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The BoJ measures inflation to help it manage the economy. It’s not a political tool. As an individual, changes in your cost of living are personal to you. You don’t need the central bank or the government to tell you about it.

Obviously, the BoJ isn’t focused on individuals. It wants to see what’s happening across the whole economy. Through research that is freely available, it has determined that the index provides a more reliable signal when volatile fresh food prices are excluded (because the things that typically cause these prices to change, like the weather, don’t reflect a broad shift in the economy).

You’re wrong that energy isn’t included. That sentence is referring to a different (“core-core CPI”) index, which is higher at 4% because energy prices have gone down. Japan’s energy problems are as result of the post-Fukushima shift from nuclear, largely a result of public opinion.

Put simply, CPI isn’t a measure of “cost of living“. It’s a tool for central bank policy.

A huge amount of the pollution comes from farmers burning stubble. The solution to that isn’t complex.

It’s difficult to monetise data if you source it illegally (except in China maybe). Nobody reads the ToS anyway so it’s not like you need a backdoor.

It’s not being sold off. It’s an investment. Raspberry Pi has suffered from supply shortages that could be mitigated by entering into a partnership with Arm — and which would help further its charitable goals. Sales were down by more than a quarter in 2022 due to shortages.

And Arm isn’t the only minority shareholder. Sony, which manufactures its boards in Wales, also owns a stake.

These aren’t unusual commercial decisions to secure manufacturing and supply, and therefore maximise the dividend it pays to the foundation, while retaining majority control.

I’ve had chicken sashimi in Japan. Who needs Mexican food?

I once saw a man in Delhi with a literal cloud of flies permanently stationed above his head. I thought that was just a cartoon trope but I realised then that it was an actual thing.

So is My Dad Wrote a Porno, isn’t it?

However, Reply All’s PJ Vogt has a new podcast called Search Engine which is good.

Are they alleging that Mastercard sells data with personally identifiable information? Because if not, what’s the big deal? The people that buy this data want to know about trends.

There are almost as many westerners in the UAE as there are Emiratis. They are all participants in the exploitation.

Yellowbeard. Starring Peter Cook, most of Monty Python, Cheech and Chong, Marty Feldman, Spike Milligan… what’s not to love?

The minister in charge of HSR was sentenced to death for corruption.

China is legally required to pay fair market value and rehouse displaced peoples


Guess what? Being an authoritarian government means never having to ask permission to steal someone’s land, rip up a pristine habitat or demolish an entire village. Those types of considerations are what make infrastructure expensive in democratic countries.

It’s hard to read the Torah without understanding that Judaism emerged from a sea of competing religions.

Moses only went up a mountain for five minutes and the Israelites started worshipping a golden calf. And the first three commandments he came down the mountain with are basically a ban on polytheism.

Maybe this dude should rip up the Torah?

Part of the problem is that many government’s don’t fund infrastructure investment themselves. By privatising utilities and other vital infrastructure they can appear to “cut spending”. Of course, in reality the cost is much higher (and/or the investment is much lower) because privatised entities need to make a margin and (by definition) have higher borrowing costs than the government.

Reuters is a news wire — ie, newspapers pay to “copy” its stories. It’s not lazy. It’s why Reuters exists.

Worst rush-hour traffic in Asia is a hotly contested title, but Manila wins fairly easily. One time I was there, it took an hour for my taxi to get out of the hotel grounds. Bangkok seems efficient in comparison.

Worst rush-hour traffic in Asia is a hotly contested title, but Manila wins fairly easily. One time I was there, it took an hour for my taxi to get out of the hotel grounds. Bangkok seems efficient in comparison.

The Economist ranks it on par with Poland, which is a member of the EU.

The downgrading of India’s democracy is basically related to the rise of Hindu nationalism, especially under Modi, and the suppression of freedoms of speech and religion. These are serious and concerning issues, to be sure, but like I mentioned, India is a diverse country and the fact that these tensions have been kept in check for so long is the real surprise. Even Sweden is buckling under the pressure of a (relatively) tiny influx of racial/religious diversity.

India is the world’s biggest democracy. It’s the birthplace of four major religions, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, and has one of the world’s largest populations of Muslims. It has 23 official languages.

The fact that it’s even still a country is a miracle of democracy (and cricket).

Shittest high ever. Only people already hooked would be interested and they could buy it legally anyway.

And the building is now a museum to Belgian beer, so…

They also just had a typhoon, which means there was probably a lot of debris making things worse.

Narwhal still works for those on iOS.

This famously isn’t true for nuclear power. It just keeps getting more expensive.

The French nuclear case illustrates the perils of the assumption of robust learning effects resulting in lowered costs over time in the scale-up of large-scale, complex new energy supply technologies. The uncertainties in anticipated learning effects of new technologies might be much larger that often assumed, including also cases of “negative learning” in which specific costs increase rather than decrease with accumulated experience.


And this research was done before Fukushima, which increased costs even further.

Placating the populace (ie, averting a revolution) is the CCP’s main objective. Civil unrest is the number one thing that keeps Chinese officials up at night.

People talk about it endlessly. And the rest of the time they talk about the IMF being too lenient (see Javier Milei). At the end of the day, Argentina’s problems are of its own making.

English used to do this too. The most famous example is the first line of Lincoln’s Gettysburg address:

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

This kind of thing is common in many jobs — as you become more experienced, you take on more management responsibilities. It’s inevitable but not always ideal.

The alternative is that you get managed by people with no first-hand experience of actually doing the job, but it can also mean that people get promoted into management roles without necessarily having management qualities (which can be the worst of both worlds — you lose a good coder and gain a bad manager).

Not sure the Italians consider a chicken bacon ranch pizza to be a pizza.