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Here I am thinking there’s some obscure Linux project using a name that’s somehow a sequel to Windows, like a Windows 2, but also a play on the 2__4me meme.

So what I’m hearing is that the corner sink causes divorces.

Lol I love the idea that the monarchy is just a group of LARPers that have made up lore about themselves as a backstory.

Maybe their GitLab has the latest version? Sometimes open source apps will release first on their own repo before it gets pushed to external app repos.

You tell that to my sandpaper, dust bowl, raisin eyeballs when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.

Damn, those bears in Alaska must have yoked bear arms.

But seriously, looks like Hawai’i and Massachusetts need to tutor the rest of the class.

Also this data is starting to turn green and grow mold. I’d be interested in what this landscape looks like now that it’s a decade later.

The fucking nerve. That’s the only avenue left to fight dumb laws or entities not following the not-yet-dumb laws. It’s not like shame or political action has had any effect.

Not to mention that the 1% and the corporations they run have been using “lawfare” for-fucking-ever to out-spend and threaten their opponents.