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Attention and awareness of the ways in which modern technology is harming ourselves.

We’re providing people with the electronic equivalent of heroin, from a young age, completely rewiring our brains and detaching us from nature and each other.

IBM Plex Mono is such a fancy, refined font. The line spacing is a bit too high for my liking though 😞

Each commit includes the diff and metadata (like parent commits).

Commits don’t store diffs, so you’re wrong from the start here.

Hence why people say “git is hard”

I’m amazed people are still using Mercurial. I worked on a few hg projects about a decade ago and it wasn’t a very good experience. It was easy for people who used subversion, but if you were even halfway familiar with git you just missed a lot of functionality.

Fittingly, Fedora 39 arrives 20 years and 1 day after Fedora Core 1 was released November 6, 2003.

Time really sneaks up on you doesn’t it

This is the setup for me too. It’s been fantastic

Probably because one is for memes and the other isn’t

Irreparably and permanently.

Valve put a lot of work in improving the shader compilation process for AMD. It’s smooth as butter and very, very fast.

Debian stable + flatpak for steam and discord

Haha now the rest of the fediverse is subject to my stupid comments!

On the plus side no users means no bug reports or feature requests

Lol it was removed by a hexbear mod on the hexbear instance. Only you and your fragile commie buddies were spared from the horrors of his dumb take

You didn’t make an argument. You gave your opinion, which was that the war should be escalated. Asking if you’ll be affected by the escalation is not a personal attack.

Calling you a coward would be a personal attack.

I’m ready for an escalation. This has gone on too long and should have already been stopped.

Great, when are you joining the front lines?

How’s that disarming going? Special military operation?

I beg your pardon? I didn’t see any pronouns in their name, unless you think they identify as a hotel in Vegas?

Russia: give me what I want or I will invade Ukraine

NATO: no

Russia: you made me do this!!

Lemmygraders are tankies who have never read a history book.

Hexbear are tankies who have read many, but reject their content as CIA propaganda.

My brother in Marx you need to learn how to read

Every single person who clapped should be stripped of power and be given the choice of exile or execution. They’re either a Nazi sympathiser or conman. There is no third option.

You are completely unhinged and need a better therapist.

You’re going backwards comrade. You’re supposed to deny the deaths happened before you blame the kulaks.

the kulaks were responible for the deaths of millions of Ukrainians

If you were repeating this Soviet propaganda in 1933 that would be one thing.

However repeating it 90 years later, after we know it’s bullshit, well that takes a special kind of stooge.

Two things are true:

  1. There are too many tankies on lemmy
  2. Stalin is responsible for the deaths of millions of Ukranians