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Completely agree! Gnome is nice but never been able to move past KDE if I had to pick a full blown DE.

The really weird part was this:

The amendment’s language is dangerously vague and unconstrained, and can be weaponized to attack parental rights or defend rapists, pedophiles, and human traffickers.

I mean I know that they love to mix things together, but this might be the first time I’ve seen abortion linked to pedophilia and supporting rapists.

Just as an aside, donating does not have to be monetary. Helping (if possible) with development, triaging issues or helping with support/forums of any kind, along with in general filing good issues goes miles for FOSS projects, especially larger ones with only a few developers.

Serious thanks for all of your hard work, as well as everyone else working on Lemmy through software of running instances.

Memmy is ready 👍

PayPal is notorious for displaying meaningless errors for just about everything, even when it is intentional. Might not be the case here, but they definitely do things like this.

Though if I had to put my money on it, if it isn’t a bug it’s an anti fraud measure of some sort.

Funny, I’m on the shitter after some tacos right now. This one was a false alarm I think though. Will be back in an hour or so.

Is putting a ! infront of a markdown link not standard for an image? That’s why it’s doing it.

Lemmy does use some different markdown formats than I have usually seen, so maybe it’s not a standard just the common thing.

Edit: oh you meant the other way around. Anyway, weird that Reddit used that for links.

Ah, another “He Gets Us” moment.

“Jesus was homeless for a time (supposedly), so it’s fine for them to be homeless!” ☺️

Because a large number of people on boards like Reddit or Twitter who call themselves centrists use “I’m not a republican” as some way to excuse bigoted views on race, LGBT issues, etc. I suppose the opposite may be true if you’re in a right-leaning place and have left-leaning views, although I wouldn’t know.

While that might not be the view of centrists in general, that’s the perception of the “centrist” on the internet, and why people generally don’t like them.

No, you are suggesting that their support of one group is an attack on others. Your position is that is wrong.

You proceed to say “fuck em” about Americans who are under threat of attack. Which is a contradiction of your beliefs, at least if you take it at face value. You provide no other context and appear to be of the position that American suffering (individuals, not the regime. We can agree the regime needs to be destroyed) is of no consequence to you.

It’s a shame that both sides of us have to just jump to attacking each other instead of the much larger target that we BOTH agree needs to be dismantled. Much more could be done. This whole “left vs liberal” thing is such a waste of time.

That’s my point. Instead of attacking them, talk to them. Share your opinions, but don’t do it in some “I know more than you” and “I know what your beliefs are” type of way. None of us know each other outside of the little pieces of text we post here.

Alright, continue believing this nonsense. Again, unless you are actively working on a massive coup to destroy this system, then all of your talk and nonsense is going to do nothing to help anyone.

There isn’t one major political group in the entire world that you standing up by doing nothing does anything about. Not one.

And again, you call for the attack of other people in order to save another, which is exactly what you accused him of.

So I would love to know. Would voting for either no one or a third party be a big “fuck you joe!” with no real world consequences? Is that seriously your belief?

Voting for one of two given candidates is far from actually directly supporting someone. You do not know what they did before the generals. Who they supported in the primaries. Unless you are literally out there plotting the coup to outdo all the coups of mankind and not idly sitting complaining online, then you have zero room to attack someone for voting for the less of two evils.

Unless, of course, you believe Trump would have somehow done better or prevented this. The guy saying he would remove all the Palestinians from the US. The guy that the creators and backers of Project 2025 wants to be their guy

And quit it with the “a tiny percentage of people is better than _____”. For one, well over a million people is not just some group to throw to the side to support another group and you’re literally doing the same thing you’re accusing this person of doing. Second, if you think that trans people by themselves are the only target of all that nonsense, then you are seriously incorrect.

lol, somehow he believes that if you had voted for Trump none of this would have happened and Trump who is suggesting we remove all Palestinians from the US would have handled this better.

And seemingly also believes that had you done nothing it would have been a more powerful statement. Right, because allowing Trump to win would have been a good “fuck you” to Biden without any real world consequences.

Unless these people are out there plotting the coup of the history of mankind and not just idly complaining on the internet, then they need to just stop.

Oh, then proceeds to come up with some “trans lives don’t matter when compared to _____” or “you care more about ____ than _____?” Again, quit it.

Surprisingly I was just looking and there are a ton of active mods still in development. Pretty cool.

This reminds me of how upset I was to break my Battlefront CD when I was younger. One of those games you had to enter the CD for to start. Needless to say, that was what started my torrent and crack experience.

Such a great game. The mods and third party maps were awesome. No edition after the first ever lived up to that, especially this new crap they came out with.

Yea, existing extensions get things wrong sometimes. I’m sure this will be the same - especially if sites start changing things to temporarily circumvent. Needs to be an easy way to grab the real URL just in case.

My plex server is the best streaming experience I ever had. Only stopped running it because I just wasn’t watching anything for a good bit. More time on my hands now, so time for a revival.

Not to mention that they overlooked the fact that for some people - a sizable number too - the reward can be in helping others. Not everyone is a pariah looking to churn profits while pretending to care about other people’s needs.

Unfortunately the barrier to do this in capitalism is high, because like you mention, if you’re devoting your time to something that is not immediately producing profit then you may lose access to those basic needs. Companies can weather those losses, but will then want to make up the costs by - usually - using shady practices.

That’s not to say communism is the answer. But it surely isn’t capitalism as we have it today.

Japan has Taco Bell so that’s definitely an option if you want to really make use of those toilets.

Most of their products are like that. There are a lot of specific language support features in each one that may become available as plugins later on but not at the same pace or “fullness” as the specific product itself.

For example, PHPStorm has good JavaScript support but if you want really good Typescript support you should probably go with Webstorm.

Alternatively, I can totally write Rust code in Webstorm through the Rust plugin but I’m better off using CLion that has better support (or now RustRover which will be where all the latest Rust support features are added, although it’s still a preview product afaik).

Also worth noting though that there are indeed some “tiers”. Like Webstorm won’t support PHP but PHPStorm will support JavaScript/Typescript (again, not fully but enough to maintain a front end operating off your PHP backend)

Absolutely. I have no problem displaying a few ads with my content if it results in better content. If it’s done responsibly, which it never is. Instead, it’s always an abusive relationship.

Quite literally one of the best experiences. Not sure why this isn’t more popular over here.

I don’t get why instead of making posts about “Don’t use Sync!” no one is saying “Feel free to use and pay for whatever you like! But as a friendly reminder please note that you should also consider helping your instance owners or the core Lemmy team as well.”

There’s nothing wrong at all with paying for software, and even some will be fine with ads. It has literally nothing to do with anyone else but that person. Let them do them.

Like I say though, I think the thing that should be being said is that the app is not self contained and that these people should seriously consider helping out the other aspects as well if they can. But hey, no, let’s just belittle them and push them away instead of welcoming them. I can almost guarantee that the availability of Sync will bring more users to Lemmy that never would have been here otherwise.

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The sad part is that option probably gives some people the impression like “oh Facebook can’t track me now”. Even though they were pretty annoyed by it I’m sure, they are one of a handful of companies that absolutely does not need your device’s tracking token to still track you.

LOL I’ve been directed to twitter like 4 times today and was never able to get through. They really are trying to just shut down it seems.

Ohh you’re referring to wefwef. I’m not the wefwef dev, I’m the memmy dev. Thought you were talking about API calls memmy makes.

Going outbound or inbound? Outbound the requests are super basic, inbound they are pretty large. There’s a lot of limitations on that.

For example to get basic user info you have to receive a bunch of other information that you’re not going to bother using. Hopefully in time this will get changed, because there’s no reason to be receiving so much data whenever you really only need a few bytes.

As the Memmy dev I can also highly recommend wefwef. Great product for such a short lifespan.

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Yep. Just because people don’t say something doesn’t mean they don’t feel some type of way about it.

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