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What you do is up to you. For me : I run like hell from people like that. If I have to talk to them during work it’s ONLY about work related material.

Now that I agree with.

I call the singles “cheese” and meat loaf… personally I call it meat with everything else thrown in.

The ultra tiny amount of electricity is… Well you probably would never notice it on your bill.

But yeah it can be annoying having it there. I guess the purpose is to tell you that it has power available if you need it

Learn where all the shut off valves for your waterlines are at your house or apartment. When you have a leak is not the time to find out or rather figure out where your shut off valves are at. if you don’t know where your shut off valves are at, what could’ve been a minor water mess could turn into a major bill.

In the United States is there an easy way to find out what business occupied space before the current business?
For example I am right now sitting in an Arby’s. I’m trying to figure out what business was here before Arby’s? Which would’ve been at least 20 years ago. Is there a website or someplace that I could easily search this information at, preferably for free. Edit: the arbys building was built when they moved in. I’m curious what business was there before.

The speakers from a Yamaha 5.1 theater. The receiver has long been replaced and the center channel has been replaced but the left and right front speakers I’ve kept. Damned good sound ,bought in 1996

Stupid question : what is the difference between an emoji and an emoticon?

Music nothing most likely.

Not wanting to have massive tinnitus. Most likely the reason. Protect the ears.

Thank you for helping to prove my point. When the OP was saying take the fifth he was talking in a genetic way. In other words walking into the police station and taking that countries variation of the fifth. He just didn’t bother typing it fully out like that because it was obvious what his point was. It’s obvious that new Zealand doesn’t have the literal fifth amendment but they have the equivalent of it. Again thank you for helping to prove my point.

When I asked “doesn’t new Zealand have that concept” I new they did. I was trying to get you to understand what the op was trying to say.

So New Zealand doesn’t have a concept of the courts can’t make you testify against yourself? That surprises me.

Absolutely all true. Although I did say Everything else included. While yes you are building equity… If at the end of your ability to live alone, you have spent more by owning then renting (read this as significantly more) then it might have been wiser to have rented and invested the difference. Again people have to look at ALL the options.

? Use it more because it “works” even though it’s never worked for me.

That’s your logic?

So you are saying the system uses a powerful AI that learns and adapts? That way over time it will start fixing the issues?

Look at the other comments to see how many people have had no luck with the system. Maybe it works for you but in general it fails.

So money doesn’t exist in your country? Costs of things don’t go up and down (fluctuate) in your country?

That’s what a lot of people fail to understand. It isn’t just the price of the house. It’s everything else included (maintenance, replacement,taxes ). If over the very long term it’s cheaper to rent then probably just rent.

Those aren’t the major categories of their spending. It’s just four examples.

No. That was meant as a statement of I’ve been using windows for that long and since the beginning of Windows (and when ever they introduced the trouble shooter) it’s never worked

Never. I’ve been using since Windows 3.11

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows xp


Windows 8

Windows 10

Not once has it solved a problem

I agree with you and disagree with anyone who said it’s not OK.

Some people will learn with a gentle hand. Some learn with a slightly firm hand. Some only learn when you pick up a 2x4 and beat them.

He doesn’t mean literally restrain line with chains or something. He means figuratively restrain

Yes I read that but my question still stands.

Why is the car storing the data AND not giving access to the data to the owner of the car?

An Annapolis, Maryland-based company, Berla Corporation, provides the technology to some car manufacturers but does not offer it to the general public, the lawsuit said. Once messages are downloaded, Berla’s software makes it impossible for vehicle owners to access their communications and call logs but does provide law enforcement with access, the lawsuit said Is what the second top last paragraph says. Can someone explain in simple terms to me : why is the car downloading the data but not giving access to the owner of the car? What is the data being downloaded for? The last paragraph says Many car manufacturers are selling car owners’ data to advertisers as a revenue boosting tactic, according to earlier reporting by Recorded Future News. Automakers are exponentially increasing the number of sensors they place in their cars every year with little regulation of the practice. But if you read the two paragraphs logically, it isn't really saying berla is selling the data. It's saying some of the car manufacturers are selling the data. So I'm at a loss.

That’s another group that should be created over here. Give people joining a better perspective. While some would never join, some join and hate it, and some join and love it.

A military section for each of the branches of the armed forces (U.S.) so those that are enlisting can get questions answered. Reddit has a great one for each of the branches.

I need a van to write “Need Candy” on the side. I’ll come visit you.

And the government uses it to spy on you. Businesses use it to spy on you and gather basically all of your personal data. Privacy has been dead for a number of years now. A hundred years ago people would have rioted.

Does she have a priest /pastor? Maybe have a sit down with that person without your family member present and see what their thoughts are. If that priest /pastor understands that yes space exists have them talk to your relative.

ipads were just updated to 16.6.1 to fix a security issue that allowed pegasus to be installed onto an apple device. will iphone 7 running 15.7.8 get an update to fix the same issue?
i know that iphone 7 can't run ios 16 but they can still get security patches when needed. better question is ios 15.7.8 even at risk for this security issue?

how to post YouTube short video link?
https://youtube.com/shorts/-mFznrJRNBw?feature=share That should link to a YouTube video. I have it pulled up in YouTube and clicked the share button then tapped the copy link line. But when I post it via an iPhone in voyager the link doesn’t work. How do I make the link actually work? Edit on note it works. I wonder if it’s sub specific for it to work? Edit 2: problem solved. Replace the word short with the word watch in the link for the short video

why does my grill which has a thermometer on the top register one temperature, but I put a thermometer inside registers a different temperature, the difference is 100°F?
The thermometers built into the grill which is on the mounted to the top of the grill reads 100°F higher than a thermometer inside of the grill.

where do the instances actually reside?
If I were to create a new instance of lemmy do I set up my own server in my house, or am I just creating an instance on one of the lemmy servers?

how to save a post?
When looking at a post in wefwef it shows upvote downvote and then a symbol like a flag (the save icon I assume) but I click it and nothing happens. Is there a way to save a post?

how to save a post?
When looking at a post in wefwef it shows upvote downvote and then a symbol like a flag (the save icon I assume) but I click it and nothing happens. Is there a way to save a post?

how do I change my password
I’m on wefwef and I created my account on lemmy.world and I forgot my password. I would like to log in on a different device. I don’t see a way to change it on wefwef . Any help is appreciated