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Yeah, I definitely feel like I can’t shut up about it/stop engaging with it because that’s how I’m processing my decision to move away from it. (And because, like @Breafulus_Emphotoga points out, Reddit is/was really addictive, so I’m struggling to go cold turkey and need a support group lol.)

Ugh, this is so shitty! On multiple levels! I’m sorry. Guess we’re just being further proven correct in our decision to gtfo.

It looks like the sub is now in restricted mode - is that the doing of the other members of the mod team or is admin trying to control outrage?

Hahahaha of the list of all the people not to emulate in this day and age, Elon definitely tops it. Well done, Huffman. How’s that last thunk from the final nail in the coffin sound?

What’s endlessly fascinating to me is how quickly Reddit (spez) dug this hole for itself. I’m (or was) an Apollo user, but didn’t pay close attention to the finer technical points of app use, and was only half paying attention when the API changes were announced. In a matter of about two weeks, I went from not having particularly strong feelings (like a shrug personified) to be vehemently anti-Reddit and Steve Huffman. And it has literally all been based on the things Reddit (spez and his mouthpieces) have said and done. In other words, there hasn’t been any “persuasive propaganda” that swayed me. Just them, in all their idiocy, taking me from neutral to bury them in an incredibly short period of time. The level of incompetence is truly impressive.

Moderate 5000 new communities using unpaid labor specifically. Because we all know Reddit doesn’t have the employee power to commit to moderation and they definitely don’t have the budget to hire it out.

He’s like the dictator with the secret police who “disappear” people but who outwardly makes grand statements about protecting democracy and protest. Bad vibes all around.

Yeah - obviously Reddit isn’t going to go down in a fiery blaze, wiped from the internet, but it’s entering a long, slow, spiral, imo, after having made a series of terrible decisions and bad PR moves that are likely significantly reducing its value as a company and casting doubt on its longevity as the power house its historically been. As far as I’m concerned, the protests were a success because it’s forced Reddit to show its hand in a very public way (after all MSM picked up the story).

Taking other people’s money is something Trump has always excelled at.

Shows how powerful inertia can be. Momentum keeps things shambling along even as critical parts fly off.