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The issue isnt really the color, it’s that all images and video are degraded in quality. That means android users are excluded from iphone group chats. This is a bug deal in America where iphones are incredibly popular.

I think it’s fair to be excited that people are working on ways to bridge the divide. Especially when the technical aspects of the reverse engineering is pretty cool. Not to mention the proof of concept was originally made by a high school student!

Probably my greatest fear is my mind going and shutting down like that. I wish him the best and hope he gets the support needed.

Clicking the delete button on the website just makes your browser send API calls (albeit maybe a different, private API than other scripts may use)

Has the hacker group given any proof that they actually have anything? All of the articles I’ve read only say the hackers have claimed to have 80GB of data.

Thank you for linking the text. For anyone wondering, here is Ch. 2, Article 11 regarding portable battery replacement:

Article 11 Removability and replaceability of portable batteries

  1. Portable batteries incorporated in appliances shall be readily removable and replaceable by the end-user or by independent operators during the lifetime of the appliance, if the batteries have a shorter lifetime than the appliance, or at the latest at the end of the lifetime of the appliance. A battery is readily replaceable where, after its removal from an appliance, it can be substituted by a similar battery, without affecting the functioning or the performance of that appliance.
  2. The obligations set out in paragraph 1 shall not apply where (a) continuity of power supply is necessary and a permanent connection between the appliance and the portable battery is required for safety, performance, medical or data integrity reasons; or (b) the functioning of the battery is only possible when the battery is integrated into the structure of the appliance.
  3. The Commission shall adopt guidance to facilitate harmonised application of the derogations set out in paragraph 2

Not wanting to link to reddit makes sense.

Though I would say, I would take something more seriously if a Reddit admin or a mod from a dozen subreddits said it. That would add lot more significance to a post like this.

What’s up with people posting screenshots of text here? Are these screenshots of things random no name redditors are saying on reddit? Are these pictures of posts that are getting tons of upvotes or significant in any sort of way?

That’s definitely an ideal benefit of decentralization, but as the OP correctly pointed out, the reality often works out differently than the ideal.

I don’t think most customers really care about their privacy.

I’m not entirely sure Apple is way too much better. They still mine a ton of days from you, they might just not sell as much as blatantly as Google.

But what percentage of their userbase wants to use them for domains. I’m sure it was profitable, but I doubt they were making as much on that as they could elsewhere. A service making them $50 million a year might not be enough for them to decide to continue with it when they are regularly dealing with products that make hundreds of millions or even billions from. It might just not be worth the effort.

they took what was almost certainly a profitable service and abandoned it

They oftentimes make a decision like this when their internal math tells them that the resources they put into domains could make them more money if they were put in another product. If you consider the opportunity cost, it could make sense to Google to make a change like this.

From our perspective, it’s crazy, but it’s easy to forget the huge scale of the money they are dealing with.

services like Gmail and Maps which can’t be profitable

They aren’t profitable, neither is Photos, but they are considered essential applications that keep users bought into the google ecosystem and are necessary for android to remain competitive.

It looks like people’s comments are coming back because they didn’t get deleted. From discussion in other threads and on HN, it looks like the comment deletion scripts can’t delete comments from subreddits while they are privated.

If you tried deleting comments during the blackout and then some of those unprivated, you would expect to see those comments again.

There is a lot to be upset with Reddit about, but this doesn’t seem to be one of them. (at least based on what I’ve seen)

You are absolutely right with your description. One thing to note since OP was looking for the distinction: most mods are power users. It’s usually the most active and enthusiastic users who have the desire to become a moderator.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of any way you could implement a voting feature for mods that wouldn’t be abused. There are bots that would be inevitably able to vote in anyone they want

Also being a mod is difficult and you will have to make unpopular decisions. Sometimes the person you took action on will misrepresent what happened or outright lie to sway public opinion against you. People will take advantage of that to vote a mod out.

Do you have some way to prevent abuse like that happening?

No i think they do get it, it’s exactly like how subreddits work, if you don’t like how /r/technology works, you can always create a new tech based subreddit moderated anyway you like. The issue isnt that there are multiple communities.

The problem, as always, is discoverability of all of these disjointed communities. I’m still new to Lemmy, but it seems like you have to rely on an external 3rd party tool like https://browse.feddit.de/ to find any of them. (please correct me if there is a better way I just haven’t found yet!)