• The real problem with humanity is the following: We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and godlike technology.

  • Falling feels like flying, for a little while

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When you’re juggling too many interrelated tangents in your brains RAM and start getting cache misses like crazy and go full core dump

Reminder that Facebook hates you and pays people to develop ways to manipulate and control your behavior. Request to download your account data, delete your account, and go outside. It’s less scary than you’re making it and you’ll feel better in the end.

I would think if someone’s up to some actual shady shit that they don’t want to draw the attention of any authorities, they’d be better off using a combination of several of the most popular web mail accounts, like Gmail, and manually encrypting the message before pasting it in or something I dunno, just bc it seems like surveillance systems become less effective with more collection volume, and Gmail has a lot of users

It’s not shoving down their neck if they’re educated about the danger and choose to do it anyway. That’s called free will. Your job isn’t to sculpt or control your kids (bc that doesn’t ever work), your job is just to show them the ropes and hope they don’t fall down too much/too badly.

I remember being in school back in like 97,98 the teacher would turn on the news in first period. All I remember was everyday that school year there was coverage of Israel and Gaza blowing each other up.

What’s broken is human behavior. None of these clowns would be there if we all weren’t so dysfunctional. I really thought, “2016 will be the year the third party wins the presidency, I mean look at those two scumbags out there!”

That election was when I realized, it’s not just Republicans that are the problem.

I have this huge fear that working for an actual good cause that I admire would make me feel constantly guilty that I’m not doing enough, or doing a good enough job. I find a lot of comfort in knowing I work for a soulsucking for profit corporation.

And yes, I also hate that I feel this way

Add in the danger of having the following mentality: “what are these rights laying around that I’m not utilizing? What, that person over there enjoys having these rights? Well, I don’t like that person, so I don’t care about their rights fuck em”

This ladies and gentlemen, is how you Nazi 101 (but with rainbow flags and affirmative action this go-around)

You ironically found yourself pointing out something valid. Banning companies from putting addictive substances into everyday products has always been a good idea (Meth in Cheerios, no thx). Banning an individual from choosing, by their own free will, to make a bad decision that doesn’t do any great harm to anyone else… is oppression my guy.

Because people have been more and more conditioned to obey year after year. To be absolute pushovers who never fight against the grain, never question groupthink, etc. Grandfathering the criminalization (using violent enforcement) of something like smoking a cigarette is a shining example of what’s to come.

What on earth happened to all the small businesses in my “poor” rural village? Oh right, that pedestrian unfriendly stroad next to the freeway with the Walmart and all the fast food restaurants sucking up the village’s life force happened.

Give it a shot, can’t hurt. You won’t become Buddha overnight, but it can certainly put you on a path toward much different ways of seeing yourself and everything around you.

Many of us do it for sport tbh. A healthier way to gamify life sorta. I’ve been vegan since 2015/16 and it does increase the difficulty setting somewhat, but also it’s unlocked a million fun mini games for me along the way and provided much needed community.

Nah def not. Imo, from the evidence I’ve gathered so far about how the universe works, silver bullets don’t exist. Every solution has warts somewhere. Things we call “good” tend to require good old fashioned struggle and discomfort, so people need to stop pleasure seeking and chasing imaginary silver bullets. But they probably won’t, bc they’re conditioned to pleasure seek by capitalism and advertising and pop culture. Blah blah negative blah blah /rant

No you’re right, but it would be one of the more difficult things to convince people to do, so in this pie in the sky scenario where people actually give a crap about anything they’d also be doing a lot of other stuff that together would make a larger whole.

Seize people’s grass lawns and tear out 2/3 of roadways and convert the land into community gardens and ponds, grow food where the people are. Probably some form of population control.

Pie in the sky though. We’ll probably just start eating bugs by the container ship load and then go extinct instead

Depends I guess how you define “getting” something. We’re constantly getting things, viruses and small infections, and having no idea about them. Especially if you’re in a cubicle at work near somebody with young kids, oh meh gerd. I wouldn’t want to know about everything my body is fighting off on a daily basis.

Lawful neutral until the last 2-4 slices then neutral evil

Thanks for the tips! I never knew about the carrot lentils thing. How finely do you chop the carrots?

Breakfast: Black tea with oat milk, oatmeal with peanut butter blueberries, and a touch of cinnamon and sugar.

Lunch: water, and a bunch of frozen fried garbage that I tossed in the oven and smothered in ketchup and ranch dressing.

Dinner: water, a microwave rice and lentil packet, and all the following separately sauteed, seasoned, then combined: lions mane mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, and broccoli. Produce was from farmers market except tomatoes from my garden.

I would guess a person’s life circumstances. Humans tend to reflect pain they’re experiencing onto others. If you’re hungry, that’s a form of pain. If you’re neglected, that’s a form of pain. Even the sons of billionaires experience pain, probably in a way that’s hard for reg folks to grasp.

Also, I think your dopamine regulation being all messed up might also contribute. Those people who seem to flail and rage because nothing can seem to satisfy them.

Also, everyone does terrible things and hurts others. You can be charitable and kind from one perspective and an oppressor in ways you won’t allow yourself to see. We all do it.

I edited my post because the last bit was counter productive. Most people are not against abortion in theory. They are socially engineered into supporting shit like abortion bans. Much of the world has fallen into authoritarian “order”. There will be an eventual fall of that order, even if it takes several hundred years. Maybe it won’t though. Maybe the order only lasts 10 more years, who knows.

I disagree. You can’t be against abortion and we should stop normalizing it as a rational stance.

I’m assuming Discuit is a private company using proprietary software? If that’s the case, may as well just crawl back to Reddit and gently place the boot back on your neck.

The ex-reddit users who choose to not let sociopath scumbags golden shower them can still be found here.

You must not have experienced a Chicago/New York winter before

Is it causing performance issues? I believe Firefox tends to cache a lot of stuff in memory if there’s unused memory lying around to give itself a speed boost. You can configure it in about:memory


It’s encrypted over Firefox Sync though, regardless of if you set a master password.

The master password is only needed if you don’t have complete physical security (or your machine is hacked)

Curious if OP was more interested in how secure the Sync feature is vs the manager itself. Sync requires trusting that Mozilla aren’t the bad guys.

I’ll be honest, arguing with people on the left feels exactly like arguing with people on the right, and that’s why I guarantee we’re headed for the worst of all possible scenarios.

No culture has a monopoly on greed.

Humans are gonna cornhole one another until the earth gets swallowed by the Sun.

One thing’s for certain though: if your political movement includes reparations, then be prepared for fascists to win against you, bc people just won’t go for it. Not when they’re more debt saddled every year and their children’s future looks ever dim.

I’ve always wondered, in the colder regions of the world in winter, what do motorcycle gangs do?

I guess the answer is sell drugs and punch people?

It makes me angry when I see the sort of stuff that trends on popular services. It’s like the vast majority of humans have zero standards. We’re all just human centipadding, groveling to our Hollywood and RIAA overlords, worshipping celebrity idols. It’s really sad and pathetic.

The human body is supposed to naturally initiate a bowel movement first thing after waking, but sometimes we find it inconvenient and disrupt that timing. Coffee can help re-train it when it gets messed up… or when you’re time constrained in the morning.

I have a job where I can flex poop in the morning, so without caffeine it may happen immediately, and sometimes it may take 30 minutes. Food also stimulates it in the morning.

Trillions of dollars were appropriated through slave labor.

Welcome to the entirety of human civilization. We’re all descendants of slaves from one point in history or another, and there are still slaves today.

We should see if human civilization is even capable of existing without slavery before wasting breath arguing about reparations (that we know will never happen)

Pro tip for less stinky farts: shit as soon as you wake in the morning so you’re not carrying bowels full of shit all day pushing fart gas through it.

Additional benefits include not having spontaneous emergency “oh Lord” moments of needing to find a toilet asap so as to not shit your pants.

  • Stop declining when people invite you to stuff.
  • Stop being picky about activities/food/music/etc.
  • Be vigilant/safe, yet open minded, open to new experiences, spontaneous.
  • Plan trips and events, both budget friendly and splurgy, then actually commit to doing them.
  • Smile and laugh n shit.
  • Compliment people, thank people, be considerate to others even if it’s not always reciprocated.
  • When it is reciprocated, gravitate more towards that person, and gravitate slowly away from people who don’t seem to appreciate you.

Ah yes, 2023. The year I wore a pirate hat and touched more grass. Soon they’ll be bribing the govt to make going outside illegal.

The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic

The universe appears to be zero sum and I try to balance a non-dualistic perspective with a healthy dose of practicality… for now

I hate nobody more than anybody else, I blame nobody more than anybody else. We seem to all be equally victims and perpetrators swimming in this trauma soup.

For many things, I’ve become like a national geographic cameraman observing from the bush, though for now, I will step in and stop human brutality if I see it… I don’t know if I always will.

I’ll continue pondering, and make changes as needed.