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Agreed, YouTube first, Lemmy next, then either Steam or Xbox

What happens in 20 years when you need a new car and all of them have connectivity, even the oldest second hand ones?

100% voyager. Recently moved from iOS to android and voyager is the nicest for me out of them all

Oh yeah I do that by default, if the URL is too long with random stuff at the end I remove what I can without breaking the link

I have no idea how to clean a URL and honestly I’m not interested in cleaning every URL I send.

Uhm, yeah why are we even comparing the two? Definitely isn’t a discussion. Signal is superior

Are you running Lineage on a Samsung? I have an a34 and I’m trying to find a custom ROM

Agreed, this is the only way. Multiple accounts for an elderly person is not going to work.

Thunderbird, and unsubscribe to everything that enters. That’ll cut your spam in half at least

Ahh imagine carrying on one side for too long, the back pain…

Maybe I could also look into hiring someone to carry the setup for me, that way I can have even more peace of mind knowing I’m protecting my health and my data! /s

It would give me enough time to remotely wipe the device before they can remove the SIM would it not?

Uhm, I don’t care about the device or the SIM card?.. I care about my data, and I care about remotely wiping the device before they can try access the device if they are even trying to access it in the first place?

Sure they can turn it off, but if I activate the command to wipe the device the command will execute as soon as the device is powered on.

This is not the case if they remove the SIM. If they remove the SIM the connect is lost and the device can remain on and be tampered with, with my data still entact.

I don’t “keep asking for proof” I literally asked in one comment? You seem very angry about people asking questions online, maybe you should do some introspection or something idk

I have a SIM pin… how does having a SIM pin stop them from taking the device offline by removing the SIM?..

Not in my country lol, they’re not that smart

Not in my country lol, they’re not that smart

This is the best tip so far. Thank you so much!

I’m on a Samsung A34 using a passphrase to unlock, I’m not sure it gets stronger than that? Unless there’s something I’m missing

I’m on a Samsung A34 using a passphrase to unlock, I’m not sure it gets stronger than that? Unless there’s something I’m missing

Source? Because I have many videos as evidence showing thieves throw SIM cards out of the window of their escape vehicle, so that seems to be the common one here

Source? Because I have seen many videos showing thieves throw SIM cards out of the window of their escape vehicle, so that seems to be the common one here

Amazing, thank you! I think the super glue option will be best. The phone is water resistant as well so I don’t see the isopropyl being an issue to try loosen the super glue.

Exactly this. I’m looking to buy time not to completely bar access

This is amazing! Thank you, I will definitely be painting it closed.

This is also true, maybe there’s another non permanent way of doing this? I only need the SIM card in the device when it’s stolen long enough for me to remotely wipe the device

True, but in my country and in my experience the first thing they do is remove the SIM card so that you can’t track it, if it’s an android which it is in my case.

I’ve got a secure password and no details on the lock screen but I’d just like to try protect myself even more

Not a bad idea actually. I do have a work phone which I could hand over but if I get frisked they’ll find the personal phone anyways

Thanks for the response. I have a Samsung A34. I don’t think keeping accounts off of my phone would work for me, it’s my most central place for everything which I know is risky, but it’s better than having everything on my work computer which could get searched or taken at any point

Should I glue my SIM tray shut?
I know it's an odd question, but where I live phones get stolen often. My phone doesn't have the option for an eSim, which is a problem because 90% of the time when a thief steals a phone they take out the SIM card immediately, meaning I wouldn't be able to remotely lock or wipe my phone. Should I consider glueing the SIM tray shut? Or are there alternative less permanent measures I can take to keep my device secure?

Oh no in iOS you’re prettyy much stuck with Safari, as every browser is basically a safari reskin.

I’d recommend Safari and AdGuard, the free version of AdGuard works well enough. Brave browser on iOS also works well.

Question: 3rd Party App Request
As per title, I'd like to know if there are any third party apps worth it still? I'd ideally like a web app that scrapes the shit out of Reddit causing more harm than good. Anything like that available? (Even if it's a website that scrapes I'll be happy)

What is gorbitaska?
I read a post about it but the post was deleted and I can't find anything on google. What I gathered from the post before deletion was its some kind of religious thing but it scares most people?

What action are we taking to protect against spam?
As the title says, lemm.ee is defederating instances that are allowing thousands of spam bots to be created on them. Will we be taking similar action? What is the game plan here?

What will happen to Brave browser after the manifest change?
I've read some things online about it all but I'm not a total IT boff. Is it really true that Brave browser won't be able to block ads once the changes are made next year? Ps. I use Firefox with uBlock but my SO and most of my clients absolutely love Brave

Looking for MotorSports recordings
Hello world, I'm looking for motorsport reruns or recordings, specifically F1 and MotoGP. I'd like to watch the entire race but not live, maybe 2 or 3 days after. Are there any resources like this?

Unhappy with Lemmy
I'm really not happy with Lemmy so far. Its a great community and a cool concept, but the amount of bugs I am experiencing is really starting to put me off. The site constantly updates / glitches, when I try click on something it moves just before I click so I end up clicking on something else. If I open a post, as soon as I go back the entire home feed is different and my sorting preferences have been reset. As someone coming from the refinement from Apollo this really is offputting and makes me want to use Lemmy even less. The people here are great, the federation is cool and I like how decentralized it is, but I think I'm going to log off now and I don't expect to be back anytime soon. Ps. A functioning app I can download directly from the app store would be great. I'm not interested in progressive web apps or testflight betas, I want something that just works and is well refined. Edit: I understand its early days, I'm not faulting devs for not being able to keep up, all I am doing here is expressing my opinion. I'm also sad about losing Apollo so that definitely adds to my disappointment quite a bit if I'm being honest.

I created r/Amish
Title says it all, my favourite subreddit is now on Lemmy https://lemmy.world/c/amish