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Before trimming and aot it was in the region of 100mb so it’s an insane improvement from a few version ago.

People love having an “enemy” to blame for all their problems.

Throughout history it was often the Jewish people. But immigrants, LGBT, racial minorities work just as well.

Life is inherently unfair. Some people are born into money and never have to work a day in their lives. Others work hard everyday and get almost nothing in return.

It where things like heaven/hell, karma, reincarnation etc. come from. Don’t worry that life sucks there’s a big cosmic force that’ll balance the scales at some point.

We crave something to blame for that injustice and they jump on that.

Yeah I saw recently cars now have subscriptions for certain features.

Even though you brought the car and all the software and hardware is in it. They just turn it off if you don’t pay.

SaaS made people realise it was a much better model then simply selling software for a one time fee.