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I live in Australia. I used to pay for hulu ages ago, using a US credit card, but then they stopped me from using it .So the way i see it, if they don’t want my money, then i won’t give it to them. That’s when i started pirating.

why is the thumbnail a picture of donald?

dominion is a great game. I played it many times, and I definitely recommend it.

I’m on an iphone 11, and it still gets updates.

I’ve used trillium before. it was my main note taking app for a long while. It’s a great app. Right out of the box, it has full markdown and whatever.

It’s probably because i have the IQ of a wet sponge, but i don’t get this.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. This really hits home.

hasn’t shown up for me either. I mostly use invidious, but i just tried directly on youtube, and it works with an adblocker too.

I’m with you. nano or GTFO.

wait, you guys have friends??

how on earth do they survive on only 1 billion??

FYI, america spends about about double on healthcare than other developed nations. America spends about $9K on healthcare per capita, and most other developed nations spend abotu $3K-4K

most ducks don’t get to experience happiness. I’d guess the vast majority of them live on factory farms.

is Alexa spying on you?

Yes. This is a shock?

yummo. i love impossible meat. But they tested on animals in the beginning, so not really vegan.

Thorin and sherlock have had enough of your photos.

it’s soy sauce, i believe. I don’t understand the meme, however.

produced by all rights reserved

what a name for a company!

I pay $0 for my streaming service, and it has everything i want on it. Yaaaaarrrrrr

dude, it says right there, there were 4 of them wanking.

Ted died a few months ago of suicide, but he was deathly ill with cancer. So he would have died shortly after anyways.

If measuring as coming from a middle-class background with no inheritance of the wealth.

that’s still doing better than a lot of people tbh.

Graphs show the dire reality of spiking temperatures around the world, in what is quickly shaping up to be Earth's hottest year since records began.