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I visited my parents last weekend. They have s printer which has a wave light signal in standby - gradually switching from off to strong light and back. What my parents probably never noticed was the high pitch loud screech which followed the light. I guess the pitch was too high for my parents to hear, but not for me. So whoever designed that can go fuck themselves.

I’ve had a lot more success in debugging than in writing code. I had a problem with adjusting the sample rate of a certain metrics framework in a java application, and stackoverflow failed me, both when searching for an aswer and when asking the question. However, when I in some desperation asked GPT 3.5, I received a great answer which pinpointed the necessary adjustment.

However, asking it to write simple code snippets, i.e. for migrating to a different elasticsearch client framework, has not been great. I’m often met with the confident wrong answers.

I hate the fact that people who are trying to obtain information about the war are met with condescending answers like this. Attempts at gaining knowledge and learning should be motivated, not insulted.

I think that the best argument is that it makes sense when combined with hours minutes and seconds.

yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss

Goes from large to small units.

Ah, yes. It’s called “kursiv” in my native language, hence my mistake.

Since the bottom text is not in cursive, you and your opponent are actually required by the rules to love eachother and eat leaves.

I would hope that time and date formats would be redesigned by that point. If we would live to y10k, I’d expect a lot of space colonization. At that point, I’d expect there to be some other point of reference to define timestamps.

So just a set of strings determined to be used for tracking among a set of hosts? It’s not like I have a better solution, but I feel like making this anti-tracking method encourages more complex tracking params. At some point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see randomly generated query parameter keys which are resolved server side, making this approach impossible.

How does firefox determine which params are trackers and which params are required data?

Yep, I used to think that vaginas were exactly the same height (proportionally) as the penis, such that intercourse could technically be achieved by walking straight towards eachother with the penis held high. It cerainly was an interesting exploration the first time I attempted to find my way.

Wait, can we just replace a vowel with a star in any random word to mentally change it into a curse?




I mean, it’s right next to the road, so the idea is probably to keep the dog from walking into traffic.

But that’s a bit of short minded as they introduce the heat of the pavement, inability for the dog to lay down and control their temperature while also blocking someone elses bike. And this is all added onto the fact that you really shouldn’t tie your dog to stuff and leave them for a while anywhere in fairly populated areas.

The dog owner seriously sucks.

I use a regular fork when mashing dog food, and the fork goes directly into the dishwasher afterwards. I can’t fathom what kind of cross contamination that would lead to.

I used to have vim-mappings for opening a browser with RickRoll triggered by a typo I used to make a lot. Fun times.

I’ll save this thread so I know where to look next time grandma chokes on a bone.

I think your best bet is’); DROP TABLE BOT_TRAINING_DATA;–

I kinda want to go there because of the amazing food and culture. But I will probably never go there, because I’m reminded of all the less great things about India considering pollution, poverty, heat and a guarantee of food sickness (which does not go well for someone with IBS).

Absolutely. There is an exchange of money involved in the advertising services, so it would be natural to expect a small fee for sanity-checking the advertisement. Facebook are mostly able to check for nudity, porn or gore in the advertisement, so with some additional inspection, it should be possible to weed out a lot of scams.

Wait, so is this a scenario where I get to watch that film, then I suddenly die as soon as it ends? Or do I get to watch it on repeat for all years to come? Or do I watch that movie once and never watch any movie ever after that point? Or do I get to watch the movie once, but it’s slowed down to fit the rest of my lifespan?

I mean, my answer is Citizen Kane either way.

Don’t reuse passwords. Reusing usernames shouldn’t be a huge issue, no?

It depends.

On a good day with a decent amount of sleep, good food (not too light and not too heavy) and interesting tasks, I find that I can dive my head pretty deep into concentration and really filter out the world around me.

Doing this takes a lot from me, so it usually only lasts up to around an hour before I need a good break.

But most days, I don’t end up concentrating that hard.

For conversations which include interested parts as recipients, it’s good to reply to all to ensure they get all the updates. But this goes for smaller groups. If you go beyond 7-10 recipients, it might be time to ask if everyone really wants this or if some other communication format would be preferrable (chat group or meeting).

I was on a class trip out on Kjerragbolten in Norway. It is a rock wedged in a cracked mountain, leaving several hundred meters of freefall on either side of the rock. It was a particularily windy day, but somehow our teacher allowed us to walk out on it. I remember walking out on it, and getting basically scarred for life about heights, especially since the quick gusts that day could easily have killed me.

Here is a decent POV video of what I experienced (the video is not mine) https://youtu.be/VqzoC_C2RaI?si=BhECeXwgSu423RfJ

A few months later, our teacher left her position, and we never really knew why she left, but I assume some of the parents informed the board about her recklessness at that trip.

For a key-combo I’ve found handy:

shift + ins = a more general paste-command. While ctrl + v works in most Microsoft-contexts, shift + ins seems to work both in MS Windows, Command prompt, Linux and several other systems.

True. It was an expensive lesson, but not expensive for me.

As an IT-worker, it’s not uncommon to test technology and scrap it due to bad results or unfit implementation. Usually this isn’t considered a waste, since there are a lot of things to learn in the process.

However, this one system which was designed for testing applications was a bit different. From the day we were told about it, basically every developer knew that this would be unfit. However the customers were firm on that it should be implemented. I’m not sure if it was because of the looks of the sales person or if it was a genuine incompetense that the decission was landed, but I felt a bit too junior to stand up against it. So about a month of work with 2 developers went down on something that every other developer knew would be scrapped. 2 devs at ~$100/hour, 4 weeks of 40 hours, so roughly $32,000.

The lesson was that I need to be more direct and firm when things like that is decided.

From my experience in Norway, these are typical in context of daily speech:

Weight (gram): tonne (a substitute name for Mg (Mega)), kg, hg, g, mg, μg (mostly in medicine)

Distance (meter): mil (10 km), km, m, dm (kinda rare), cm, mm

Volume (liter): l, dl, cl, ml

In my experience, the deca-predix is very rarely used. Most of the missing prefixes are just substituted for numbers, i.e. saying “a thousand kilometers” is much more common that “a megameter”. Of course, this differs depending on context, as a lot of the prefixes become more common within scientific fields where the sizes are common.

On a separate note, even the numbers can be a bit inconsistent. It has bothered me that it’s often common to say “a thousand milliard” instead of “one billion” (also note that we use the long scale).

Oops, I mentally skipped the “open source” part. It’s definitely free as long as you don’t need the premium features. But maybe that doesn’t qualify as free?

DaVinci Resolve. It’s insane to me that you can get that much video editin functionality for free.

Edit: I somehow missed the open source-part. Nvm me.

I worked at a gas station selling hot dogs, baguettes and baked goods. I was told to not eat or take the leftover food at the end of the day, but knowing where the cameras was, I consistently grabbed a few items at the end of the shift. They would be spoiled by the next day anyway, so who would care.

Looking back, I understand the policy. The policy is there to ensure that employees dont overproduce towards the end of the shift. Without even realizing, I totally consistently ensured that there was a few extra items at the ready.

It was totaly theft. Even though I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time.

It might be more obvious if you increase the volume.

Immagine that your employer has instructed you to sell 1 bottle for $3, but you can sell a whole pallet containing 500 bottles for $1000 (coming out at $2 per bottle). So you ring up the whole pallet and pay it off over the next few days by adding $2 to the cash register and keep $1 for each sale. Over those days, you have made one single sale of a pallet, while pocketing $500.

The work hours which was meant for you to generate sales of $3 bottles has been reduced to effectively selling $2 bottles, while the remaining expected value ended in your pocket.

As others have said, I don’t really care about big corporations losing out on some money, but you are 100% stealing when you reduce the expected sales value and pocket the difference during your work hours.

To be pedantic, I don’t really see Skyrim NPCs eat weird meals, but as the main character, I’ve regularly gobbled down 3 sacks of flour and a wheel of cheese mid combat.

I participated in a contest at a recruitment booth with wii sports basketball. Top score would win an iPad. I clutched a nearly perfect score and got 1st by a decent margin. But at some point before the awards were given, they decided to change the rules into a lottery for everyone who participated.

Ultimate Chicken Horse might be one of the top party games for getting a laugh for me. It’s always fun to see someone hyperfocused to make a jump, only to get hit by an arrow, followed by a wrecking ball hitting them into a sawblade.

I’m a pretty big user of abbreviations, and usually I understand them. But some times my mind just gets locked and I can’t decipher the abbreviations, and I begin to wonder if we’re using too much of them.


Red Ed Redemption 2?

Red Elert 2?

RunEscape 2?

Took me a while to arrive at Resident Evil 2.

I found spelunky to be a game not fitting for me at all. I really wanted to like it, but I found myself to be unmotivated when I kept losing and didn’t feel like making more skillwise progress. I might just suck, but I just don’t feel like playing that punishing roguelikes.