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Somebody who clicks “accept transfer” on the screen without knowing why it popped up deserves whatever comes next. Only exception being young kids who shouldn’t have access to a fully functional device anyway. If there’s some sort of “Toddler mode” on iPhone, then yeah def have airdrop disabled when in that mode. This is a parenting issue. We should be far more concerned about child advertising and parents putting their entire kid’s life story on Facebook.

Also, why are police fear mongering on social media in any official capacity. Seems pretty damn unprofessional.

We’ve got all these devs volunteering time to these FOSS projects but rarely do we have people whose role is to figure out what users want. Devs tend to design from the perspective of “what features do “I” care about” which isn’t always aligned with what users care about.

They don’t have a plan they just want to blissfully hand law enforcement more power to spy on citizens and toss non violent offenders in prison. War on drugs called, wants its script back.

Humans also tend to possess an abusive tendency, where, once they can justify labeling somebody as “bad” they can justify being cruel to them. I see people doing it all the time.

I dunno, you seen the stats on popularity of shemale porn? Pretty sure the human brain isn’t that picky. It goes: “boobs check. Cock insertion check.”

I appreciate you posting the link to my question, but that’s an article written from the perspective of law enforcement. They’re an authority, so they’re incentivized to manipulate facts and deceive to gain more authority. Sorry if I don’t trust law enforcement but they’ve proven themselves untrustworthy at this point

I keep seeing people post this same idea, and I see no proof that it would actually happen.

Why would you need “real” CP if there’s like-for-like-quality AI CP out there?

Also, aside from going out of our way to wreck the lives of individuals who look at the stuff, is there any actual concrete stats that say we’re preventing any sort of significant number of RL child abuse by giving up rights to privacy or paying FBI agents to post CP online and entrap people? I Don’t get behind the “if it theoretically helped one single child, I’d genocide a nation…” bs. I want to see what we’ve gained so far by these policies before I agree to giving govt more power by expanding them.

How often does tracking child abuse imagery lead to preventing actual child abuse? Out of all the children who are abused each year, what percentage of their abusers are tracked via online imagery? Aren’t a lot of these cases IRL/situationally based? That’s what I’m trying to determine here. Is this even a good use of public resources and/or focus?

As for how you personally feel about the imagery, I believe that a lot of things humans do are gross, but I don’t believe we should be arbitrarily creating laws to restrict things that others do that I find appalling… unless there’s a very good reason to. It’s extremely dangerous to go flying too fast down that road, esp with anything related to “terror/security” or “for the children” we need to be especially careful. We don’t need another case of “Well in hindsight, that [war on whatever] was a terrible idea and hurt lots and lots of people”

And let’s be absolutely clear here: I 100% believe that people abusing children is fucked up, and the fact that I even need to add this disclaimer here should be a red flag about the dangers of how this issue is structured.

I am sort of curious, bc I don’t know: of all the types of sexual abuse that happens to children, ie being molested by family or acquaintances, being kidnapped by the creep in the van, being trafficked for prostitution, abuse in church, etc etc… in comparison to these cases, how many cases deal exclusively with producing imagery?

Next thing I’m curious about: if the internet becomes flooded with AI generated CP images, could that potentially reduce the demand for RL imagery? Wouldn’t the demand-side be met? Is the concern normalization and inducing demand? Do we know there’s any significant correlation between more people looking and more people actually abusing kids?

Which leads to the next part: I play violent video games and listen to violent aggressive music and have for many years now and I enjoy it a lot, and I’ve never done violence to anybody before, nor would I want to. Is persecuting someone for imagining/mentally roleplaying something that’s cruel actually a form of social abuse in itself?

Props to anybody who asks hard questions btw, bc guaranteed there will be a lot of bullying on this topic. I’m not saying “I’m right and they’re wrong”, but there’s a lot of nuance here and people here seem pretty quick to hand govt and police incredible powers for… I dunno… how much gain really? You’ll never get rights back that you throw away. Never. They don’t make 'em anymore these days.

I’ll typically buy albums from artists that I’m pretty certain aren’t mega wealthy, and actually I’ve just been paying less attention to the ones who are. If I check them out on YouTube and they have a Vevo logo on the vid that’s a easy way to know they don’t need my money at all.

They’re probably just trying to prevent any user momentum away from Chrome from gaining traction. Ensure there remains no better options for the people who don’t care about privacy or ethics (which sadly is the bulk of ppl)

I can’t justify a subscription bc my activity is very inconsistent. Sometimes I watch several vids on YT, sometimes I go long periods without going there, so I’m not gonna pay for something I don’t use half the time. If YT had a system where you could buy credits or something that don’t expire, then, depending on their cost, I could see myself actually paying to use their platform.

YouTube has turned against its users, and user-inertia is the only thing keeping it relevant. Detach yourself from it, read books, go outside, use Firefox (Not chomium or brave), get yourself a nice pirate hat. Maybe consider hosting a peertube or creating content for it. Try to take this negative and make it a positive I’d suggest.

Seriously, everyone here, if you know somebody still using Twitter, you should take the time to inform them about mastodon and explain why continuing to use that dying abusive platform and give Musk legitimacy is a bad idea.

I aim to do some bug fixes and feature adds come winter when I’m bored, so by all means please submit improvements to the docs as you go 🙏🙂

I’ll never understand the FOSS mentality of “There’s already a quality project out there with active development and most of the user-share. Perfect, so I’ll utilize my off-time to create my own inferior competitor and fragment the users instead of contribute to the existing one”.

I mean, I get it if the existing project maintainers start acting with shady interests - the threat of the fork can be a powerful tool. But it seems like many of these alt projects do it right out of the gate. Meanwhile, it took linux desktop how long to get a functional wifi driver out of the box??

Pay and support small indie labels/studios, pirate or straight up boycott the big players. Every dollar that goes to them helps fund the war on free (as in freedom) exchange of information

Might help, but when I first tried signing up a few months back I had the same issue, it was bc the username I wanted was too many characters and a db error was just getting swallowed and no message came back telling me it’s too long.

The reason I even know this is bc I’m slightly insane and decided to spin up my own lemmy instance just so I could debug it. I never submitted an issue on GitHub for it, because on top of being insane, I’m also incredibly lazy

It’s a prisoner’s dilemma thing. People have had ample time and opportunity to move to mastodon, but as you say Twitter is still where the bulk of eyeballs are, but that only remains true if everyone’s too afraid to leave it.

“Prisencolinensinainciusol”, but with vocal pitch-shifting applied for a modern twist.

Why exactly are we arguing? If you wanna use Facebook and Reddit, go right ahead I’m not standing in your way, but I’ll not be a part of it. Reddit was like 60% crap to me already and now it’s 100% crap. If Lemmy somehow turns crap I’ll just go touch grass more…

I never said the majority of people in the world are all that wise… p sure the only reason we’ve gotten where we are, the only reason we have anything nice we have, is by a rare few in the population questioning the aimless groupthink momentum.

Look at all the garbage music celebrities that 80% of people worship, and how that shapes what’s played on the radio, at the gym, the grocery store. This seems to just be human nature. Most people are just going to follow orders dictated by pop culture. Is that who you want to be?

Is Facebook really fine though? All the interesting ppl I knew stopped using it a long time ago. People just use it to message a few specific ppl they know IRL and trade shit on FB marketplace, or spam pictures of their baby nobody wants to see, but everyone knows and acknowledges how garbage it has become.

Perhaps PCs will become obsolete. Even programming languages.

The most useful skill set for Gen-whatevers of the future will be winning an hours long debate with their personal AI on why it should get out of its digital bed and be productive today.

Only a problem if you’re running executables like cracked games, right? Bc of teh virii?

I would think if you’re sticking to books, music, and movies, it wouldn’t matter? Unless you’re looking for questionable porn I guess, in which case you may come across more than you bargained for?

TPB has always treated me p well shrugs

And it borks the YouTube shortcut keys, but I still love it. Incredibly useful when using a laptop/track pad.

I feel conflicted about fragmentation;

On the one side, pooling resources into one centralized community can be really good for finding and sharing helpful information.

On the other side, groupthink and conflict. Not sure I need to elaborate, we’ve all experienced it and we’ve all been guilty of it.

If Reddit were a worker coop, that’s how it would work. Maybe Lemmy should be a worker coop

If you’re viewing a post that originated on a different server (federated post), the chain icon opens the post through the server you’re on, and the colorful fediverse icon opens the post on the actual site it started on.

Try opening a post from your “All” feed and compare the links.

Yeah, I highly doubt anyone’s gonna get punched in the face or shanked over this. Maybe some heckling out in public at most. I’m guessing anyone who is even remotely upset about this stuff is either too wise or too timid to resort to actual violence

PeerTube seems to be the federated (decentralized) option (similar to this). Content obv is entirely different, but maybe that’s actually a good thing. Think of it as a clean slate - a fresh canvas. tbh YouTube’s content has really sucked the past few years, and mother of bog do you see the stuff that trends nowadays when you’re signed out? It’s basically become cable tv. I started using youtube bc I hated cable tv.

be mindful of wearing Reddit gear in public. Some folks are really upset I’ve unabashedly put you in direct danger, and we don’t want you to be the object of their frustrations pesky lawsuits

ftfy spez

That’s basically every major corporate strategy this day and age – wait 6 months everyone will forget. They keep seeing it happen again and again, so of course they’re getting bolder and bolder. We the public need to quit being pushovers. Where we spend our time energy and money is a far more valuable vote than the one at the ballot box. We will die from our own conveniences.

I don’t know if Lemmy is the solution, but it certainly feels like the right direction to me.

I thought Matrix/Element was the discord alternative no? Does Revolt use Matrix, or ActivityPub or is it entirely its own thing?