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No, that’s the thing, this concept supposedly doesn’t need a heatsink. It only works if it’s flat like that and just putting two of them side by side won’t increase efficiency either.

Efficiency doesn’t seem too good, though. Last time I heard about them, it was something like 5W power to remove 20W of heat. Fans and heatsinks are probably more efficient than that.

I don’t think you know yourself want thought you want to express.

Take away the supermarket around the corner and both of us, and most artists, will starve.

BTW: can you make paint from whatever nature provides you? Can you make paper and pencils?

Frozen Pizza is something like 4€ for 3 cheap pizzas or one slightly more fancy pizza. Germany, not Africa.

Then refute it.

BTW, there’s nothing even remotely crypto in my comment. Maybe you’re projecting here?

Then the answer is yes. Or do you still use a washboard?

And your artists wouldn’t exist without generations of artists before them and a bunch of scientists developing the computers that run all the tools modern artists use.

What exactly is your point here? Are we morally obliged to safeguard current artists, simply because their predecessors once made significant contributions to the field?

BTW, don’t argue ad hominem. I’m not pro AI, I’m just against unjustified entitlement.

Also, I have never known a single artist that expects to get paid or praised just for making something

Yeah, that’s a lie.

Artists can’t compete with an AI that can pump out thousands of images a day, regardless of how good they are.

Ok, so they are obsolete. Simple as that.

If nobody “values” it, maybe it’s not that valuable?

This is again the arrogance I pointed at. If art is subjective and the majority of the subjects decide that this art doesn’t matter, how can you claim to be the all knowing art authority who can judge them and their taste in art?

Let’s be honest, 99% of art is used to fill bank spaces, nothing more.

And how many of those people you think would be willing to pay for some drawings if AI wouldn’t exist?

If artists can’t compete with AI, they’re bad artists or produce bad art, simple as that.

It’s actually pretty arrogant of all those “artists” to think that they somehow deserve to be paid and praised just because they call themselves artists. A DeviantArt account doesn’t entitle you to be paid for every drawing.

They probably cost next to nothing to produce, so even a small audience will make them profitable.

I wonder, if you could just cycle through the same 5 movies without anyone noticing.

But why not add at least something resembling a reasonable charging option? Like a QI mat, a magnetic holder/charger, etc.

You could even add extremely low power charging to the flanks of the keyboard, so that it charges by being close to the keyboard.

The update process is absolutely horrible, especially with containers.

I seriously cannot understand how this hasn’t been fixed ages ago. Upgrading is kind of important and nextcloud isn’t doing that much weird stuff that it didn’t upgrade itself.

There’s one guy specifically, whose comments are either deranged, stupid bullshit, or really good points and I hate him because of this.

Nein, nicht wirklich. Das Problem ist nur, dass meine information in welchem Bundesland ich formal gerade arbeite, der Stand bei HR und der Stand im Buchungssystem teilweise drei verschiedene sind.

Mit ein bisschen telefonieren/Mails ist das auch alles behoben, aber es nervt eben. Seitens meines AGs ist das aber nur Inkompetenz und keine böse Absicht.

Formal ist mein Arbeitsvertrag mit Arbeitsort in einem der Büros, ich darf aber netterweise von Zuhause arbeiten. Das ist eigentlich auch kein Problem und ich profitiere momentan auch davon, einen Tag mehr zu haben. Allerdings ist die Verteilung teilweise eine andere.

Also, du magst Recht haben, aber Unrecht ist für mich derzeit vorteilhaft.

Mit der Einstellung schon.

Auch Home Office?

Ich musste schon mehrfach mit HR kämpfen, weil die teilweise den formalen Arbeitsort geändert haben und ich dann auf einmal keinen Feiertag mehr hatte.

Also: Let’s be honest, 99.9999% of our work is not that special. It’s cookie cutter business software. There are only of handful of problems I encountered where you could argue, it would have actually required an “awesome” developer. All the others were business problems, lack of knowledge or too ambitious deadlines (thanks, sales!).

Nowadays, I’m lucky if I get more than 2h in code per day. Even if I were the best dev in the world, my company wouldn’t benefit that much.

Soweit ich weiß, gilt das sofort. Unverzüglich.

Yeah, I’m also not entirely what to think about the machine. There are definitely some quirks that are 100% Dell doing its own thing instead of using standard parts. On the other hand, the case is extremely easy to disassemble, you hardly need any tools.

That sounds just stupid enough to actually work.

But then I would need an ssh-enabled wackity whack in my rack.

Durchführen lassen.

Tried that. It found one fan, and that’s the GPU fan - which spins down just fine, so no gain here.

…or I could just find a way to fix the fan.

On my machine it has one screen: no battery found…

Linux is not an option. I tried, see my other comment.

There are no profiles, just an on/off switch. From what I’ve seen, there is also no way to control the fans from Windows (Linux somehow manages, though).

But not Windows games. Fallout barely runs at all, I tried and it’s not fun.

Dell Optiplex turning into turbine after load
I have a Dell Optiplex 3060 here, that I used as a backup desktop with Linux, but now I'm trying to use it essentially as a streaming host for games (Fallout, GTA...), unfortunately that means Windows. And even less fortunate: Windows seems to think, fan speeds only know one direction: up. Essentially, the machine starts nice and reasonably quite, but after some load (e.g. a game), the fans never spin down again. Even if the temps are fine (all cores at <30°C, GPU at 48°C), it keeps running in turbine mode. The only "fix" is a sleep or power cycle. Since this machine is supposed to run relatively long hours and sit in my room, this is quite annoying and I'm kind of out of ideas. Newest BIOS and all the Dell Magic™ are installed.

…or you could just use Debian.

I have to say, this episode was hard to listen to. They all seem to constantly scream and the actual information content was interesting, but something like 5min.

Well, not really. The HP g3 mini is roughly the size of a paperback book and costs around 100€, depending on the specs. Similar devices of slightly older makes are even cheaper.

So, yes, they are physically larger, but still pretty small. Chances are, you don’t actually need a tiny device like a Pi, so you should at least consider SFF PCs.

There’s a weird disconnect between humans and nature in general.

It’s against the law to let animals suffer to death in cases of injury, sickness, etc. Euthanasia is almost mandated. But the same thing for humans is a horrible crime, even if the person explicitly asked for it. That’s insane.

[hardware] Used SAS drives?
I just browsed eBay a bit and saw that older, used SAS drives can be had pretty cheap - 30€ for 4TB, but of course rather old drives, sometimes 10 years old. Now, I wouldn't expect ultra reliable, ultra fast, super cheap drives here. But this offer seems compelling, even buying a spare drive for higher redundancy would still be pretty cheap. Question is: am I too optimistic here? Are these drives bound to fail within 3 months?

A service of some sort to cluster news?
I'm using Feedly (google reader clone) to keep track of my news. However, there are tons of duplicates (same event/topic different sources). I was just thinking about using text summaries + similarity analysis (possible AI driven) to cluster groups of articles. Are there already solutions for that? I could build it myself, but I'm not exactly the best web dev.

Samba share writable to everyone, even if someone else created the files?
I have a public SMB share mainly as a media dump. Everyone can read and write, without any auth - as intended. However, if I copy files via SSH (as a regular user, not the samba user), these files are of course owned by that user and thus not writable for the samba user - so I can't touch these files via SMB. My config looks like this ``` [public] path = /path/to/samba/public guest ok = yes writeable = yes browseable = yes create mask = 0664 directory mask = 0775 force user = sambapub force group = users ``` I can fix the permissions by simply chown/chmod all files, but that's not really a solution.

[ubuntu 22.04] Firefox keeps forgetting logins
As the title says, FF seems to selectively forget cookies and thus requires me to constantly re-login. I've had the exact same issue on two separate machines both running Ubuntu. My best guess is, that snap is at fault here, but I have no idea, why. To reproduce the issue, I just have to perform the arcane ritual of "closing the app" and whoosh, cookies are gone. Plugins and settings persist, no "delete on close" option whatsoever is active. Vanilla Ubuntu shows exactly this behavior.

Are there any pitfalls to avoid in buying PCIe/m.2 adapters?
I'm planning on giving an older machine a small upgrade with an SSD, but since that machine does not have an m.2 port, I was thinking about buying the cheapest PCIe adapter I could find. Besides the obvious stuff like ports, PCIe gen and lane count, is there anything I should look out for? Specifically regarding Linux?

What “mindless” games do you play?
I'm often in longer telephone conferences and like to play relatively uncomplicated, mindless games like 2048 or threes. Both of these are getting pretty boring these days, so I'm looking for new games.

Are those Pico PSUs worth it?
I have an HP g3 mini and a Dell Optiplex flying around, both similarly specced. The HP has an i5 6500t and 16gb DDR4 RAM, the Dell has 8gb DDR3l, so nothing too different. However, the Dell draws around 15W while idle, the HP one 5W. The only difference I could think of (and that is in my power to change) is the PSU. The Dell has one of those SFF PSU for up to 180W while the HP has an external 65W power brick with a barrel jack. So my question is: Does anyone have experience with one of those Pico PSUs? I guess they should be more efficient? I'm not planning to put anything power hungry into the optiplex.

What’s your approach to databases?
I'm currently struggling with upgrading some Postgres DBs on my home-k3s and I'm seriously considering throwing it all away since it's such a hassle. So, how do you handle DBs? K8s? Just a regular daemon?

Lowest maintenance pihole ever?
A few of my friends experienced the glory of PiHole in my home network and asked, if I could install such a thing in their networks as well. Which I obviously could, **but** none of them are interested in updating/maintaining such a device. So I would like to collect some suggestions on how to deploy such a box with (ideally) zero interaction from my side until the end of times. My hardware platform of choice would be a cheap thin client (Futro s920 or something like that) running Ubuntu with unattended updates enabled. Pihole itself seem to offer an auto-updater, but I'm not sure how stable that runs in the long run - maybe Docker would be better suited here?