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It unfortunately is very much the intent, but they don’t want to say that up front because no one would join.

Honestly they don’t seem to be bothered about denying human rights violations they seem to think they’re a good thing.

People as deep into the ideology as people on here are think the dog whistles are signposts.

Most Reddit posts referring to lemmy direct people to lemmy.ml it’s effectively the landing page of the platform and if that landing page is being used to recruit people into a shitty authoritarian ideology then that taints the entire platform.

Just a thought, maybe it came with the fawning over of Putin and the CCP?

Follow the link and tell me that isn’t straight up blur the lines recruitment BS.

This is happening on lemmy.ml I can cope with there being instances for tankies, what’s bothering me is one of the main instances pretending their not so that they can push straight up recruitment shit at people who don’t know.

I’m on another instance but it’s making me rather uncomfortable that a lot of the traffic is happening on an instance that seems like it’s 90 CCP members and Russian trolls.

The way things are on there I can’t even tell if this is just a joke.

Is lemmy.ml just a tankie recruitment zone?
The shear amount of tankiness over on lemmy.ml is making me seriously consider leaving the platform.

People aren’t shouting “tankie” at you. You people are self identifying as tankies.

Great list. And the first Talos principle was great (DLC less so). Also the ending had a great build up to the end, but the actual end cutscene was a little meh.

This type of advertising is the death-knell of any site, because at that point you’re interacting with an advert with some extra elements rather than a site with ads.

programming.dev sounds like the best option to me too. But I’m just a lurker

I think the claim is nonsense. If that were their concern they would rather change the usage agreement and maybe take some of them to court.

What they actually did is everything in their power to drive mobile users to their mobile app. They want old fashioned user tracking data for advertising and selling on. Together with more in app ads.

On Reddit it seemed like the dumbest crap I posted always got up voted and anything not completely dumb got down voted, so I always was happy when something got down voted at least a bit.

Cool. I guess that means karma (upvote) farming shouldn’t be a thing.

I’m wondering if it’s their own shitty app trying to fetch subreddits that have gone dark.

Sorry off topic, but any chance you could explain to me what’s the difference between up and down voting here Vs. karma? Are they not all just fake internet points?

what games are you playing this week?
Hello fellow patient gamers! Let us know what games are you playing this week. Have you been enjoying it? Have you any recommendations?

I remember a point where I owned every game that was payable on Linux, this was even a good while after steam launched for Linux. Now that’s just not possible.