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CAPTHAs are beyond broken.

Butlerian Jihad now!

LOL from the name I immediately assumed they were testing features for business users.

Batteries send electricity forward in time.

Hard drives send information forward in time.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

Careful, last guy who tried stealing his neighbor’s oil got a big helping of freedom from the USA.

It sounds like you’re trying to argue it’s not genocide if Palestinians are still having children, but that just makes it worse.

Your argument boils down to:

Those evil terrorists are why the army has no choice but to murder civilians.

This is “we had to destroy the village to save it” levels of madness.

Calling for Palestinian freedom is not genocide.

Israeli apartheid policy is genocide.

If you’re going to keep saying spicy things, your secret admirer should be able to keep booing you.

Trying to keep your public posts private is a fool’s errand.

How does spamming a Lemmy post with a hashtag help publicize it to Mastodon?

If the point is to make it visible on Mastodon, why not post it there?

That’s not 1M concurrent requests.

That’s 100 concurrent requests for a queue of 1M tasks.

Work queue and thread pool is the normal way, but it’s possible to get fancy with optimizations.

Basically you fire 100 requests and when one completes you immediately fire another.

This bot seems like a bad idea. It mucks up Lemmy discussions with bot comments in the hope that they get noticed on Mastodon.

Why not have a bot repost to Mastodon so you’re not spamming the people who already saw it?

You are one species. I want to play god.

Spent all their time on a cool creature customizer, but the actual gameplay is pretty shallow.

SimEarth remake with a proper geologic and climate model.

All the newer games in that mode feel like they’re all about growing the predefined lifeforms.

SimEarth was more about making the planet to support the lifeforms.

This is a tempest in a teapot.

Steam ended pricing in those currencies and reverted the prices to USD without local adjustment.

Any developers who want to sell in Turkey or Argentina will set a local price in USD.

This really only affects older/abandoned games where the developer never updates pricing. Those games will be left charging US prices in poorer countries.

Project Highrise was like $3.60

Public but not indexed and not in your public profile.

Viewable only by someone with a link to the post or thread.

They claim they pay 70% to labels, but labels own Spotify, so this means they’re not actually paying artists.

The recording industry has ALWAYS been pulling accounting tricks on artists.

One of my best friends is Jewish, and while in general I think he has a fine sense of justice, he also has relatives in Israel and is susceptible to jingoistic calls to “stand with Israel”.

If it’s based in New York City, should not be surprised it’s run by a lot of Jewish people.

Sadly, many Jews blindly support Israel out of tribal loyalty. Like genocide is OK with them so long as it’s Jews doing the ethnic cleansing.

They’ve tried that, the robots act like your average racist edgelord teen.

I love lamb but every time I try goat I’m disappointed that it’s tougher and bonier.

It’s definitely ‘exotic’ in the US but I don’t see the appeal.

I agree with most of that but would not mistake rabbit for chicken.

Rabbit is much leaner, much sweeter, and has a different grain to the muscle, closer to very tender pork. Good eating but needs to be cooked in some fat.

See, there’s the “ethnic cleansing” Israel wanted all along!

Oppress Palestinians, they fight back, so now you can bomb them and steal their homes.

… and propped up by Netanyahu.

Where are Israel’s apologists for the “Only democracy in the middle east”

What are those “common values” that justify support for genocide?