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The problem is that it will take ages for them to get any adoption in a new browser. Firefox used to be a big player and then chrome came along. Now most of the people don’t even try Firefox anymore. I still hear a lot of “Firefox is slow” sentiment even though it isn’t.

I know. I mixed engines and browsers. I was too lazy to find out the engine names of opera, edge and ie.

The problem isn’t Edge in itself. It is good if there are many browsers. But when Javascript became more than just a play thing, all of a sudden browser slowly moved to chromium as an engine. There used to be Opera, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome with each their own browser engine. Now there is only Chromium/Blink, Safari and Firefox left. Google is way too powerful with their marketshare. They constantly try to implement features that are bad for users.

Please use Firefox if you can!

Nope. I still would not want to go back to school. Ever! Fuck exams! Fuck school!

Wenn man sich dann sieht.

What about it? I like Aegis. It is simple and does exactly what I need it to do.

Aegis. An open source authenticator app similar to Google Authenticator or Authy. I really like to back up my encrypted credentials to my nextcloud.

You don’t understand: it is not good if something is popular. Then there are people outside my bubble and they ruin it.

The great thing is that if a lot of people like Mastodon they can use it and if you don’t like it you can use something differenent and you will still be able to communicate. That’s the whole point.

You can compile a new Marlin for new features but you should know what you are doing and which features you need/want. I have compiled the newes version for myself but I did that because I needed some custom options because I modified the printer.

E420.69 is just a placeholder. For my Ender 3 pro it is around 99. Default is 93.

If the only thing you wanted to do is change the PID values then you should go back to your previous firmware. For PID tuning I can recommend this site: https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html#pid

If you extrude 5mm does your printer actually move 5mm through the nozzle? Also you said you compiled marlin and you changes these three variables. Did you recompile marlin just to change these because that is usually not necessary. You can use pid Autotuning andnsave the values in the eeprom.

Nope. Bash (at least by default on Ubuntu) doesn’t have case insensitive tab completion.

I have never set my DNS in my browser. Always in the system or in the router. So I don’t think I can help you.

I don’t like it either but the facts are the facts. Transitioning between technologies is always hard, especially if it isn’t necessary. Nat works too well.

How are you changing your dns? In your router or in your system?

you could try setting the DNS over HTTP settings to off. That might solve the issues. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/dns-over-https

Is it because of all the free games I claimed?

That is very possible. IPv6 only is still problematic. There are still loads of servers without or with broken IPv6 connectivity. You could put cloudflare on front of your server and get an IPv4 address that way.

Isn’t there an addon for vertical tabs? I mean if you are power user enough to need vertical tabs you should be power user enough to install an addon.

I know it’s just a meme but if you have problems with overheating there are some things you can try without too much money like:

  • cleaning the fans and radiators
  • replacing the thermal paste
  • adding some fans if the case allows it
  • replacing the cooler with an after market version

Kann ich bestätigen. Nürnberg hatte Sirenen, Cell Broadcast auf Android und iOS und Nina warnung.

Is it possible we talk about different things. OP was talking about Microblogging (e.g. Mastodon). Here on lemmy/kbin that is totally different. It wouldn’t work without it. I don’t think this style would really work with microblogging though I have nothing against trying that. I was more thinking about real recommender algorithms like “Things you might like”.

What are these algorithms you talk about? Because many people are not that much into tech the word “algorythm” has become very abstract. A recommendation algorythm is a piece of code that orders things according to specific parameters. What are the parameters that you want your timeline to be sorted by? I want to understand I like my timeline chronological. You want it to be sorted by what is interesting. How do you deterine what is interesting to you?

What do recommendations look like for you? Because platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. don’t just recommend based on what all people like but they recommend based on what is trending in your realm of interests. That means that they create a profile of you. Even if you could create something similar to that without being invasive it’s still very vulnerable towards people gaming the system. Big companies like Google or Facebook try to tweak their algorithms constantly so that they don’t get exploited and they still don’t always succeed. An algorithm makes the whole system much more vulnerable towards things like disinformation, conspiracy theories and the likes.

I doubt you would find an algorithm per instance. The question is what kind of recommendations would like? What is the kind of content you want to push and how do you decide to push it. I am genuinely wondering because even when I used Twitter, I always used the chronological view so I’m wondering what you are missing.

I think it will be pretty much I possible to create an unbiased recommendation algorithm without creating echo chambers.

Well someone has to pay for the server, the power, the storage, the network, etc. So if you find something free it will be very limited.

In indischen Religionen

I think most projects pride themselves on not having something like that. It would be hard to create an algorithm that doesn’t create the problems that we know of commercial platforms (echo chambers, biases, and the likes). There used to be simpler algorithms on the platforms but then people got stuck in racist or conspiracy stuff. And then they tried to tweak it and then people started to complain that the platforms are biased. You can’t win. It maybe harder to curate what to follow on your own but at least there is not some algorithm that influences what you see and what you like and what you think.

Maybe the “do one thing and do it well” paradigm was not a bad idea after all.

If you are on PC you usually can just select the first in the list, scroll to the end of the list hold shift and then click on the last item. On other platforms I don’t know.

On a new account all languages are selected by default.