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Yeah, same. I have literally zero use for it outside tinkering, and knowing myself, I’ll play with it for a couple of days, then forget it in a drawer, rinse and repeat every handful of months. It’s just expensive enough that it feels pretty wasteful to do so lol

Technically, no, indeed. On paper, most (outside UNIX purists) refer to it (and MINIX) as Unix-like, as they don’t share much from UNIX outside the underlying philosophy. Ritchie himself still thought of Linux as mostly Unix in essence. Same kind of Ayckchyually, basically lol

we can’t stop anywhere

Why? No road stops anywhere in your 30h trip? No parkings in the city? No motels anywhere?

my final driving stretch is the final one and 30 mins of under 40 kmph in the city

More than half accidents happen a handful of miles from home. Most accidents are caused by intersections. You’re not less likely to have an accident cause you’re almost there.

Its also its past midnight and its empty roads rn.

So exactly when one of y’all almost killed me just days ago! Even better.

Havent seen in a vehicle minus trailers in the last hour

Good to know. We’ll know who to blame if a trailer goes off road.

There are no excuses. Don’t drive sleep deprived.

Ah, yes, 2h of sleep after 36h of consecutive waking time, now that’s safe.

It’s not a contest, you know. I almost got killed by one of y’all just last week coming back from the hospital late at night, sleepyhead almost shoved me in the ravine. You’re just as, if not more, dangerous as drunk drivers. I hope you get a DUI.

Fucking get some sleep before taking a couple tons of metal at highway speeds on the same road as other people. You used the term “unwise” elsewhere in the comments, I call it criminally negligent.

What do you mean by “useful for other stuff”? It’s still double the investment, what do you gain for this much, realistically, from a purely hobbyist, I’ll check things with my 6yo, PoV? Are we talking genuine trash to good, or more like acceptable to great?

“Du” is used in the sense of “some” milk, while “de” is more “of” milk. Not sure it’s the exact translation but that’s how it’s mapped in my French speaking ESL brain.

Do you already have underlying fungus issues? My guess would be that most people, myself included, don’t get overly crazy with washing their feet – some water and soap - yet don’t develop feet fungus either…

Saying they do E2EE but not doing it would be a literal massive scale fraud. Can’t say I put Meta past those behaviors to be fair though lol

But as the other guy said, metadata is already a lot.

Yeah it’s not such a natural behavior for them to hang out in packs. They like to wander alone. Extremely individualistic animal. You don’t own a cat, they tolerate your presence in their home…

Although I did stumble on some kind of large cat group meet in an alleyway on a night walk, a couple of years ago. Having ~20 cats sitting in a circle staring at you in the dark is strangely intimidating…

Not a doctor obviously, but I’ve been taking escitalopram and vyvanse together as prescribed by my doc. Which should be where it is coming from, honestly, considering it’s basically diet speed lol

I’d love to be able to do this but I’d have armpit stains down to my bellybutton after 5 minutes. Hyperhidrosis is… fun?

The fuck you doing with your feet that you need them to be sterile

An Android phone/tablet with a USB adapter? If it shows up as some kind of HID, Android might pick it up…?

Oh, for sure! But I’m a developer myself, so like most of us, I tend to take my technical opinions as gospel by default 😉

Sometimes it can be fun to push your limits or see how far you can go down some personally motivated rabbit hole. Just saying, I’d never do it with bash myself. Don’t get me wrong, I write bash scripts all the damn time, but the second it gets more complicated than aligning a handful of simple commands without too much output parsing BS, requiring some obscure awk one liner nobody understands after 2 days, I bail out to something less awkward.

End-users just see “huh, X distro doesn’t have Y app”. Application availability is a major component of adoption of a platform.

They’re a sort of half-assed version of static linking where you get few of the benefits of either, and most of the downsides of both.

I’m… very curious as to what you mean by this take.

People answering your comment seem to be skipping the question mark lol

I’ve been working as a dev for 8+ years, been programming for much longer. Yes, many things are possible with bash. Many things are also possible using straight assembly, but nobody does that - for good reasons…

Many of those problems you mentioned have well established, open source solutions that should not end up in lost work or data. Building things yourself also has the downside of maintaining those things, and dealing with your own (inevitable) failures yourself too. I’d rather trust established solutions for things as complex as provisioning than roll my own. But whatever works for you.

If I were to write that much code by hand, I’d just choose something saner than bash, purely from a language perspective. That’s all.

Hmm, Cloudflare themselves seem to say it’s not.

What WARP Is Not

From a technical perspective, WARP is a VPN. But it is designed for a very different audience than a traditional VPN. WARP is not designed to allow you to access geo-restricted content when you’re traveling. It will not hide your IP address from the websites you visit. If you’re looking for that kind of high-security protection then a traditional VPN or a service like Tor are likely better choices for you.


Which is exactly my point. Not all VPN companies are trustworthy (I’d say most are not, tbh). You’re still stuck trusting some third-party. The problem lies elsewhere. VPNs are a band aid.

Oh, for sure, but to me it’s “building a car with a screwdriver” impressive.

My first thought every time I see a pure bash project: “wow” followed by “but… why”.

I get that we have bash on most machines, reducing dependencies, all that jazz. But it’s so painful to do anything nontrivial with it. There are so many small potential papercuts and edge cases, I’d rather pull my teeth out with a pair of pliers than code more than a simple script in it.

I since switched to tldr (for the offline/caching functionality, I think?), but for the longest time I just used a wrapper function that did exactly this in my shell configuration. Something a bit like this:

function cheatsh() { 
    curl cheat.sh/"\$1" 

You can find something annoying and not hate it. Linux itself is annoying in so many ways, yet I love it.

What difference does it make, in the real world? Which publicly traded companies have their shareholders “decide” that maximizing returns is not their priority?

Yeah, fair enough. My point still stands though: VPNs are a mere band-aid to the underlying issue, not a solution. You’re merely shifting your trust from your ISP to another company, not fixing the problem.

So with this, you would use your internal GPU for the host OS, you dedicate your powerful GPU to a VM, then you can access it from the host?

Free VPNs should be avoided at all costs for many reasons, and the alternatives are an additional service to pay for, to fix another service you already pay for too that doesn’t work the way it should work in the first place.

I don’t see what’s ineffectual about the complaints. Of course people will, and should, complain. Loudly.

Can’t speak for your interests obviously, but good enough for me spending a good chunk of 10h on it in the last 2 days. I’m a huge space nerd though, so the interstellar travel alone is worth it for me. The storyline is mostly a pretense for exploring, trade, mining stuff, which I don’t mind at all given how pretty it can be. I also really like playing alone lol. I don’t know how long it’ll stick, but it’s scratching an itch for the time being!

Declarative vs. imperative does require a large paradigm shift for sure. I’ve used some of these provisioning tools before, but I’m still very much a noob with NixOS. They go further than what I said, they have their own abstractions on top.

Thanks! It’s my second, the other is 6yo now. It brings me back to my first parental leave - I played through The Witcher III with my first sleeping on my belly in a similar manner haha

Congratulations to you and the mom!

I will never forget whoever decided it would be a good idea to conflate “FOSS” and “open-source” to mean the same fucking thing, and to have to refer to software that has open source code “source available”. I see this exact fucking discussion going on at the very minimum once a week…

Edit: I know it’s a common misconception. My point is that it’s a misconception because of the term choice. There’s a reason we have to explain it over and over and over again.

Been on parental leave, for a couple of days. I hooked up the PC to the living room TV and I’ve been casually playing No Man’s Sky. It’s utterly cathartic to fly around space with a 5 day old sleeping, his chest on my belly.

The way I can dumb it down the most without being too wrong…

With most other distros (imperative) things are installed and configured in a way where you have to follow the recipe with all the steps to get to the end result - run installers, or do things manually or write/run scripts, tweak config files, etc.

The Nix/NixOS way is declarative, more akin to an ingredient list, a description of what your system should look like. Nix takes care of doing the legwork. The same config should always build the same system.

Reading comprehension seems difficult, so I’ll go over it again, quoted verbatim from my previous comment:

ADHD, never investigated but scoring high on ASD assessments

Here’s what you can deduce from this sentence:

  • I’m ADHD
  • I scored high on ASD assessment tests
  • Never got diagnosed for it (it being ASD)

Here’s what you can’t deduce from this sentence:

  • “random online tests”: the self-assessment tests I made were provided by both my family doc and official governmental health resources
  • that I don’t have something because I don’t currently have an official diagnosis: do you think people with cancer don’t have cancer until a doctor says so? I spoke with professionals, but I’d need an adult assessment. Neuropsychiatric resources are already scarce for children as is it, getting an appointment for an adult over here is a rather difficult and time consuming process, for, in my case, discutable benefits

Why do you do this?

I’m ADHD, never investigated but scoring high on ASD assessments. It can be fun, with the right people. It wholly depends on who’s there. I’m usually with the people sitting outside, having fun conversations over a beer and/or a joint. It’s just the genetic term for “gathering where there’s food and substances”. You’ll find that you can often meet other NDs overwhelmed by the amount of people and music waiting for you over there. Chill times.

Every time I see Slack/Discord et Al. described as such, I wonder if any of these people actually used any of those. By use, I mean actually try out its features, not just treating it as IRC (“just” channels, messages and DMs for text convos).

I hate Discord with a passion, but pretending like it’s just “fancy IRC” is IMHO pretty absurd.

I mean, this logic could extend to desktop computers, and most people don’t upgrade theirs for years on end. But I can definitely see the sheer novelty of being able to do this with a laptop being a motivator…

I seem to remember FC to have been rather railroady at times since at the very least FC3