all the success in the world.

to196@lemmy.blahaj.zone196 rule

I’m in Queensland, so we’re not allowed to have alcohol in supermarkets. This was a stand alone BWS

to196@lemmy.blahaj.zone196 rule

It has happened!

I mean the stand alone ones built in beside the toilet.

Something like this

Unless I’m at home, I’m probably wearing mine! (They get hidden behind my hair, so people don’t even know I’m wearing them)

After using a dedicated bidet for the first time, I was an instant convert! But the after market ones installed in existing toilets just aren’t the same. If I ever get the chance, I’ll be adding one to any house I own!

You mean a kettle? How did you not already have one?

Get in to the ones that fill a niche for you!

Like, it doesn’t matter how good PeerTube is, I’m unlikely to use it, because I rarely consume “Youtube like” content and when I do, it’s without an account or interaction, following external links.

But I use the threadiverse and microfediverse as my only social media outlets.

This is all hypotheticals for you, based on some ideal you think is important.

It’s lived experience for me. I told you it wouldn’t work for many folk. Your priority is “free” speech ahead of well being, and well, as a member of a targetted minority on the internet, my priorities are in a different order

For brand new bigots. That might require a “if the person’s history is too small, exclude” type rule. Which is less than ideal, yes. Lots of false positives there.

Doesn’t work. For trans folk particularly, throw away accounts not linked to their main account is often the first step of exploring their identity online.

You still see it though, especially if it’s a direct reply. And it is still a responsive system, that lets bigots just come back with new accounts and spew hate until they get downvoted in to silence, when they just come back with another account.

Whilst the latter problem still exists even with moderators, at least a moderator can reduce the number of people exposed to hate.

I’ve lived this. I have zero desire to use the system you describe, because I know it leads to toxicity that I don’t need.

You miss the point. Your approach requires the targetted minority to experience the hate first, and then react to it, and gives them no method of pro-actively avoiding the content from new sources. It also ensures that every member of the minority in the community in question has a chance to see it, and has to individually remove it.

That suits bigots fine, and unsurprisingly, isn’t sustainable for many targets of bigotry.

That just means that folk from vulnerable minorities each individually have to downvote every new troll account targetting them, until the person just moves on to a new troll account.

Which in turn is how you end up with communities full of nothing but white, straight middle class western cis men who think that trolling each other is a national sport.

There’s an upcoming change in Lemmy as a whole that will essentially get rid of the scores altogether

Any chance you can expand on that?

Skin sensitivity, smell, taste, posture, temperature tolerance, it can all change!

It’s pointless when there is so much content that it gets drowned out by the time it’s a few days old. It’s not pointless when that isn’t true.

Many people sort by active or new comments and even days old threads will show up there if someone replies.

Trans woman here, and I can say from first hand experience that hormones change sexual response and desire. I’m guessing (and only guessing) that that is at least a part of the reason.

I know my own experience changed and i vocalise more, but even I can’t tell you why.

Lemmy was around and active before the reddit incident. It wasn’t busy, but it was growing. It’s always had its own life.

I wish. I love black tea, but I have an allergy to it :\

It’s descriptions like that that make me wonder if I’m aromantic in some fashion, because I don’t have anything like that.

Thank you for the answer, however I was making a reference from the movie myself :)

I don’t mean it like that. I’m not trying to meme or anything. Yeah, meming is why I first started watching it at Christmas, but it’s long stopped being about the meme and and debates about whether it’s a Christmas movie.

I watch it every Christmas now because it has become a genuine tradition for me

None. We’re still dealing with many other instances of people thinking it’s a good idea…

It’s genuinely Die Hard. Calling it a Christmas movie used to be something I said for fun, but somewhere along the line, watching it at Christmas has become an actual tradition that I look forward to

We have preferential voting here, so I stick the lesser of two evils in front of the evil party but behind the people I actually want in power.

You can’t get it wrong, because half the fun of the game IMO is trying to play with awful characters that screw up all your plans.

If you’re looking for a “paint the map one colour” strategy game, there are better options, but if you want to play game of thrones with heresies, inheritance wars, inbreeding and all of the other fun stuff, this is the game :)

To me, romance feels like friendship without boundaries. It’s not something I feel quickly or when I first see someone. It’s something that has to develop over time, because it’s based on friendship.

Physical attraction, it’s desire… It’s usually in the moment, and can and does occur with people I don’t know. It’s noticing their features… feeling my eyes drawn to them

What’s interesting though is that I can experience romantic attraction to anyone (but it seems I’m more likely to experience it with women), but my physical attraction tends to be towards men and masc folk.

Despite having more emojis than most lemmy instances, I still rarely use them myself, but that’s mostly because they’re not intuitively built in to the reply/post UI/flow. You can get to them, but it’s a bif of an effort 🤷‍♀️

The three brackets are a nazi dog whistle.

I’m from Australia, and we have strict gun controls. US gun culture is a complete and utter mystery to me. I have no desire to live like that…

If you’re in a relationship with someone that cares that deeply about office work, and you don’t have the first inkling that they do, you have significant communication problems that need to be addressed.

More realistically, you’d know enough about your partner to know that it might be an issue for them, in which case, not knowing what their boundaries are, but knowing you’re at risk of crossing them, you’d communicate with them.

Cheating is when you do something that betrays your partners trust.

I couldn’t care less if my partners post nudes, anonymous or otherwise, so it wouldn’t be cheating for me.

Other people feel differently, and so it could be cheating for them.

The transphobia stops now
This community is housed on an instance run by two trans women, focused on the needs of the queer and gender diverse community. We allowed 196 here because we were promised the community is queer and trans inclusive. If you're here it's because you're aggressively supportive of trans folk. Not middle of the ground, not "just asking questions". If your response to that is, "yes, but..." then this isn't the instance for you, and by extension, this isn't the community for you. tl;dr - Unambiguous support and inclusion, or fuck off somewhere else. -- **Edit** - *I changed the phrase "aggressive support to "unambiguous support", as there was some confusion over the intent behind my previous phrasing*.

Federating downvotes on instances that don’t support downvotes - Answered
Lets say that an instance doesn't allow downvotes called NoDownvotesInstance. That instance hosts a community called NoDownvotesCommunity. Now, lets say someone on another instance that does allow downvotes places a downvote on a post made to NoDownvotesCommunity. Does NoDownvotesInstance federate that downvote out so that other instance with downvotes can see it, or does it just drop the downvote so that it goes no further? Edit - []( has answered this, with evidence. Despite the highest upvoted reply suggesting otherwise, it appears as that instances with disabled downvotes *do not* federate downvotes on.

If an admin marks a report as resolved does that stop community moderators from seeing the report?
I keep getting reports for posts that presumably break community rules for the communities on the instance I admin, however the posts do not break the instance rules. I want to mark them as complete just to get them out of my notifications, but I can't tell if that stops the moderators of those communities from seeing the report. If all else fails, I'll can create a test account and test myself, but I'm hoping to take the easy way out and ask if anyone else has already worked it out :)

Panic, this is not a test
Panic, this is not a test

This community needs active mods
Hi all, I'm an admin on, /196's home instance. I'm not a member of /196, and I'm not familiar with its history. However, I'm seeing a LOT of reports coming through that aren't being actioned by community mods. It looks like the original mod has deleted their account, and the remaining mod hasn't been active since their initial post 2 days ago. What I'm hoping to see is that @threegnomes logs back in, appoints some mods and gets things under control. But should that not happen, I'm going to need to step in and appoint some mods myself Either way, if you're interested in being a mod, please reply below. I (and hopefully @threegnomes) will look at everyone that gets lots of community support (via upvotes or replies) and put some more mods in. Lots of upvotes doesn't mean you automatically get the job. I reserve the right to veto candidates that I think are going to create more work rather than reduce it.

tfw you run a lemmy instance
My email at the moment ![]( Image Description: A screen snippet from an email client showing 18 emails reading "- has applied to join". The usernames have been manually edited out. of the image snippet.

The future is disruptive, and I can’t wait!
This is a post I originally made on my #calckey account, but I think it belongs here too. == The more I use different #fediverse apps, the more I feel that we are on the edge of a different future, in the early stages of something that we haven't seen before. In the last few months, I've used #Mastodon, #Misskey, #Calckey, #Funkwhale, #lemmy, #Peertube, #Bookwyrm and #Pixelfed. Soon, I'm going to try an install of #kbin. In the not too distant future, we will see #GreatApe bringing more options for video chat to the Fediverse. There are countless more platforms that I haven't had a chance to try. The network formed by the interconnections between those apps is the Fediverse; a Federated Universe. Federated, because everything out there is connected with everything else, in one giant network. What I am truly beginning to appreciate is just how real that vision is, and just how disruptive to our future it's going to be. More than a truism, these the fediverse platforms really will allow us to see and interact with nearly anything else out there. The platform we use no longer determines the information we can access; it doesn't build walls around us. Instead, what out choice of platform determines, is how we interact with information, rather than determining what information we are able interact with in the first place. The walls in the walled garden haven't so much been torn down, as simply never built. I can write a blog post, and someone on Mastodon can reply to it. I can make a group post on lemmy, and someone from Calckey can reply to it. I can see an awesome photo on Pixelfed, bring it in to #Akkoma and boost it for everyone else to see. And then anyone who sees it can interact with it. The cross platform interactions are still imperfect. Standards are still being developed, code is still being written and features are still being defined, but the future is right here, we are on the cusp of something new and amazing. Of course, this is all old news to someone who has been part of the fediverse for years now, but it feels different now. The momentum is here, we are seeing a shift and I think once we cross that precipice, once we have normalised the cross channel interactions we are starting to develop, it's going to be very hard to go back. Honestly, I can't wait.