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He was already banned, this was an alt of @PepeLivesMatter@lemmy.today. Banned this account now too. At least on LW.

In a VM you can not really use your GPU so that’s not the way to go about it. So no, you seem uninformed

You know that if your kbin.social account did not give you access to Lemmy content there would not be much left, right? You use kbin to access Lemmy content…

Yes ofcourse we defederated preemptively from Hexbear. You can make an account there no need for you on LW

We kindly rejected your offer to join after having a look at your modlog and now you want to bring it to the public. I invite everyone to have a look at the modlog for this user. This is hardly “arguing”.

Mate your takes are not hot they are just shit. What does this even mean.


You’re both Perma banned on LW. Exactly the types of users we don’t want.

And no we will not federate with hexbear because that would give an influx of users like yourself. And our users are very happy with our decision. Those who didn’t, left.

141 comments in 7 hours. Damn who pissed in your cereal

He just admitted it is personal in his reply below. None of the things he mentions here are factual. We are in good contact with the admins on most if not all instances. Even some of those we defederated with.

We are antisematic? We harass other instance admins? IP bans don’t even make sense on Lemmy due to federation and you can not get the IP of posters on another instance.

You are so full of it. We are in good contact with most if not all instances and their admins.

The only truthful thing you said is that it is personal.

I permabanned your account on Lemmy World so you don’t have to get triggered anymore by the ‘shit admins’.

Edit: this account is an alt of CookieJarObserver. Moderator over at Loli/pedo instance burggit.moe which is why he didn’t want to give me his main account when asked.

Since it’s more focused on Lemmy World communities it would make sense to have some affinity with the instance so a local account would be preferred.

That’s actually true and the only thing that helps against this is drinking the hotdog water too

Thank you! But funny you bring this up…

Because that’s exactly what we are working on. Community Management and Engagement Management teams are being formed. Community managers will be checking up on moderation and are about keeping communities healthy. Community Engagement team will be responsible to help provide content, putting community’s in the spotlight and more.

Formation of these teams is ongoing, if anyone reads this and is interested contact me or @clueless_stoner@lemmy.world

Anyway, more on that in a different thread soon!

That thread filled with people who got banned from Lemmy World. You think everyone there is arguing in good faith?

And some of the reactions to the new ToS have been quite aggressive towards the admin team, even though there is nothing there that changed how people can use our site. Be a decent person and you are welcome, that is the document’s purpose.

We had reactions telling us “fuck off corporate shills” and “suck my balls” and publicly stating they will be a problem and then it’s Shocked Pikachu when they get banned and start threads everywhere.

As you pointed out, people who sign up on Lemmy World have to agree to these terms by typing “I agree” in the sign-up form. We’re looking into other options for existing users.

You know you can search for your username and see all your accounts right? Your Lemmy.World one is far from the most active.

Yes most people want to be treated like adults and there is nothing in the ToS that prevents them from doing so. Which of the terms do you have a problem with?

Lemmy.World can you see this?

They work on the website and are probably not supported by all apps. But Safari should work fine.

There’s also an issue in Lemmy currently with custom emoji’s. I see there’s a problem report on github that was closed, so I hope it will be solved in v0.19 which should be right around the corner.

It’s a Lemmy feature which we just weren’t using yet. And what would you deem useful enough @thantik@lemmy.world?

I think it is because the Lemmygrad crowd behaves better on dbzer0 than on LW.

My stance is fuck Zionists and fuck Hamas. I checked the modlog and yeah sorry for that but I see Avaddon fixed it already!

They have been defederated on Lemmy World for months: https://lemmy.world/post/2498330

But you are on aussie.zone so they might still be federated and will explain why you see their posts and communities.

Lemmy software is not developed by the Lemmy World team. You can create feature requests on the developers’ github: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy

But good luck with that ;)

Heya Cole, yeah I think it was a pretty generic fishing attempt. But we just wanted to get the word out. Normally Lemmy users are quite tech savvy but you never know. Cheers!

I personally use https://dashy.to/ because you can also add links to your externally hosted services should you want to.

That guy above is calling us liars and saying there were no takedown requests while there were. Yes bungiefan was trolling but there was more going on, as I explained in the post I just linked you.

I gave a bit more background info as to what was going on in my reply on the crosspost on dbzer0: https://lemmy.world/comment/3950446

It wasn’t just the takedown request, it was also the fact that we were moving to a different hosting company in another country. And having limited resources to handle the DDOS attacks, site moderation AND takedown request. db0 confirming what, that you still need to dedicate resources to it? Correct.

!boostforlemmy@lemmy.world saw it’s official release and the announcement over on Reddit gave us a bump, much like when !syncforlemmy@lemmy.world was officially released a while back.

Also there might have been a (albeit smaller) bump a few days ago due to Reddit removing the ability to opt out of ad personalization.

cross-posted from: https://sh.itjust.works/post/3365629 > The app that synchronizes multiple lemmy accounts so you can migrate and keep backup accounts across instances, it's opensource and free, currently working in android and windows. > > It's in homologation now and anyone can test, any feedbacks are welcome as always. > > If you find any bugs please report > > [Github Source](https://github.com/gusVLZ/lemmy_handshake) > > --- > ## [Download now](https://github.com/gusVLZ/lemmy_handshake/releases/tag/beta) > --- > > ![](https://sh.itjust.works/pictrs/image/67b41d4b-5a12-49c2-a0c4-6404b24a63e2.webp) > ![](https://sh.itjust.works/pictrs/image/a997e994-dabe-4c27-a749-e351bd3566d3.webp) >

Alternative UI: Photon
We added an extra UI for our users. Photon by Xylight is an interface with a sleek, modern look and has all the bells and whistles you would need. Moderator tools included! You can access the UI from https://photon.lemmy.world. Visit Photon's project page on [github](https://github.com/Xyphyn/photon) or get in touch with the developer in the [!photon@lemmy.xylight.dev](https://lemmy.xylight.dev/c/photon) community. If you want to use photon on other instances you can do so from https://phtn.app. Update: [@Xylight](https://lemmy.xylight.dev/u/Xylight) has set up a donation link so if you like photon as much as I do, show him some love! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/xylight

We've launced a public discord server at https://discord.gg/lemmyworld The reason for why we choose discord is because it was easier to moderate and manage than other options. Besides we also had a discord-bot guru by the name of Rooki who created a neat bot that allowed us to connect/verify discord users to their Lemmy World account. So if you are a moderator and you are looking for some extra hands to moderate your community, or if you need to contact anyone from the LW team, this is the most efficient way to do it! Come have a look!

We just added Alexandrite to the server, it's an alternative desktop UI for Lemmy created by Sheodox who worked tirelessly to make the necessary changes to we could host it ourselves here. So go to **https://a.lemmy.world** and have a look! He continues to update it constantly, you can follow the development on his [github](https://github.com/sheodox/alexandrite) page or in his [community](https://lemmy.world/c/alexandrite). If you like what you see and want to support him, why not [buy him a coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/sheodox)? :) For those who don't have Lemmy World as their home instance and want to use Alexandrite, either ask your instance admins to add it or go to https://alexandrite.app! Edit: I should probably have mentioned that Alexandrite is meant for desktop!

Lemmy.world updated to 0.18.2
The lemmy.world instance was just updated to version 0.18.2. The login issues that were being reported (for example, [here](https://lemmy.world/post/1364490)) are now resolved. For release notes: https://lemmy.world/post/1339018 Edit for those who still have issues logging in: - When using a browser: clear cookies and cache - When using an app: remove your lemmy.world account and add it again.

Blocking communities from a server
Is there any way to block a community from a server. It looks like it's only possible on a user-level, unless I'm missing something it's not in the documentation on join-lemmy