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Also guilty.

Why would you feel this way…most of us were born into this world not knowing anything about climate change…I only learned about it in 2007…Scientists have known about this problem, at least, since the 1950s…It has been shown, many times over, that the primary responsibility (of no longer burning fossil fuels) falls onto a handful (or so) of very large corporations…Of course, they want the every day person to feel guilty and have been pushing green-washing propaganda for decades onto all of us…propaganda works in their favor to deflect the blame off of themselves and onto you and I.

Right now, China and India must get on board quickly in order for the future populations to subvert the worst case scenarios.

What can you tell me about Bluesky?
I just received my invite code today and took a quick look around the app. Like Mastodon I **do not** prefer microblogging platforms. And that's all I know about Bluesky. So, what can you tell me about this project?

I was able to see them at their peak at a small venue. One of the best shows I’ve ever attended.

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Your comment could be easily taken as antisemitic. Our only rule at Beehaw is to be(e) nice. Please, keep this in mind for the future. BTW, you are using that Psalm outside of its historical context and does not apply to modern religious Jews.

It all feels like too much water in my Scotch.

LMAO good analogy!

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We believe it is time to consider not just how online spaces can be governed efficiently and in service to corporate bottom lines, but how they can be governed fairly and legitimately. Giving communities more control over the spaces they participate in is a proven way to do just that.


This is SPAM and is not nice. That website has multiple web threats that were detected by Avast. Please, don’t make posts like this in the future. This is your only warning.

Where will we all be(e) next year?
In this post I am speaking as a Beehaw fanatic and **not** as an admin. That is why it is placed in the chat community. To be clear, I am not speaking on behalf of the Beehaw admin team nor the community as a whole. Currently, we have $5,430 that is in our collective purse to be used to further this endeavor. When I take a step back, and look at that amount of money, I am humbled. That is hope…it is an expression of where we want to go and what we want to preserve. You may be wondering where we are with the testing of alternative platforms and any other considerations. The testing phase, as far as I can tell, is over. We are, I believe, in a stage of digesting all of it. And, I have a feeling, that we are holding out hope that there could be other options we haven’t encountered yet. I appreciate the patience of everyone involved and I don’t want to make a hasty decision. Thankfully, we have had persons such as [PenguinCoder]( to rescue us from the huge Reddit exodus and all the technical problems associated with the Lemmy software platform that we rely on right now. There have been whispers that [PenguinCoder]( could be working on a new platform for the Beehaw project. Thank you all for grabbing onto our northern star, be(e) nice, and running with it.

This is a massive breakthrough that will benefit the entire planet. Great news!

10 Year Old Son Clears The Second Capstone Dungeon In Diablo 4…
NOT the first capstone dungeon...The **second** capstone dungeon that gets you into the nightmare level...With a level 58 ball lightning sorcerer! See the following video to find out how. It's fairly simple. [The New Best Build in Diablo 4](

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uBlock Origin VS YouTube’s Anti-Adblock
I came across the [stickied weekly thread]( at uBlock Origin's sub-Reddit. **WARNING**: It's a long and complicated read. The TL;DR takeaway is thus (especially for those who use Firefox): 1. Click the uBlock Origin icon on Firefox's menu bar 2. You'll see a three-gear icon at the bottom right. Click this to open the dashboard. 3. Click the "Purge all caches" button at the top. 4. Click the "Update now" button at the top. **Note**: You may have to do this several times per day since YouTube keeps changing their anti-adblock scripts. However, the diligent work, from all the volunteers at uBlock Origin, have been able to keep pace. I haven't seen any ads NOR any anti-adblock warnings in the past 48 hours.

Simple enough I guess. Thanks.

The work that I’ve done, using my Google account, has been a labor of love. To explain, I have a couple of channels that I used to help others that are seeking particular content. It was never about making money.

That being said, and the road that YouTube (i.e. Google) has chosen to go down, what is the most efficient way in which to separate my self from Google?

I am using a YouTube account, so that may have something to do with it. Thanks for bringing this up.

Revisiting YouTube’s Anti-Ad blocker Message
The original post I made about this is [here]( At first, I implemented the uBlock Origin method, recommended by [](, and it seemed to work at first. Today, I got another Anti-Ad blocker message and decided to try the method described by []( and, again, this seemed to work at first. Later today, neither of these methods work when trying to use YouTube itself. The redirect methods, probably, work fine if you are NOT using YouTube itself. Does anyone else have another solution?

I did not try this method. I used the method posted by However, I am curious if it works for others.

Thanks. This worked perfectly.

This just appeared on my screen when visiting YouTube. Yes, I use Ublock Origin. However, what is all of this about? Will I be banned from YouTube if I don't comply?

This doesn’t belong in World News. Post again in /c/technology, please.

This doesn’t belong in World News. Please, post again in /c/entertainment.

A Texas company, featured in this 60 Minutes clip, has already been contracted by NASA to build roads and much more on the moon.

I know how to unplug and do it intermittently year by year.

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Our only rule here are Beehaw is to be(e) nice. Your comment is not nice. Enjoy your week long vacation while you ponder this.

Your comment is NOT nice. Please, remember this in the future and enjoy your week long vacation.