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wish these companies making soft routers would give a couple options with a nas case instead. 4 bay n5105 or n100 for cheap would be a nice low power side grade to my old e3,

It would be nice if developers would stand up their own instances for the apps to default to. They will be in the best position to collect funds directly from users in a way they are used to.

Wikipedia gets a lot of funding from billionaires and corporations. It’s not going to be easy for most instances to be funded entirely by user donations long term.

Wikimedia Endowment
In January 2016, the Foundation announced the creation of an endowment to safeguard its future.[93] The Wikimedia Endowment was established as a donor-advised fund at the Tides Foundation, with a stated goal to raise US$100 million in the next 10 years.[94] Craig Newmark was one of the initial donors, giving US$1 million.[95] Peter Baldwin and his wife, Lisbet Rausing, donated US$5 million to it in 2017.[96]

In 2018, major donations to the endowment were received from Amazon and Facebook (US$1 million each) and George Soros (US$2 million).[97][98][99] In 2019, donations included US$2 million from Google,[100] US$3.5 million more from Baldwin and Rausing,[96] US$2.5 million more from Newmark,[101] and another US$1 million from Amazon in October 2019 and again in September 2020.[102][103]

As of 2022, the advisory board consists of Jimmy Wales, Peter Baldwin, former Wikimedia Foundation Trustees Patricio Lorente and Phoebe Ayers, former Wikimedia Foundation Board Visitor Doron Weber of the Sloan Foundation, investor Annette Campbell-White, businessman Niels Christian Nielsen, and venture capitalist Michael Kim.

The Foundation itself has provided annual grants of $5 million to its Endowment since 2016.[104] These amounts have been recorded as part of the Foundation’s “awards and grants” expenses.[105] In September 2021, the Foundation announced that the Wikimedia Endowment had reached its initial $100 million fundraising goal in June 2021, five years ahead of its initial target.[4]


edit: removed “most”

I don’t think it’s implemented here yet. There are open issues at codeberg though.

Mentioned up above, but there is a pull request that will make docker deployment much easier. It will move all setup into env variables and use precompiled images.

There’s a pull request to make the docker install easier for us normies.

At this point they are definitely getting there, but that only been the case for a few days.

oh, you’re asking the opposite of what I thought.
Up until a week ago, yes they were still denying the genocide and suppressing attempts to talk about it (they call it “orientalism”). I think they’ve been too swamped to do much since then.
There are some links to their reddit above with older stuff.


moderator of


is parentis_shotgun dessalines

The problem is many Lemmy instances don’t use downvotes (like beehaw), so posts and replies from those sites will unnaturally rise to the top and drown out other users.

It’s extra annoying, because lemmy people can downvote, but they can’t (as far as I know) boost.

If big instances like Beehaw go whitelist federation only, it will effectively make single user instances useless.

99% of what made it to /all from there was pretty much “I hate my manager”

This is a weird comment for someone that has given the most downvotes to replies out of everyone in this thread.

From what I’ve gathered, Ernest had been trying to follow general fediverse conventions where possible (boosts and @ at the beginning of mags), but in the meantime Lemmy got popular, so he’s going back to make things more lemmylike. Reputation got caught in the middle.

on kbin we have reputation, which is nearly impossible to keep positive, because it counts downvotes but not upvotes. They are working on fixing it though.

I did it for years. The only problem is, if you mess up your opnsense config, you’re gonna need to get the keyboard and monitor out.

On my proxmox, I make a mergefs filesystem that I just mount to my lxc containers that need shared storage.


Here’s a start. The people who run lemmy.ml and lemmygrad are pro-genocide tankies, that think any critisism of the ccp is orientalism. He’s bad enough he was banned from r/socialism

edit: he’s also head dev of lemmy

They’ve probably gotten more clicks from this thread than they have in their entire existence.

Considering that lemmy.ml deletes ap news or bbc articles for being “orientalism.” Up until recently there hasn’t been a server for anyone right of Mao.

There was a guy calling Ernest (kbin dev) a fascist earlier because his avatar is a screenshot of monty python with a guy holding a gun.

just make sure you get something with intel or amd cpu. some very old thin clients used via.

Obvious that this is automated and will be going out to all subs. They definitely wouldn’t go to bat to keep a piracy sub open, unless they’re even dumber than I thought.

I used to do the same, but nowadays I just run everything in docker, within a single lxc container on proxmox. Having to setup mono or similar every time I wanted to setup a game server or even jellyfin was annoying.

There’s a new orange pi5 with dual 2.5gb ethernet. Looks pretty nice.

Yes, there’s a cached version on your device. I never opened my server to the internet, just let it sync when on wifi. I used the vaultwarden docker container.

This isn’t as scary as it seems. If your server were to go down, you can push your passwords back (to a new install or main website) from your client.

Also, if you click on the small domain name next to a post it will take you to that /d domain page, where you can block