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I don’t think blahaj has downvotes, so they don’t really count lol

It’s a luxury indeed. Hopefully maybe a little less now that decent storage has come down in price a lot

I always found having each OS have a separate physical drive is much better, but partitioning is fine if you must.

It’s not about being able to cover their liabilities, but charging ridiculous rates partially due to the fact that they also need to pay multimillion dollar advertising budgets. Or worse, bring the price down by giving shockingly low coverage that is somehow still legal.

Worse still, our healthcare system relies nearly solely on private health insurance… and yes they do it too. See: MetLife Stadium

Yep. Dude was definitely nutso, but he was an incredible programmer. Shame really.

The best part is their autocorrect changed it to “should have”, so they said something like “should have is just as correct as should have”

The top banner shows content from whatever app you hover over. You can rearrange your apps.

And I don’t use Music on mine much but I’m pretty sure it just shows your own content?

Am not a statistician, but my understanding is predicting single events are pretty hard.

Predicting the percentage outcomes of a lot of events? That can be done.

macOS is certified UNIX. I don’t think the other Darwin OSes are. Though it’s more a licensing thing iirc

Am I meant to read this to the tune of Dixie?

I just check every few hours instead of doomscrolling. It’d be nice to have more content and more active niche communities, but somehow I think this is better for me lmao. Anyways it feels cozier but not on the decline imo

Ah that’s still totally possible, I do that.

The domain isn’t all that important, the IP address of the mail server is. I pay an external service that provides a mail server, and my DNS records point to that.

But hosting my own mail server, while possible is not recommended.

At best all your sent mail goes to junk, at worst it is just blocked altogether.

Convincing the popular small services to not mark new mail services as junk is extremely difficult

What would be the point of trying to censor the tank man photo? People act like he was killed or something - he just stopped in front of the tanks, climbed on one for a minute, then was led away by bystanders.

This is incorrect, Lemmy does have it. Though the devs are moving away from this feature supposedly and it will stop being reported. The official UI doesn’t show it. They will show a count of comments/posts instead.

Restaurant supply stores, online, etc. They’re called “BiBs” or “Bags in Boxes”. Usually $80-100 each. Obviously meant for restaurant use, I don’t recommend buying it yourself you couldn’t make that much soda before it goes bad. But one of those bad boys will make ~120 liters of soda.

SodaStream has begun selling Pepsi syrups for home use. If they weren’t an Israeli company I’d buy them.

Why would you want to use some Google-coded, bigoted-ceo, crypto-pushing, link hijacking POS like Brave?

Dominos here hasn’t ever done free delivery AFAIK.

A $12 pizza delivered is gonna be like $20 after tip and tax

Nah, the scale’s weird the pizza at these places is actually usually pretty huge

As far as I’ve been told it’s basically just a log of all received activities. Nothing references it.

Nothing seems to have gone wrong in the past week on since I removed it. I do have backups though.

There are books written on this subject, if I were awake enough to remember them I’d recommend one.

I designed a chip architecture that runs bash code on silicon.

I reimplemented x86 assembly in purely bash script.

Well really what caused that is the socialist/communist revolutions of the early 20th century.

Massive reforms (e.g. the new deal, introduction of Social Security, recognition of union rights, etc) were made in capitalist countries (along with massive anti-communist propaganda) in order to stop the spread of revolution. These were TEMPORARY concessions that we have seen wither away slowly since then. A little cut here, a program cut there, union rights weakened a bit with this law or that.

Now we’re here.

Firstly move pict-rs to object storage. My instance’s pict-rs uses 150GB alone. I pay less than $2/mo to put it on Cloudflare R2. Backblaze B2 might be even cheaper. Instructions:

If that doesn’t help enough and you’re comfortable with SQL, you can purge the unnecessary entries in received-activities.

Command: delete from received_activity where published & NOW() - INTERVAL '3 days'; (Lemmy has problems with ampersands so you’ll have to edit it)

Then do a vacuum full received_activity; to reclaim the space.

This deleted 98 million entries for me and reduced my database size from 49GB to 20GB a week ago when I started running out of space. No other effect as far as I can tell. Thanks

November Christmas music does cause me physical pain thanks

I manage my domain’s DNS with Cloudflare and then have cf-ddns running on my home server. It checks my IP regularly and updates the DNS record

I just use mine for email and subdomains to the personal services I host. Though mines just my last name (followed by -net because there’s some big businesses that use my last name and they took all the decent domains). That way my email is

I suppose if you want to use their cloud features.

But I mean they don’t plaster nags and ads over core OS features.

I’m not necessarily advocating buying Macs but the OS itself is experiencing less enshittification.

I mean the hardware can be pricy but there’s basically none of this in macOS.

Israel is just taking their land back

How on earth did you get to that conclusion

Wine/Proton can run a huge amount of Windows programs.

Honestly though I’ve just been using Linux for 8 or so years now and just find some other solution. For general computing it really isn’t hard at all. Perhaps if you have some weird proprietary work software or absolutely need Adobe it could be an issue

I mean I know “ropes” could be used to mean that. But “blasting ropes” specifically isn’t really a thing.

In any case it’s very uncommon.

It’s also definitely not something you’ll ever hear.

From a Google search I think this post made it up anyway. Most results are this post, Urban dictionary only added it in 2018.

Ubuntu font. Ubuntu font best font.

Why is openSUSE so… weird?
After a couple years on Fedora I decided to do one more Distro hop- to one I have little experience with, openSUSE. But it seems the everything from the installer, philosophy, package manager, configs, and general way of working is just very different than every Distro I've tried before (Debian/*Buntu, Fedora, Arch, Gentoo) Like what's up with YaST? It's like a system-wide settings/configs program plus a package manager front end unique to openSUSE? And to update grub it seems the best command is "update-bootloader" - for example. This isn't standard on anything else afaik. Is there anywhere other than practice I can learn all of these quirks?

YSK: On Lemmy the title, URL, and content of a post are all editable after posting.
Why YSK: On reddit only the body was editable, so by knowing this you won't need to delete or resubmit due to wrong URL, typo, etc.

Thought I'd advertise this at least one more time with a new wave of users. Having a commmunity for truckers is sorely needed! ! [Alternate link](/c/

A janky guide for Lemmy administrators to purge spam signups, hourly.
Well I never had spam issues, until 0.18 forced captchas to be disabled. Thankfully the bots just seem to be signing up, not doing much yet. Using fake emails that never get verified. So I threw together a little script. Just put this in a sh file, and create a cron job or systemd service to run it every 15 minutes or so. Use your favorite text edit tool to replace "thelemmyclub" with your instance name, or whatever you have your docker containers named. (Check `docker ps`). You'll also have to be able to run docker without sudo, so add your user to the docker group or put the cron job on root (if you do that make sure only root can access the file, for security) Also if you set up manually without docker, well I'm sure you have the skills to adapt these commands appropriately. First though run: `docker exec -it thelemmyclub_postgres_1 psql -U lemmy -h -p 5432 -d lemmy -c "select * from local_user where id in (select local_user_id from email_verification where published < (NOW() - INTERVAL '60 minute'));"` This will list all users who haven't completed email verification, except those that are under an hour old. If you think these are all abandoned accounts and bots, carry on. It's always best to check before doing things to live databases... Edit: thanks to input from []( The sh file you need: ``` #! /bin/bash docker exec -it thelemmyclub_postgres_1 psql -U lemmy -h -p 5432 -d lemmy -c "DELETE FROM person WHERE local = 'true' AND id IN (SELECT person_id FROM local_user WHERE id IN (SELECT local_user_id FROM email_verification WHERE published < (NOW() - INTERVAL '60 minute')));" ``` This will delete all users over an hour old who haven't completed email verification. (Only applies to accounts made after you enabled email verification, so older accounts are safe) Hope this helps!

Hello fellow steering wheel holders! Join us over at: [/c/](/c/ If the above link doesn't work, just search one of these in your instance's search bar: ! Then, search again.

A community for Houston Texans (NFL Team) fans. !
Join us at: [/c/](/c/ ! If you're on a larger instance, if you could search one of the above it would help a lot!

Whole pie: ![]( Recipe: Very very good. Crust came out too tough but almost certainly my fault.